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Mountains of Moneyguaranteed check

I am first off not to computer savvy which really is not the issue at hand, but I have sent this company a few checks and today I got another notice which says on the letterhead Cash Release Notice. I don't have a printer but I can tell you that they say they are know prepared to issue a check to me Walter Krawiec for the full amount of $6, 000.00 via official courierto my address as long as I send another $12.00 and within 10 day's. Like an idiot I did, and decided when I got back from the post office that I would jump online punch in the name of this so called co. and see what's up. Of course I found that I have been scammed evidently like other's I am tempted to drive out there and collect my so called winnings, I'm freakin pissed off...

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    StephB9 Dec 25, 2013

    I have a friend that also fell for this, mass mailing to anyone who would send in their check for $12 or $14 "processing fee." This is illegal and preys on poor people who think they have won "something for nothing" when they actually get nothing but another demand for more money. Another scam is "Fabulous Fortune" at the same address in Syosset NY. They are the ones collecting mountains of money, if they send these mailings out to people who have responded in the past and receive a percentage return. They just keep the money and keep you on their "sucker list."

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Mountains of MoneyWinning Money Scam

I get these Mountains of Money winning money scams all the time, not just from this company but several companies. My opinion is that you do not send money to anyone never ever to win money. This is a scam and someone is making money doing this and to the older people that get these that are trustworthy people send what little money they have and get nothing. This is so mean and dishonest, eventually it will catch up to them in the end!!! *****************Please read************************