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Money Warehousemoney take from account

I recently applyed for a loan but not with this firm with another but money warehouse took money from my account with out me knowing first the total of this was £36.31 which was taken on the 21st of november 2013 . i would like this putting back im my account straight away as i didnt apply for this loan thank you mr garry west.

Money Warehousetaken money without authority

i dont remember putting any of my details into the money warehouse website. They have taken a payment of neary £30.00 out of my account, i have emailed them ages ago and they havent contacted me back, and i have phoned the only contact number on there website and the number isnt in use. I really need that money back due to being in financial difficulty.

Please help me

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    cathrine grant Dec 30, 2013

    They have took money out twice on separate times without my authority nt happy at at totall payment of £90 what should I do to get it back

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Money WarehouseFraud and scam

On February 2nd of this Year, I was approached by a [Money Warehouse, Inc] and offered a good deal for refinancing my property. I explained to him my situation and I was told that this will be the easiest transaction he's ever done, based on my impeccable credit history and credit score. He assured me that we could close in 7 days.

As I expected he started to add few more days for that and another few for this.

When I told him that I'll be out of the country for 10 dais, I was told that everything is alright and when I let him know that I was back we will close, but not before he made me pay an appraisal company $1, 200.00 with the written promise, that I'll be reimbursed for it at closing.

When I called him upon my return from Europe, he told me that we cannot close at the rate he promised me, so I asked to talk with the branch manager.

After two weeks of not returning my calls, he told me there's nothing they can do, but if I want to accept the new rate I can have my loan closed in few days.

I called him back the same day (Friday) and he told me he's going to call me on Monday if he needs any more paperwork.
After not hearing from him for two weeks, I called again and he told me it will be yet another higher rate.

After threatening him with Internet embarrassment for the company, I received a letter from the Executive VP of the company, asking me to call her and explain to her the situation. I did that and dent her the written documentation to my claim.

Few days later, the President of the company called me to explain that this is the procedure, abut he'll try to get me loan anyway.

Few days later he called me to offer me a closing at yet a higher cost, thus avoiding closing again. I believe that they have to suffer the loss of the appraisal fee, because I wanted to secure the loan in good faith and they kept changing the rate and wasted three months of my time in which I could not inquire about another possible deal with another company.