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MonaVieFalse Claims

Type in "Monavie" in the search field on Facebook. You will find numerous false claims. It is clearly stated that making claims that Monavie cures anything is illegal. Nothing has been proven about this Jesus juice. It is a cult and all of its members are zombies that follow scam artists like Orrin and Dallin. Here are some examples of why this disaster should be shut down:
Suzanne Boshart: "Anyone with any health issues should go on Monavie. It saved my life!"

Monavie West Palm Beach: "People have inflamation in there bodies, joint pain, fibromyaliga, heart disease, and more. Heal your body with Monavie and have the fruits do the work.

Monavie West Palm Beach: "Along with school supplies stock your cabinets with monavie. keep kids in school no more runny noses etc. keep parents at work. healthy way is the best way.

Monavie West Palm Beach: "Health with wealth. Who's with me?

These people are absolutely insane and they will say anything to get someone to sign up. It is complete garbage and I cannot believe people actually buy into it. It is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Virtually no direct selling. Their time will run out soon, hopefully before they lose everything they had.

  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    now your talkin bother! i used to be dead! and now i'm typing to you!

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  • In
    Inogirl Nov 28, 2011

    Personal stories are not claims. Syatic nerve 95% (of original pain) pain free... Tennis Elbow...gone. 2 trips per week to chiropractor...stopped. Personal Story!!!

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MonaVieSerious Illness

Horrible health scare and illness reaction to consuming this product! Swollen lymph node in my right arm followed by huge purple streakings up and down the arm. The bones in my hand and arm ached for days. Thought I had cancer or organ failure because after the purple streaks went away (when I stopped ingesting this product) a yellowly jaundice color remained almost like brusining. But the pain of the the joints and bones of my arm and hand were almost intolerable. I wasn't sure of the cause of this devasting health scare until I stopped using Monavie. Once I resumed injesting this "toxic poison" to my body, the described symptoms immediately returned.

I encourage anyone else with a similar reaction to Monavie to step forward and share in a hopeful class action greivance and complaint against this Company. They need to be held accountable for inflicting this pain and suffering I have been forced to endure.

  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    it's bc you didn't work enough! jk. sorry about the symptoms

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  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    andj you needd to pray to god!

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  • Ly
    Lynette A Feb 19, 2011

    my friend is selling this product and has been trying to get me to drink it...after 5 days i ended up in bed for 2 days. Headaches, upset stomach, and asthma playing i went online to check out the additives..330..citric acid...can lead to cancer and intestinal upset...211..Benzoate preservative...cancer, headaches, asthma, hyperactivity, rashes, intestinal upset...202...sorbate preservative...headaches, intestinal upset, asthma, liver damage, and people with kidney and heart problems shouldn't take it.

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  • Ma
    mary aguilar Nov 12, 2012

    My grandaughter has lymphoma now! She was drinking it like water cause my daughter sold it ! My daughter had enlarged lymph noids also.

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  • Kb
    kbreen Dec 24, 2013

    Monavie for me caused hyperactivity, insomnia and anxiety. Couldn't possibly have been my imagination. Definitely a sign of a chemical intolerance!

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how do i cancel my monavie account? i can't find [email protected] it's like they're playing games with us.i'm getting rather pissed off. mrs. debbie mcgee

  • Ca
    Carol Shumaker Nov 02, 2009

    Why do I need to give you my visa # to cancel my order? This is stupid. Carol Shumaker

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  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    god woudnt want you to canecel

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  • Li
    Lillian Bonilla Jan 24, 2011

    my name is Lillian Bonilla, please cancel my membership to monavie. thank u.

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  • In
    Inogirl Nov 28, 2011

    Call Customer Service!!! Go to your Virtual Office and chose to cancel autoship!!! So many complaints about how they can't make it stop! Instead of being lazy & writing on a forum, pick up a phone. And for this post above me...Really you think that's going to work?!?

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MonaVieMonavie scam!

Monavie is a pyramid marketing scheme!

Monavie uses the term multi-level marketing (MLM). It is the same concept as a pyramid scheme. It is a legal way to scam unsuspecting people. The only way to become successful in this scheme is to cheat other people by promising them financial independence. This is the number one way to recruit new members. In reality, the new distributors have a very slim chance in making any profits from this scheme.

In the case of Monavie, its' own 2007 income disclosure statement says that "fewer than 1 percent qualified for commissions and of those, only 10 percent made more than $100 a week".1 In other words, only 0.1% of the distributors see any income from this venture. As such, it is extremely difficult to make any money as a distributor for Monavie.

For example to earn a commission of $300 you have to sell 30 cases or 300 bottles, which they refer to as 3, 000 GSV, each bottle is worth anywhere from $37 (standard pricing) to $27 (bulk pricing), which means you have to recruit at least 30 of your friends/family to buy on a weekly basis at least 4 bottles each. This calculation is based on the pricing and compensation data from their website.2

When you go to a Monavie meeting the first thing they will do is show you testimonials and photos of people in front of nice cars, homes, and yachts. The last thing they talk about is the actual business behind the product. This is to appeal to your emotions and to distract you from the real business. Once you're emotions are worked up it is harder to think logically. This is how they bring people to sign up.

Pay attention to the numbers. To see the truth recreate the financial model behind the distributors compensation structure. Do not get distracted by the sales presentation. They will use language like, "we do not sell... we share" (if that were the case then Monavie should be free of charge for everyone, all the time).

CLUE: The average distributor will never see any money from this company.

The real winner here is Monavie. Because they manage to create 5 million sales distributors, who are also customers, without the overhead burden of a traditional sales force. These people are all hoping to make money when in reality <1% see any profits, the rest will see only losses.3

Ignore all the testimonials and the lifestyle pitch. This is just a way to get you to think with your emotions rather than your brain!


1("A Drink's Purple Reign". Newsweek. Retrieved 2009-07-17.)

2The data above are based on various information provided by several Monavie representatives and distributors, and through an objective study of their product pricing and compensation structure, based on company literature, website and input from Monavie distributors.

3Pay attention to the actual numbers, not the numbers they put up in the screen. Calculate the numbers yourself. It will take some work, because the information you need are located in various places and not clearly discernible. They use terms that will confuse the average person, like 200 PSV or 1, 000 GSV, which are meaningless to the average person. This is designed so that it is harder to recalculate the actual compensation and the amount of work required to obtain it. A real business person will not pay attention to the marketing fluff, but only the real financial return of the business!

  • Dm
    DM-UK Apr 27, 2010

    Thanks for your comments.

    To be blunt you are obviously one of them people who do not research their information thoroughly and does not understand the notion of hard work and what it takes to build a business! Yes there are people in the MonaVie who will not earn an income from it, but that is not because the company or the system does not work it is because they have stopped trying to build their business.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme; it is an opportunity to start a part time business for very little monetary investment and not too much personal time. It is a business so yes there are going to be costs involved, any business requires some investment, as an example if you want to start cleaning windows, you will need to spend some money on a bucket a sponge and some form of transport...

    This is not a scam!
    1. Network Marketing has nothing to do with pyramid selling which is illegal, there is a UK company who operate a Network Marketing system to sell/market their products/services and are registered as a PLC company who are in the top 250 companies on the London Stock Exchange, do you think the London Stock Exchange would allow a company who is engaged in any illegal activities to operate within one of the most respected worldwide trading entities!!!
    Quite simply Network Marketing companies chose to reward their (distributors) sales force from profits rather than spend money on advertising, which only benefits the various advertising companies.

    2. Looking at MonaVie as a company, Ernst & Young a very respectable worldwide company would not present the CEO of a company the award of entrepreneur of the year if he or the company was engaged in any form of illegal or unethical activities!!!

    3. MonaVie's products are not presented as any form of cure etc, they are promoted as nutritional beverage, which they are, i.e. If your body has a good nutritional intake then your body functions better!!!

    I hope this highlights some peoples misunderstanding of Network Marketing and in particular MonaVie and the way in which they choose to market their products...

    Kind Regards

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  • Me
    Meg9 Aug 19, 2010

    If it's not a scam how come I can't get my money back for a unauthorized and returned shipment? Customer Service sucks at Monavie and I am totally turned off on the product.

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  • Dm
    DM-UK Aug 19, 2010

    Sorry, I can't comment about that Meg9, all I can say is that like with all businesses from time to time some people will have a bad customer service experience, take BT for example, a very well respected UK company who have thousands of satisfied customers and yet they still manage to have hundreds of complaints with poor service, me being one of them...

    Bad service is no reason to call a company a scam, BT is not a scam, neither is Monavie!

    Why are you sending your products back anyway? If I had sponsord you into the business I would have bought the products from you as I drink and share the juice, and always have the need for more...

    As an ex British Army PTI (Physical Training Instructor) I fully appreciate the need for good nutrition which is what MonaVie produce with their variety of products!

    I hope that helps you :-)

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I was hospitalized for 6 days . I had been drinking monavie for about 6
weeks. I started vomiting a juice colored liquid that smelled like mona vie. I did not realize it was mixed with blood. I need 7 transfusions and almost died. I did not think it could be the juice, but
after reading other peoples bleeding stories about monavie, i believe
the juice caused the bleeding. If anyone else has had an episode like mine, please contact. Ann

  • Holden Aug 06, 2009

    If you have been Injured From this product Mona Vie Please Call ASAP I have growing list of consumers that have suffered the same Leave your email So that I may contact you .

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  • Pc
    pcshappygirl33 Apr 28, 2010

    my email is [email protected]

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MonaVieUnauthorized shipment

Hated the product. Was told that it was sugar-free and had no preservatives. It had sugar and had such a bad aftertaste that I could not get it down. Was urged by the person who signed me up to try it for another 60 days. I sent MonaVie an email cancelling my March 2009 order in plenty of time. They shipped the order and charged my credit card. When I complained, they intercepted the shipment and charged me $26.20 for shipping. Do not do business with this company. Their product is not natural and they are a scam. I should have known better, but when you are sick and disabled, you will try anything to try to feel better. Taking advantage of disabled people on social security will not win them a seat in the ethics hall of fame. I can only hope that enough people are warned before signing up with these thieves. I would love to receive information about all of the sites and bulletin boards available for posting to warn everyone about these people. STAY AWAY FROM MLMs. They only make the people at the top rich!

  • Sa
    SaidiSmeenk Jul 12, 2009

    Hola R Siegel,

    How long did you do Monavie?
    What is the reason that you did do Monavie?
    Why didn't you research on the internet about Monavie?
    Who did give you the information?
    What kind of information did you get?

    Why didn't your upline invest with you, did would be a great case if it works?

    Saidi Smeenk

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  • Mo
    MonaVieCherie Sep 17, 2009

    The product does work... and it's not hard to turn off autoship. Just takes 24hours before the shipment is to go out and just the click of a button on the computer. So, this can't be true. I'm a consumer myself and I've never EVER had an issue changing my order.

    Also... the product is all natural... and it does work. It has for me. So... you just must not know how to turn off the autoship setting, because it's REALLY simple.

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  • Me
    Meg9 Aug 19, 2010

    I too had a unauthorized case shipped. It was also intercepted and returned but I can't seem to get my refund. I fear I have been scammed. The extra energy the product offered is not near equal to all the aggravation I've spent in telephone calls and emails trying to get this resolved. Turned me off entirely on the company and product.

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  • In
    Inogirl Nov 28, 2011

    Customer service has been great, never encountered an issue they were not willing to work with MonaVie Cherie. It really is simple. Anybody who thinks that they can send an email to a large corporation, and have their wishes granted in a heartbeat is a fool. Take responsibility for following proper protocol for handling an issue instead of trying to take the easy way out & then point the fingers.

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My girlfriend has built up several MLM distributorships with other companies so when she heard of this one she went to a presentation. She came home screaming about the fraud.

A couple connected to her hopeful sponsor were out of Oakdale and she said the man is huge, sick and disgusting in appearance and wife looks like she has a drug problem. Not a great example for what this juice does for you.

In her short time spent there she caught too many conflicting stories and claims by this couple which lost her trust. Another distributor told her the woman tried to pass herself off as a nursing graduate, but knows jack and has worked in finance instead. The truth was out in the group that the two are out of work and desperately pushing MonaVie, to the point complaints have been made about the man and his attempts to harrass and intimidate distributors.

My girlfriend thouroughly has researched MonaVie's public financial records. She knows they went from 91, 000 dist to just over 60, 000 this past year and that some Rubys have seen under $1000 in a year. All of this denied and lied about at the meeting and when directly asked.

This MLM is limited to one product, the berry product. This limits any true demand or flexibility is filling needs of a variety of people. The way it is set up, it's distributors are desparate.

I read some distributor on here claiming a client of his could not stop drinking the juice because her body needs it. Hmmm, so, I guess when I drink 6 cokes in a day I am doing it because it is sooo nutritious?

With this economy, predators are desperate to feed on the down and out. Beware of people who are as despearate or more than you to get ahead and want to do it at your expense.

  • Te
    team player Apr 02, 2010

    I am a part of an organization called team, and our product is monavie.I love the product. With our system we do not stalk up on juice, just buy a case a month, which is enough for our family.I am soryy that you had a bad experience with your upline. Mine are wonderful, i am a gold exectutive and do make money each week, and have alot of friends that share the same opinion!

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  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    60000! danny says theyre are over 10000000! dont be hatin 10000000people cant be wrong!!!

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  • In
    Inogirl Nov 28, 2011

    I agree with Team Player. There are bad apples in every bunch. As for the products there are a variety of products. The Essential juice is great for kids, Active is great for those with the aches & pains. (M)Mun is for those who are sick often, also great for kids. Pulse is FDA approved to lower your cholesterol which is also god for heart health. RVL is great weight management option, there are many success stories from those who follow the routine.

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MonaVie — Scam

I was approached by my sister a year and a half ago to try this nutritional beverage. I knew my sister who...

MonaViemonavie scam

I have read several complaints about this company and I really feel bad for the people who have spent their hard earned money on this product to only be scamed. I had a bottle given to me to try and to get me to sign up. I drank the bottle and it wasn't a bad product, when I found out what it would cost me a week to keep drinking it, I decided against it. I started reading the beneifits of the acai berry and was really impressed. I finally found a product that was alot cheaper than monavie, it was 100% organic acai with 100% organic concord grape added to enhance flavor, no team to join, and you order on your own terms. No auto-ship and no unathorized billing. You have the option to join as a distributor or just buy as you need it. I decided to join, not to get rich, but to save on what I drank myself. I have a few family members that I ordered it for just for them to try and now they drink it. I order though my membership and they pay my cost. I don't avertise that I'm a member or even try to make any money from it. I just enjoy the beneifits of the product. That's the reason I'm writing this, is to give you an option to drink the acai juice, save money, and even sale it if you choose too. You will not have any meetings or pressure from the company to buy. You won't even hear from them unless you contact them. If you would like to read more on the company and their products, you can go to my members website for all the imformation. . You can also email me with any questions. Thanks

  • Ed
    Edie Nov 17, 2008

    Your product is even more expensive than Monavie. 1 case of 4 bottles is only $130 in Monavie and if you order 2 the second is only $100. You have only 1 fruit. There are 19 in Monavie. You do not tell how your product is processed..Florida University has done a study on 4 different methods. The only safe way to perserve the nutrients in the Acai is to Flash Free Dry it. Monavie does not add water. That also has shown in the lab to nulify all nutrional benefits of the Acai. Monavie has a simple method of dupication where you help others add this juice to their diet and drink free. I think you have not been properly trained and informed. I am sorry you have had this negative experience. Believe me you need to do further studies. You may be drinking something that has little if no help for your body.

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    Jay Jan 14, 2009

    "Monavie does not add water. That also has shown in the lab to nulify all nutrional benefits of the Acai. "

    Ummm yes they do. It's a juice concentrate (read the label) therefore they have to add water to reconstitute the juice.

    Monavie is a joke of a product and a business. Just a bunch of known scammers pushing magic juice. I can't believe anyone is dumb enough to buy into this over hyped nonsense.

    -1 Votes
  • Pa
    patrioticdad Mar 16, 2009

    How is your product processed? Does it have pulp? Does it contain the Omega-3 from the acai berry? Is it freeze dried into a pulp with the oxygen and water removed so it retains 99.9% of its nutritional value? Is it processed with 24 hours of harvesting? If you have organic acai, then its farmed and not grown in the wild. How many fruits does your product contain? What is the cost per serving? Does your company pay out 50% of what it makes back to its distributors? Does your product contain water or sugar? Are the fruits low glycemic index? Do you have medical or scientific studies to show your product is superior to others, such as MonaVie? Where is your product produced? Is it certified by the USDA?

    From what I can see, your product is okay but its not amazing.

    Sorry Charlie but I will stick with drinking MonaVie

    -1 Votes
  • Sw
    swanco Apr 20, 2009

    go plug your own opportunity somewhere else and quit calling monavie a scam, far from it. If you don't like something don't buy it or try it, i have heard many people with great benefits they are getting from taking monavie. Now before you say it is a claim, that it cured something think again, how many products are out there with their own claims on how it cleans better or use this it is better, all products are either referred or a claim on tv how it works so good.
    If i go to a movie and say it sucks or is good is that a claim or my experience. Monavie is good stuff with the pulse, everybody is so flippin busy at barely getting ahead or barely getting buy, running themselves to some serious health problems. So a $40-$45 dollar a bottle over 8 days and 4 oz a day you get 13 servings of fruit, i am all in for that alone, it is the cost of a starbucks a day at least. $4-5 bucks for me is well worth it, everytime i go to the store i just throw out the stuff i bought before. Apples and other fruit can be gassed up to 4-5 years in a inert gas so they keep and because it was never frozen the health people say it is fresh! Can you really trust where all your fruit comes from with pesticides and whatever else, how do you get fruit that is supposed to be fresh at temps below zero. Picked green and let to ripen in transit. I will be more than happy to tell people about Monavie and let them try it for themselves. The pulse for the heart why not? You would need to spend over $20.00 per day to actually eat the 8-10 servings of fruit you need from the health guide. Who does that? Yes i am involved and really tired of reading other people's opportunity to slander monavie, don't like it then don't buy it. Go do your own opportunity somewhere else. There is youth juice, your amazon thunder, limu, gogi, blue frog, several others out there. Monavie is good stuff but by all means take whatever makes sence to you and your health, if you get something out of it great if not great! As you can't feel a heart attack comming now can you.

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  • Sa
    SaidiSmeenk Jul 12, 2009

    Hola RLK,

    Nice to hear that you got the Monavie bottle from a Monavie Distributeur. Did you pay for it?
    It looks like the person who trusted you gave it to you. It would show some respect if you did your homework and didn't make a commercieel to a utter brand to your " friend".

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  • Holden Jul 17, 2009

    Mona Vie Inc
    10855 South River Front Parkway
    Suite 100
    South Jordan, Utah
    USA, 84095

    I went to a Meeting Where they were serving free samples of their juice

    Mona Vie .With in 24 hrs of drinking this juice product

    I was rushed to the hospital with massive

    internal bleeding caused from a shell fish

    reaction in their drink . I was never told

    at any time their was shell fish products.

    25, 000 dollars later and the loss of several pints of blood. I got out of the hospital and contacted mona vie corp I told my story and was laughed at by the person whom took the call, I submitted my medical bills and still nothing was done Beware of this drink and the people that operate it Im seeking a attorney this week to file a complaint in superior Court .

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  • Ny
    nyc yoli hater Sep 24, 2010

    i had a fish bone stuck to roof of my mouthe when i drank the juice so now has 21 igedients more than i though. more for my money. andj i just grew a extra finger.

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MonaVieFraud, charged credit card without permission $570.00 total

Original I was advised to sign up for free samples and info my credit card would be charged $39.00. This was in June, 2008. Since August I have dealt with MonaVie about charging my credit card 3x$142.00 and 1x$187.00. Monavie has claimed that shipments were sent and UPS has stated that they delivered to my porch this shipments. I have not received any product from Monavie nor has UPS delivered any product to my address to me. Monavie filed a claim with UPS for $40.00 a box whereas they charged by cc 3X$142.00 and 1X$187.00. Monavie stated that I signed up for auto ship which I did not. They then told me to get ahold of my sponsor, which I also explained I do not have one. When advised a the name I then informed them that he was in jail and his person has a disconnected phone. I want my cc credited immediately and never to deal, know the name of Monavie again.

  • An
    Angus Oct 15, 2008

    At this point, I would be pretty worried about getting a refund from the company. They seem to be going down the tubes fast, and at some point before they sink, they will simply stop processing those outstanding refunds (and distributor paychecks too for that matter).

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    Jay Oct 23, 2008

    Have you contacted your credit card company? Sounds like fraud to me and you should be refunded by the bank and let them handle it.
    I'm not surprised by this but it does suck for you to have to deal with this nonsense. Monavie is run by criminals and scam artists. There's quite a bit of fraud going on. Do everyone a favor and file a complaint with the FTC and better business bureau.

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    Jay Oct 23, 2008

    I recieved an email from someone about my comment and since I don't feel like conversing via email with an MLMer I'll reply here.

    Yes there is plenty of evidence to back up what I just said. Dallen Larsen the head of Monavie had his last company shut down by the FDA while running a similar scam (scam artist). He learned a few lessons and has now insolated himself from the false claims and leaves that to the distributors selling $20-40 magic juice.
    Dr. Niles the cancer expert at Monavie is a rapist who was court martialed. Plenty of info online about him (criminal).
    Alex-ander Schauss is the director of AIMBR where Monavie does their "research." But he's been busted in the past for faking his credentials and got his degree from an unaccredited school The California Coast University. There's plenty of info on him available as well. The National Council Against Health Fraud is one good source of info on this quack (health fraud scam artist).
    If your company is going to Monavie's compensation plan it's time to find a new job. Over 90% of Monavie distributors make less than minimum wage. You can find the Monavie income disclosure statement online and see for yourself.

    -1 Votes
  • Be
    BeJustNotIgnorant May 28, 2009

    Obviously you are all so FULL of it & have some ulterior MOTIVE for trying to bad mouth this company (MonaVie) and its people, ..because common sense tells you that you could not have gotten scammed. Anyone that even knows ONE OUNCE about MonaVie, or does some simple research & homework, knows that the $39 initial fee PAYS for YOU TO HAVE YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE ACCOUNT with your own PERSONAL ID # & PASSWORD. This enables YOU...NOT THE COMPANY to control ALL your shipments and where they go and how you pay them!!! If your shipments weren't arriving as you 'so called' accuse, you could have 'SIMPLY' gone inside your account and seen the ADDRESS the shipments where going would also see the UPS tracking number and, make a long story short...KNOWN WHERE THOSE SHIPMENTS WHERE GOING!!! Not to mention you could have stopped it with your credit card company.
    Anyone who listens to all this nonsense obviously has no knowledge of how this product or company works, and is getting drawn in with a person who has some sort of ulterior motive to try to bring the #1 company out there today, down. I bet you have your own site with some sort of copy-cat product.
    MonaVie, is a company of 100% integrity..THAT...I can assure you of. Thus why it became a BILLION $$ company in less that 3 1/2 yrs since its inception, and just shortly after entering the 4th year became a 2 BILLION $$ company! That speaks volumes for itself, and so does the HEALTH BENEFIT of 19 WILD FRUITS from around the globe!!!
    PEOPLE, ..>DON'T GET TAKING IN BY PEOPLE LIKE THIS IN THIS WORLD, ...there are soooo many of them...just do your homework like I did!!!
    God Bless you all...

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  • Be
    BeJustNotIgnorant May 28, 2009

    And by the way...if you are going to hold Dallin Larsens past against him...
    (You didn't even spell his name right, thus makes me weary as to this so called EVIDENCE you speak of!)

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  • Ac
    acai4971 Aug 23, 2009

    This person does not know about Monavie . You have a back office that will track EVERY ORDER EVERY MONTH. this is rubbish. As far as your claim about Dallin being shut down by FDA yea sorry that was a company he had left a year prior. Oh and the link to check it out your self well sorry again there was nothing found. Really what is your problem. Did not make it in Monavie? Gee I wonder why. Well genious quess what you have to do a thing called work at it. Not plop down 39.00 and Oh I am gonna be rich and dont work it This is what is called the 'drive thru scenerio Go to the first window and pay my money drive up to the second window and get my riches. Quess what this is a business like anyother and you got in for the get rich quick idea.
    Alright whiner shut up and get to work

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  • Dj
    djmopa Oct 21, 2009

    " A Canadian newspaper, reveals that Alex-ander G. Schauss has misrepresented his background and achievements in his curriculum vitae. The investigative report itemizes eight specific examples where Schauss lied. Schauss is president and sole registered agent of the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Tacoma, WA. He has been traveling around the U.S. and Canada for many years expounding his unfounded theories about diet and antisocial (criminal & delinquent) behavior. Schauss' lectures before teachers in British Columbia at which he received lecture fees of as much as $1, 000, prompted the probe. Schauss apparently is a good salesman for his ideas, but also embellishes them with the illusion that they are supported by his sound academic background and research. Many teachers, mental health workers and probation officers have been confused ... "

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MonaVie — Scam artists

I signed up for the MonaVie business opportunity in March of this year. I have worked really hard to build...

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