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MODAFONEOvercharging and lack of customer attitude

A few moths ago switched to the service of this company based on their promised lower rates if calling USA, Canada, Bosnia, and Serbia. Telephone bills were overcharge. If calling Bosnia 18 min, I was charged 32 min, if it was 12 min, the charge was 22 min. I paid second to last bill ($64.85). Their customer service claimed that I did not pay. Provided the bank proof of the payment and faxed it to them. Got response that they received the faxed document. The last bill was for 64.85+35.48+late fees = 109.45. Less than 20 min call to Bosnia was charged as 47.01 min call, less than 28 min call was charged as 70.39 min call. A couple weeks ago I cancelled thei service. Asked for explanation for the overcharges and refusal to accept that I've paid previous bill in full and on time. Got response that they did not receive payment, late fee remains, and as to the overcharge, I am not their customer anymore.

MODAFONEI wont to cancel the conection with this company and they do not let me go

I signed with this company in November, 22, 2010. They promis me better prices and better conection with Romania. Nothing was true specialy the conection was very, very poor, so I canceled with them in December, 8. But they still send me a bill in december, so in January I cancel again and today is January, 29 and I have a new bill due in February, 8. They stiil switch the conection from my curent long distance company and I realy do not Know how to dill with them.I hope you can help me. Thank you very much! Elena Prodescu tel [protected]

MODAFONEfalse information

Modafone is a long distance company and they called me to offer a good deal for long distance call. First off all i asked if there are any additional charges besides the calls and taxes . they assured me that they are no such thing, i asked twice and again they told me that i will pay the phone calls only, When i receive my first bill everything was ok but after that i soo diferent charges beside my calls : Network acces contribution @2.42, federal subscriber charges $0.76, Universal Service charges $3.53 also the bill is every 10-12 days and io got charges twice as Credit recovery$4.82 stating that i was late whit my bill but that because the bill arrive at destination 1 day late (memorial day time or because of the week-ends )

thank You

  • Da
    Dabija Jun 21, 2010

    They told me otherwise, that's all I pay 0.012 cents per minute on land-line in RO. Meaning 1.2 cents vs my current 4.2 cents. But if we include all the junk fees and overcharging it will come up to 12.5 cents per minute.. I told them, when they list the rates on their site, I will consider switching to them. I'll believe it when I see it.. not some dumb broad on the phone promising me crap and getting me to buy a $10.00 calling card.

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  • Nu
    Nuta Jul 22, 2010

    good for you that you did not sign with them. I wasn't so smart, and now I am overcharged and don't know how to solve this.

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  • Ze
    ZEF VLASHI Nov 17, 2010

    the worst company i ever seen. i was with them for a couple of months becouse they had cheap rates. it was allmoust impossible to make any international calls. i told them to cancel the service and i though that was it .i was wrong.after few months they charge my account three times more when i call them they told me that i autorize them to do that. i call my bank file for despute and i got my money back. few days ago they charge my account 5 time more this time still telling me i told them to do so.i never been in this situation before. never seen such a thiefes before in my life. i cant belive they are still in bussines.

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MODAFONE — CHEATER - overchargin for no reason

MODAFONE is totally a SCAM company. I signed up with them on Oct 19th. Recieved and paid the...


This company is a fraud. I signed up with them in November, 2009. After I made my first international call, I received the bill in December right before the holidays. The next day I mailed the check thinking that it will get there in time. In January I did not get a bill from them and I assumed, because I did not call anywhere I did not owed them any money. Boy was I wrong. Today Feb 25 I got the bill from them and to my surprise I owe them $12.10 and that includes late fees from January, and a $4.82 "credit recovery fee". My usage for Feb was $1.04 plus junk fees. Trying to talk to them the first time I got nowhere but by my second attempt I got the $4.82 removed which made my bill around $7 and some change but there was a catch, only if I pay now with a credit card and the payment has to be $10.00 therefore I should look for a credit in my next billing cycle. I was also promised 500 minutes to anywhere, which by now, I don't think I will ever see. I am very disappointed with their deceptive practices, and by the way they round up the bill without telling you, hopping that you wouldn't see the overages. I also found out that this company is not even registered with the FCC. My advice to anyone is to stay far away from them. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS AND LIARS.

  • De
    Deedee Dee Nov 24, 2010

    This is what happened to me. I cancelled service with them and received my last bill for my last payment and I sent it on time and they claim it was one week late and now are hitting me with a bill of over $10 for this. Nowhere on the bill does it say late fees either just fees for everything but the kitchen sink. When I called to complain they were very rude to me and did not care at all. I was told I have to pay. This company is a scam and offer low rates but the amount of fees you pay takes the rates to double. Stay away from this company.

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  • Se
    senadj Jan 04, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not use this company for your long distance calls.I had to cancel service, after less a month, due to bad connection.After that had to pay three times recovery fee even I did not have calls at all.Over all paid more then $30 for nothing.Fill complaint with BBB, but company said they did not do any wrong.ones again DO NOT USE MODAFONE.

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