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Resolved Mobile2Mobile.netPaid for a service thats now broken the phone

Ok.. "We can unlock any mobile phone" they said. So what the heck, i paid my £10 and followed the instructions implicitly. All appeared to work fine.

Turned on the phone... tried again... and again...and again...

Nothing... Sent them an email... Nothing... Tried again... Nothing...

Took the phone to a specialist...

He told me that they had flashed the phone incorrectly and left it at brown instead of red... He cant do anything for me.

Now forgive me if i'm wrong but i would assume that are now responsible for their actions..

Use this company at your peril.

Instead, find a market trader to do it for you.

This company are scammers and you can quote me on that.

Resolved Mobile2Mobile.netFraud payment!

I've tried to order something from them online. It says MasterCard Secure. It's not secure. When I've tried to pay, It asked for my card and instead on Mastercard secure screen I've received a email saying I'm being charged by NetBanx in the name of

So, be aware, their info is not correct and you can be scammed.