Midway KIA Complaints & Reviews

Midway KIAI would never buy a car from this ridiculous establishment

I went to Midway Kia on an appointment made an hour before by a saleman who called me and convinced me to come in to see a 1999 Jeep. I drove for 30 miles to get there. The saleman told me that the person i spoke to did not really exist and that was a call center. The saleman then said he would pull up the car. After 20 minutes he returned saying that he could not find the car and he didnt think it existed, and asked me for the stock number (the stock number is on the website!)He then decided to try and talk me into looking at his other cars, twice the price of the jeep. Yikes! What a bunch of strange con artists. I would never buy a car from this ridiculous establishment!

Midway KIANever do business with them

I took a friend of mine (35 years) to Midway Kia because I was stupid enough to believe in their infomercials and their nonsense.

My friend ended up spending much more than the car listed on their site. To say nothing of a much larger down-payment and monthly payments.

Some TWO days after driving the car, it developed three problems (a 2006 Jeep Liberty).

I've made some TWENTY phone calls to Midway Kia (DesPlaines, IL) to no satisfaction. I keep getting handed-off from the salesman, to the manager, to the Service department. AND, none of them return my calls.

Can you imagine how embarrassed I am at having taken my friend to a dealership, based upon their bogus infomercial --- and after he spent $11, 0000, with some $3, 000 down and $265/month payments, after I told him that his car was worth $2, 000 on a trade-in --- and his payments would be some $100 to $130 per month? None of which were true.

Finally, after NO LESS than three days after he bought the car it developed three problems. I contacted Midway Kia some twenty times or more, with no results no call-backs.

It doesn't get much worse than this. Stay AWAY FROM Midway Kia (DesPlaines, IL) or Midway Dodge. Their infomercials are bogus --- UNLESS you can read the "fine print" underneath, which NO ONE can, since it is so small and blurred.

Embarrassed and infuriated. NEVER do business with Midway Kia or Midway Dodge. They speak with FORKED TONGUE.

So ---- what else is new, with car dealerships?