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Microtel misleading ad/&bait and switch&

Their coupon/ad picked up at the State visitor's center indicated rooms for 44.99 including whirlpool, fitness center, all which sounded good to a weary traveler after driving 9 hours on the Interstate that day. First I was told they were "out of" the rooms in that price range (despite an empty parking lot on a weeknight) so my room would be 69. something. I was too tired to go elsewhere so reluctantly paid w/ my debit card. When I asked which way to the fitness room and whirlpool, I was told they didn't have one, despite me pointing out their ad. They said they were " under construction" although there wasn't any evidence that I observed. Management was uncaring and non-apologetic. The first room they assigned to me had an open window that wouldn't lock, right next to the highway. They did accommodate my request for another room but again in an indifferent attitiude.

Microtel Bad service

We made reservations to attend a PBS taping in NH and reserved a room at the Microtel in York, Maine. We called today to cancel the reservation as my dad is in the hospital as an emergency and needed surgery. He has cancer. When we called to cancel the reservation, they told us I needed to provide medical proof including doctors name, patients name, prognosis and a phone number to call to verify the accuracy of the information. What happened to privacy these days?

I faxed the information to [protected]. The 'customer care' person at the other end I spoke to today was Ed. I am sure he is just 'doing his job' but what right does a company have to ask you to provide propritory information?

I faxed my dads doctors name, phone number and contact person to them to validate. I have instructed my dads doctors office to inform me when they do call and to document the questiosn asked. The doctors office was to only confirm the patients name and that he is in the hospital, which he is. We are going through so much stress right now and to have to deal with this, its cruel.

I am not finished with this fiasco.

  • Ri
    Ricardo A. Aug 07, 2011

    I never been so disappointed in hotel service as I was last night at the Microtel in Ocala. I walked into a lobby that was full of drunken rednecks. I had a highly entoxicated women walk up to me staring at my face making me really uncomfortable. It was about 3am and I was extremely tired from a long days drive and just wanted a room. I was standing at the front counter waiting for assistance and no one working was around. I stood in front for about 5 minutes which felt like 30 due to the safety I was feeling. I decided to call the front desk and when the phone started ringing a guy comes out from the back and says "all you had to do was yell for me". I was offended by what I witnessed.. this employee was drinking and apart of the drama going on. I turned around and walked out very upset. I had never stayed in a Microtel and with this experience I more then likely never will..

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  • Ri
    Ricardo A. Aug 07, 2011

    I's disturbing how this place is managed. I called this morning to complain and asked who the individual was working the overnight shift. The girl who answered said I don't know I would have to look in the books. I asked her if she can check for me and she no just call tomorrow.

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  • Hu
    Hungry and angry Sep 01, 2012

    I ordered pizza delivery for my family after getting in late. The owner of the hotel turned the delivery guy away at the door, and told them they weren't allowed to deliver because that particular company did not give him free food. He wouldn't even patch them through to my room so I could go outside to get it. By the time I found out, it was too late to call anywhere else and get something delivered. He only allows one particular company to deliver, but has advertisements for other companies in the rooms. We had to get snacks from the vending machine for dinner that night.

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  • Id
    Idocare Sep 02, 2012

    when staying at a hotel always ask the driver to call and go down. hotels have room service,

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  • Ki
    Kirkivan Aug 19, 2015

    Stayed at the AMES Iowa location. they stopped cleaning my room after the second day. No clean towels, didn't make the bed - NOTHING Done.

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Microtel Dirty Hotel Room

The room was dirty, carpet stained and I kept my shoes on until bedtime. There were 8-10 long black hairs in the bathroom and a few in the shower. The heater kept making a loud clicking noise like a fuse, about 50 times a minute. Even on just the fan it kept clicking so I turned it off and dealt with no heater throughout the night. I was right next to the lobby and there were people laughing, talking all night. Without the noise of the fan/heater I had to sleep/doze with the TV on to drown out the outside noise. Woke up with backache from the rock hard mattress.Paper thin/dingy bath towels. Next morning I put money into vending machine and it took my money. Went to the lobby and told the young man that it took my money and he looked at me and said "Sorry" with lots of attitude. I said "What did you say". He repeated and I said "That is the last straw" and proceeded to tell him everything wrong with the hotel/room. I will not stay there again. Go down the road 1/4 of a mile and spend $20 extra to stay at the Holiday Inn. I have stayed at this Ada, OK hotel before and had problems but this took the cake.