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M&I BankHarris buying M&I Bank

SHAME ON M&I Bank and Harris Bank ~ Shame on all of you ~ how could you do this to the greatest farmers in Wisconsin and Richland Center, WI and Madison, WI need to be held at task! It is disgusting! Every consumer in the State of Wisconsin and ESPECIALLY the farmers now need to GET OUT THEIR ACCOUNTS immediately! I have driven over $2million in the past 3 years and they are even screwing me! NO ANSWERS ! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and STILL WHILE OUR ENDANGERED FARMERS do NOT have any information about how HARRIS is now going to STEP TO THE PLATE...they are LEFT with NOTHING

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    Stopthebs Nov 13, 2011
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    So just what are you raving about. You are complaining about nothing. Shame on those reviewers who complain about nothing.

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    Maralora Nov 16, 2011
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    Perhaps you are right Stopthebs in the sense that I didn't communicate very well in my complaint. I apologize if this has upset you. I have always loved my M&I Bank but the transition that is now "coming about" with Harris has been very poorly handled. Customers are not being given the information they need to understand how this affects their accounts, their mortgages and their services. Instead we are now being charged new fees that are outrageous and we don't know which branches are going to remain open, or even if we can now do our transactions with Harris or what., I thought this was a site that we could air some of our grievances but obviously not.

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Resolved M&I BankHorrible Service

My Cash Back checking account went down to a $0 balance...not overdrawn, but strictly Zero balance. Apparently, their banking system automatically closes your account without any prior notification when you have a zero balance. I have automatic deposit going to this account and it closed the same day I suppose to get paid. I called the Customer Service Center. They told me I need to reopen the account-meaning I need both all mine and my husband's personal information including driver's license number. My husband and I work opposite shifts. The rep informed me they're open 24/7. When my husband got home from work at 11:30pm, I called and then was informed that the department that opens account closed for the weekend already. The rep then informed me, she can TRY but I would really need to speak to an account specialist and then they need to contact my local branch (which is not open on weekends) and then contact the dept. of direct deposit to make sure my money wasn't sent back to my employer...all this will have to wait until Monday. Until then, I have NO access to my money. NONE!! I have bills to be paid and groceries to buy for my family. The change I get from this Cash Back checking account is definitely not worth the hassle and inconvenience. STAY AWAY from MI bank. I didn't think there could be a worse bank than Associated Bank (bought out my old bank of 15 years) but M&I surpassed their horrible rates and services - Bar None!!

Resolved M&I Banklack of communication and no responses

Re: William Ruddell and Ethelyn Ruddell

I am a Veteran of the US and represented my country without a problem but when it came to this bank representing me they were heartless. I've lost my hopes and dreams, lost sleep and lost my life's work and accomplishments. The property that I had loans on with M&I are dirt and now dirt cheap in Arizona. What is a person to do. I'm old enough to be most grandparents, I love life and have worked hard my whole as I still do; I'm a dedicated US Soldier.

Need your help as soon as possible.

Respectfully William Ruddell


  • Da
    David_NM Dec 07, 2009

    William - I'm in the same place as well - 3 pieces of land that are virtually worthless. My MI personal banker helped me pick the right properties and designed the notes - encouraged me through the process. I was able to beg a 1 year extension of the loans earlier this year. MI has now told me they expect payment in full with the loans come due early next year. Up to this point we have a perfect payment record. MI doesn't care - at all. They won't return messages and give the constant runaround.

    We finally were put in the position of having to file Chap 7. I told MI about a month ago that we're filing - gave them the name and number of our attorney. They call me 3 to 5 times every day. They called me 7 times yesterday (Sunday) afternoon and have already called this morning. It appears that they have the 'right' to call until the case is filed. My case will be filed sometime today or tomorrow. So this will either end or they'll get turned into Bankruptcy court.

    It's really ashamed how they have acted during this ordeal. Very heartless, condescending and rude. All of my other creditors have been kind and easy to work with. I even had a 10 minute conversation with someone from Discover card after telling them of the Chapter 7. When MI calls and I tell them for the hundredth time that I'm filing Chap 7 and not to call back they say "So are you still living at . . ."

    William - Wall Street and Washing broke the economy. MI Bank took $1.7 billion in bailout money - but you and I don't count. You need to walk away from the property - my real estate agent and several investors inside and outside of my family tell me that it might take 20 years for the dirt to come back to a break even value.

    Unfortunately Sir, you need to seek the advise of a Bankruptcy attorney.

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Resolved M&I Bankfraudulend charges

We are continualy getting $30.00 late and insufficient funds charges that are a lie. We pay our bill on time or before. We sent in a check for a payment 9 days in advance and they clame they did not get it so sent a $30.00 late fee we paid the late fee and gave them an e check that cost extra because it is not an electronic payment . They said to cancel the check we had sent. recieved another late fee and paid it. Sent another check for the late fee and the sent another late fee, late fee. They were applying the late fee to the balance an not the late fee widh we were not late. Then sent an insufficient funds fee on the check they told us to cancel payment on, they said they would not process the check we had stopped payment on . You know if they have 1000 accounts and sent them a $30.00 late fee every month in one year that is$360, 000.00 a year they make as a lie and can pay someone $60, 000 a year to take the grief and come out ahead $300, 000.00. You know they can let the check sit on a desk and there is nothing you can do about it. They just turn you in to the credit agencys. I want someone to check on this, not right for these giants to take advantage of the American public especialy when the tax payers of this country have just sent the banks 700 BILLION DOLLARS of tax payers money. This is a scam and must be stopped at any cost.

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    oogapaw Feb 26, 2009


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  • Ai
    aibgirl2007 Jun 17, 2009

    I am currently in the process of closing my accounts with M & I Bank in MN. They do nothing but cheat people out of their money. Horrible company!!!

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    Swan12 Jan 22, 2010

    Agree wholeheartedly. Was also were cheated out of unnecessary fee refunds. This bank has NO CONCERN for it's customers. Only their money! DO NOT attempt to work with this bank in any manner. Your accounts will be abused and customer service is absolutely one sided! District manger for Phoenix area Jim Jenson has no concern for helping customers only bank policies designed to deny customer's fair treatment.

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    Dissatisfied Family Mar 06, 2010

    My husband had a car loan with M&I. After a hailstorm in 2008, our insurance company "totalled" and paid it off. Since that time they have been trying to collect more money from us. It started at about $200, but we insisted we did not owe it because it had been paid off by the insurance company. They have continued to harass us and now the amount they are asking for is over $800! Ridiculous and terribly dishonest!

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    Former Empolyee Mar 11, 2010

    They don't only cheat their customers but they treat their employees like SH*T!
    If your of color or if you are a women good luck with getting your voice heard. The more you go and try to get help, the more they shut you out. They make you look like your the trouble makers and try to push you out the door.
    They will open "BAD" accounts just to hit their goal for that bonus!
    The M&I Bank in Maple Grove Minnesota has the worse employees and branch manager.

    If your a business customer and you have a coin order that is fairly large and you follow procedures in calling it in days early to assure your order will come in when you need it and if the person taking down your order forgets to rely it to the person doing the ordering. You can forget about it!
    The branch manager will just say it's to bad there's nothing he can do about it and will be of no help to you at all.

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  • Na
    Nature01 May 12, 2010

    I feel M&I should not be judged based on a few bad locations. I know of a location in Plover, Wisconsin in Crossroads Commons and they have the friendliest staff and the most amazing branch manager. I have worked with every employee at some time and they have never treated me badly...even if they were having a bad day. Kris is patient and kind and treats everybody with respect and gives you undivided attention. Adam is willing to work with anybody as long as you need it until you understand what is confusing you. All of the tellers are friendly and amazing and will take time out to talk to you. I have seen some new faces in the teller line and even the new people are polite and go above and beyond to give friendly service. Everybody at that branch learns customers names quickly and helps everybody very efficiently. Thank you Crossroad Commons...keep it up!

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  • Wi
    WILLOWBRIDGE Jul 20, 2010

    I paid down a loan from $92, 000 to @63, 000 last November (9 months ago) and they are still charging me the same monthly payment ($495 /month instead of $335). I have sent and faxed the so called documents to them twice and in January it was verified everything was fine but nothing changed and all I get is nasty attitudes. I have talked to scores of employees and in December even took it to the corporate office where that person protected their employees.


    It is the worst bank I have ever done business with. They say I didn't send the paperwork back. I don't work in the bank and can't see who isn't doing their job with the paperwork. I could send it in 10 more times and they would say they didn't receive it. THEY ARE UNACCOUNTABLE.

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Resolved M&I Bank — Terrible customer service

We have a loan through M&I Bank. We missed a payment were trying to get caught up. Every time we called in...

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