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Merchant MediaCharge me $45.00 for nothing I purchased from them

I ordered one bendaroos with buy one get one offer and one family pack. First of all they didn't sent me second free Bendaroos. Moreover unlike they advertise on TV no Bendaroos were glowing in the dark. I was very dis-satisfied with it. I called on there cutomer service center, they gave me return address. I return all I recieved back to them. I did not get any refund from them. I contacted credit card company about these. Creditcard company refund my money back to me. Now bendaroos again charge me $45.00 for nothing I purchased from them. No response to my email to them.

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    kazantip Dec 16, 2011
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    I am trying to contact the website customer service but the number they posted is no longer a working number, send them an email but no reply receive. When I receive the items, there is no receipt or any information!

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Resolved Merchant MediaDon't waste your money!

I should have known better I guess, but it looked fun. I bought the Billy Mays "Big City Slider Station". It's designed to make 5 mini burgers at a time.

It's a five chambered pan with circular cups, and it has a top lid that fits down into the circles in order to cook the top of the burgers as you cook. It comes with a scoop to measure out the correct portion of ground beef to make a mini burger.

It worked well as far as making the burgers, we actually had a lot of fun with it the first time around. So much so, that we bought lots of ground beef and planned to make a dinner out of it for our family.

The problem came the second time we used it: The burgers were coming out with little blotches of a silvery something all over them. What the heck?!? I made a few more rounds of burgers, and sure enough, they all had these flecks of crap on them. Turns out it was the non stick coating!!! It was coming off in flakes on the burgers!!!

I had washed it just once, with a soft rag, no abrasives as the directions said. And this is what happened! A shame since the thing worked well as far as intended function went. I would have used the heck out of it for sure but not now.

We managed to salvage dinner that night, as I used the dumb scoop and patted the rest of the mini burgers out by hand and cooked them in a frying pan. They were just as good if not better...they had a moist rounded made the slider station burgers seem flat and chewy by comparison.

The moral here is: mini burgers ARE fun, but save yourself the money. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup, pat them out by hand, and cook them in a pan!