Melrose Quarry & Asphalt Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Melrose Quarry & AsphaltThey thank they are big shots.

Melose Quarry & Asphalt thank they are above the law they did property damage so I called the law. the law said it was there fault . After the Rolla P.D. left Melrose Quarry & Asphalt said if I would not called the cops there would have paid me for the damages that they caused to my property. I ask how in there right mind wants to do Business with that kind of people.

Resolved Melrose Quarry & AsphaltProperty Damage

Melrose Quarry & Asphalf in rolla mo, They will do property damage and lie and beat you out of it. and if you try to go and put a claim in on there Ins company they will lie to there ins company and tell them if they pay the claim they will leave them and find another Ins company. They or crocks and there ins company be carefull and don't deal with them at all.