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McFarland Cleanerswon't honor quoted price and will ask for cash payment

Will rip you off. Gave price and tried to charge double. Then attendant would only take cash payment and not receipt.

Update: After the lady called my wife and I repeatedly bordering in harassment (7 calls so far) and we were given the story about being new and not wanting to get fired I had though about removing my review out of pity, but seeing how I am now a liar and my wife as well I think I should now elaborate on this review.

We took 5 pair of pants to get shorten, we were quoted $10 per each pair. Our total should have come to $50. When my wife shows up she gets a bill for $18.50 each. That is $92.50. at $10 each pair is already expensive and for the place to now try to get almost double what we got quoted its short of highway robbery. The lady now claims that she is new and the owner changed the price after the pants were fixed. The lady that was so helpful to the imaginary client that was behind my wife (who was in the drive thru) asked my wife to pay cash to "help her out" and to give her a discount. I am sorry but if the lady (Geneva) is new and quoted us $10 the price should be honored and we should not be asked to pay cash.

McFarland CleanersDry cleaning

Lost my entire bag of shirts that I had dropped of for dry cleaning. All they did was shrug their shoulders. HORRIBLE experience.

They have new people at the drive up routinely. I handed my bag to a new lady on Thursay, she said pick up on Monday, I said fine and drove off. She didn't give me a receipt. I returned to pick up and they had no record of it. The new person completely lost my bag of shirts worth hundreds of dollars even though the bag had all my contact information on it. Unbelievable.

I went back again, and again, "we dont know what happened", and that's all they would do.

They did't even seem to try to find them. Not sure if the lady their even understand English. I'll never go back.

McFarland CleanersDry Cleaning Company Blames Customer For Their Poor Service!


After you take your shirts into this dry cleaners, you will receive new spots on your shirts and then they blame you for it after sending it off for testing! The days of quality customer service are over at this place of business. Beware!!! There are over 50 dry cleaners in Alpharetta. You should make sure to look for other dry cleaners besides McFarland Cleaners! They are not clean!

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    Pamela Feb 26, 2009

    Thank you so much for having the courage to post your experience! I went to McFarland Cleaners just last week to drop off my shirts. When I picked them up, they had brown stains on them too. My husband isn't a coffee drinker and there were not stains on the shirts when I took them into the attendant. When I picked the shirts up and took them home, my husband was furious to see the new spots. When I took them back into the lady at McFarland Cleaners, she gave me this long winded story about how she had to send them off for testing. I told her my husband didn't put the stains on the shirt - they were just there after my husband took the shirt out of the cellphane and put on his shirt while getting ready for work. She kept saying she had to send the shirt off for testing. She was very rude to have blamed me for her own mistakes. When I got the shirt back - her cleaners stains were still on the shirt! THEN SHE HAD THE AUDACITY TO CHARGE ME $2 FOR THE SHIRT! I will never go there again! Hopefully other customers around the Alpharetta / Milton community will go to other dry cleaners.

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