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Magazine Special TodayUnauthorized charges

I have received "subscription package" in the mail and have had charges placed on my charge card from above and cannot get credit and cancellation confirmed. They said they talked to me in December at work #, but I have been on disability since May. They are charging me $24.95/month for magazines (and I do not even read magazines).
How do I get cancelled and credited?

  • Ca
    Carl Buhn Jan 24, 2009

    I have been sent a letter informing me of magazine special today and I did not order or agree to have then put it on my credit card what is up with this. I can not even talk on the phone to them.
    How do I get cancel and credit.

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Magazine Special TodayUnauthorized deductions from my Checking Account

I had received a phone during the week of 10/13/08 from [protected] that introduced themselves as part of my Wells Fargo Rewards Points and that I would receive a $50.00 free Gas card for being a part of the service and an opportunity to receive some magazines at NO Charge for the 1st 30 days and if I didn't want them that I could call them back and cancel.

At no time did I give them my Checking Account Number at Wells Fargo but on Sunday, 10/20/08, I checked my account and I had been charged $3.95 twice and today, $2.95 twice without my approval. This is not doable since I have recently lost my job and I must watch my money expenditures.

Today, 10/20/08, I notified Wells Fargo to make a "Fraud Charge, " but I told them that I would contact this company on Tuesday, 10/21/08 to cancel their account that was indicated in a letter that they sent to me on 10/16/08 before I had them to make any type of investigation and cancel my "Debit Card".

Note this is the statement in their letter to me:"Service will continue with regular monthly payments of $14.95 billed on the 16 of each month beginning on 11/16/08.

THIS COMPANY MUST BE STOPPED - PLEASE ADVISE WITH ANY FURTHER ADVICE ABOUT THEIR ILEGAL ACTIONS! PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO ARE UNEMPLOYED THESE DAYS CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE (1) DIME. Note I usually ignore these phone calls but they had been constantly calling for several weeks...I was fooled by them making an association with my Wells Fargo Bank.

  • An
    angryatfraud Jan 07, 2009

    I received a Delinquent Account Notice from Magazine Special Today. I had never ordered any magazines from them nor had I ever received any.
    I called the customer service line and was told that my account had been closed on Dec 14th. I couldn't get an answer to how an accout was closed when it had never been opened. Nor could I get an answer as to why I received a notice showing that I owed money when no magazines had ever been ordered. The customer service rep told me to disregard the notice and not to worry about paying the amount. I asked to speak to her manager, because while I appreciated her saying I didn't owe anything, I would have liked to hear it and have explained by a higher source. But, that never happened. This is definitely a shady "company."

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  • Ks
    K Serahh Jan 12, 2010

    Magazine Special Today forwarded my info. to a bunch of other magazines that have in turn filled my mailbox month in and month out with unwanted magazines. I have called the magazines to ask them to stop, but the magazines just keep coming in. I have asked this company to stop this action, but they assure me there is no charge for the additional magazines and that the magazines are hoping I will enjoy them so I will order a subscription. I still don't want a bunch of unwanted magazines filling my mailbox or trash can.

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Magazine Special Todayunauthorized account deductions

Recently I noticed two purchases that I never authorized or made had been recorded on my online checking account.

I called my local Bank office and secured the phone number of the party charging my account and called them. They were not helpful. They said that in order to correct any errors they would need to access my account. But they had no account listed under my name, phone number or address. I was not listed in their system as a customer. The person informed me I would have to give them my debit card number in order to access my account.

I informed them I could not provide this number over the phone since I had no idea who these people were, and for all I knew, they could subsequently raid my account. I asked them if they could tell me anything about the charges and learned that the $3.95 fee was the initial setup charge and the $7.96 fee was the first monthly payment for a subscription to four separate magazines. Since I subscribe to only one magazine and have a fixed income, I would never subscribe to four magazines.

I asked for the name and address for the corporate headquarters and a phone number to contact them. I was informed either that the number could not be given out or that no contact phone number existed.

I then informed them that I would contest the charges with my bank and stop future payments.

I was informed that if I did so I would be turned over to a collection agency and credit reporting agencies, and something else I don't remember. I was told for the fourth time that the only way they would cancel my account in order to stop future charges was if I provided them with my debit card number.

Incidentally, I never received any magazines.

  • Da
    D. Austin Oct 13, 2008

    I too had a charge ($3.95) posted to my account by Magazine Special Today. I received a letter from them telling me that they would be charging me $14.95 every month for subscriptions to 7 magazines that I never subscribed to.
    This morning I called the phone number that was included with the first charge and talked with a very nice lady that offered to reduce the payment to $7.95 a month. I told her that I didn't want the subscriptions at all and I was told she would take care of the cancellation for me and I will get a letter of cancellation soon. I was not ask for my credit card number but that might have been because I had the order number off the letter I had received. I will believe that the cancellation has been taken care of if /when I receive it and see no more charges to my account. I will post again to let you know.

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  • Lw
    L Wright Oct 29, 2008

    The same thing happen to me The sales person woul not alow me to respond to yes or no so they went ant took money out my account any way. Have not got a magazine or the promotion they promise either.

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  • Je
    jeffery M McDowell Nov 01, 2008

    I have had this service for 2 years, and have never had a problem. All of these individuals that have complained, spoke to a telemarketer about several different promotions, such as i did. that is how they have thier info. If someone else in the house signed up in thier names, that is where the problems may come from. I tested them the other day by giving them the wrong name, which had zero results when they tried to pull up an account, when i gave them my credit card number, they were able to pull up my account instantly. just because these ###s who say yes, just to get a free gas voucher, then try to cancel, are having problems, try it out for yorselves. i get 4 magazines a month, that would normally cost me about $25.00 for $7.96 a month TOTAL for all 4, not for each, and if i get bored with those titles, i can switch them out for any other magazines that they offer(about 400) with out my price changing and i can do that every month, with no increase in price.

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  • St
    steve g Nov 11, 2008

    The service might be great IF you have time for the magazines. Their telemarketing is a bit sneaky. Had a call claiming to be from "Visa Rewards" and had severals offer for me to look over thought I was getting info on the service NOT membership. Anyway, when I called to cancel the service person claimed they had shipped the wrong gas card and would be sending me another $100 card to make up the diference. I told them to cancel again and way offered a lower rate. Then told them I still wanted to cancel and she then claimed she would cancel the membership- I hope thats so.

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  • Jo
    John Weldon Nov 12, 2008


    My bank contacted MST and received this explanation: an invalid transaction was linked to another local person's account, then somehow charged to my account by error.

    MST refunded the amount within 24 hours & no problems since.

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  • Es
    esotericsfx Feb 28, 2009

    Same thing happened to me! Exactly!

    But even after finding this out does anyone know who to contact to stop sending the magazines. Of course I'm am not going to pay but the 1866-924-4501 number is not in service and i keep getting a ton of mags!!

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  • Ja
    Jay Hegg Mar 15, 2009

    I did not order anything from this company and their letter says I will have monthly billing against my account in the amount of $24.85. I do not want anything from this company now or ever in the future. I want a refund and request I be taken off their list.
    Thank you.

    Jay Hegg

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  • Je
    jeffery M McDowell Jun 23, 2010

    anyone with issues should note that the company is in a location at 1000 communication Cir in Virginia beach, Va.. They are called Media Communications Inc...When a person talks with you they are in a small room with the managers. That is their corporate office.. This company is crooked and will ignore everything you say.. If you contact the Virginia Beach city attorneys office they will investigate...If when you are talking with these people and mention the word sue or attorney they will give you your money back and make sure you ask for it ALL, even the 3.95 that they charged at the on set.. The owner of this company looks like a drug dealer and acts like a criminal...If you check out google maps and type in 1000 communications cir you will see their bldg...The corner of Diamond springs and Northhampton blvd...

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