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Liquidaxion.comWait for a new couch

Bought and gave a 280$ deposit on a couch with a 3 week waiting period on may 19 and here we are on july 14 with absoluely no idea when we are getting it . After several calls to the store to find out what is going on and if we can cancell.but apperiantly you have to buy something in the store and they wont return you cash...well this is the first and last time i spend a penny in any of their stores.and insuggest who ever reads this doesnt either..Horrible customer service with a less then caring sales team.If i domt have this couch within a week of posting this i will take legal action.Its only 300$ but now its not about money it is all about respect and principle.

  • Pi
    Pierre P Oct 13, 2012

    I never received my appliance. I called Mastercard to report. Please be careful.

    0 Votes is a scam and the stores are scammers is a scam and the stores are scammers (they are based in Quebec). Beware of liquidaxion! They charge you for the items, then they keep your money for weeks and come up with excuses like we don't have it in stock, and after few weeks if you are lucky and have time to chase them, probably you can get your money back!

  • Ta
    TaylorS Aug 31, 2012

    We are getting the run-around too. We were supposed to get the furniture by the end of August, we ordered in July. Now they are saying 2 more weeks and as long as 90 more days
    I wish there was a liquidaxion review before we bought from them

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  • 78
    785 Oct 01, 2012

    I had a very bad experience, they are real spammer .Be careful, don't sign your contract before checking the price for each item you buy, never buy Gurantee, I regret it regret it

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