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LimbGame.netcredit card fraud/charges without permission

Was 2 times charged from my credit card. Never visited this site. Never given permission or filled my credit card info. Nevertheless got charged. 24/11/2013 amount of €37 and 24/12/2013 amount of 36, 11.
Called the company. Can only cancel "subscription" According to them didn't end on time within a free trial period and therefore have a subscription. I Want my money back!!. They are thieves. They robbed me for total € 73, 11.
Can anybody help me how to get my money back? thks in advance, rgds

LimbGame.netfraudulent product

I signed up for what I thought, and what was described as "live" streaming of an NFL game not televised in my local area that mid-afternoon. Fast forward after application, and NFL game not available until 9:30PM … streaming from the UK?????!!! I immediately contacted them via email and expressed my desire to cancel IMMEDIATELY. I received an e response explaining the "live" streaming time lag from the UK. I repeated my desire to cancel all immediately. Nothing was done and now I'm charged for a full year of this service which is of no value to me. (full yearly priced automatically kicked in after "5-day trial period despite my multiple requests to cancel. What is being done about this thievery ?

LimbGame.netFraud charge

I thought I was signing up for a free game. They charged $39.95 for 5 months before I figured it out. I tried to cancel and they wanted to charge me a fee to cancel! I had to cancel my card to keep them from continuing to charge
They refused to refund my money because they say I clicked "OK". This is fraud. I wish I had the money to take them to court.
It took me 5 months to figure out they were charging me because I went to US Marine Corp. boot camp & had access to nothing. This company maintains a US presence. What a way to treat someone who wants to defend the USA.
While I was on the phone with their "call center" I could hear numerous people being told the same thing: "No... we will not refund your money because you clicked OK."

  • Mj
    mj.jillian Oct 25, 2012

    this is what happening to me too. i signed up for a free trial and they automaically charged me for $39.95 for 3 months. but you were lucky as you could actually contact them and cancel your membership. I filled in their online cancellation form, but everytime i clicked send it just says my username/password given were incorrect which is impossible becaused i just signed in with the exactly the same username and password. I tried using my credit card number as well but it says my credit card number is invalid. ###! they charged for 3 months and it says my credit is invalid?! i sent them 3 emails and they never replied. i dun need my money back but i want to cancel this!

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  • Ed
    Ed A Oct 25, 2012

    Try scambook dot com. We posted a complaint there and once we supplied username & email address we were able to get all of our money back. We tried calling them but could only get one month back. We were surprised and happy when we got it all.

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  • Li
    limbgamesucks May 01, 2013

    Who is limb game? They have charged me $39.95 for 2 months / $79.90 for a video game???? I don't play video games. Guess I will you're lead and go to scam right away thank you for the advice.

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I received report about my payment for last half a year and I was very astonished to find charges from I didn’t authorize these charges. I called them to find out the truth and they told I subscribed to free trial. I told I didn’t get anything and they told they will send it today. But I don’t need this free trial!!! I need my money!

  • Ed
    Ed A Sep 24, 2012

    This is how does business. They just rip people off.

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  • Bu
    bukolaadedigba Aug 13, 2013

    Am bukola adedigba, bukdigba is my email. I subcribed for the game sometime in janauary & when I saw the deduction made on my account, I deactivated. Initiallt the deduction was stopped for about 5month only to start or reoccur again. Pls I beg ou to stop my subcription hence, stop my money deduction. My master card No is 5399831630873889 thank you

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