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Lift Serum Prounauthorised charges to credit card

ILike many others I have too been stung by the Lift serum Pro dubious/misleading sales tactics and unauthorised debits to my credit card. The lift serum Pro trial offer came up whilst I was on the Dalily Mail Newspaper's Rewards Club website . This website regularly has offers of this nature and thee was nothing to distinguish this offer as being anything other than one approved by the Rewards Club. The Rewards Club have subsequently confirmed that they have received "several" other complaints (probably loads in reality!) and have said this was a phishing scam pop up advert attached to their website which wasn't authorised by them and therefore out of their control. They say then have reported it to their technicians to prevent such pop ups appearing in the future. Begs the question why software wasn't in place to prevent it in the first place and to protect their club members from such scams. After having noticed the unauthorised card debit of GBP84.61 I e mailed the organisation yesterday confirming no additiional order had been placed and I had not authorised any further charges. I contacted my bank this morning to stop any further charges being debited (their disputes department was closed yesterday evening) only to find another similar charge had been debited at 6.30am despite having e mailed the organisation yesterday - so dont rely on instructionsto Lift serum pro - cancel with your bank asap. To prevent any chance of further debits appearing possibly under another business name I have cancelled my current card and ordered a new one!. I Have now written to my bank requesting resolution/refund but not too confident of a positive response. From other people's complaints it would seem some banks do refund whilst others do not! Would be useful to have others' experiences with their card companies in the UK about refunds. To date by the way we have receiving nothing from Lift Serum pro apart from one bottle of the stuff which presumably was from the original trial offer.

Lift Serum ProI was scamed by lift serum pro

I have also been scam by this terrible monsters. I was surfing the web when I found out a pop-up that told me that I have been randomly selected to receive a price. And one of this is lift serum pro. I was asked to pay £1.99 for postage and packaging. After I was sent the product it didn't conform with what I saw on the net. It was my bank Santander that informed me that some money was about to be taken from my account. A total of £84. My bank also gave me a number of the scam company to contact them. After contacting them on a UK number [protected], I was told that by agreeing to pay for postage and packaging I have also agree for money to be taken from my card after a trial period of 14 days. I could remember that I vividly refused to receive their other products when I was paying for the postage and packaging of the gift they told me that I won. I have called them and was told to send back the bottle of lift serum pro that I received and they would refund me in 3 working days. But when I reported it to the police in my local area I was told by the officer on duty to check on the company house website for the company they gave me as Active Health and Wellness and also tell them via e-mail that I want a refund within 7 days or I would take further action. I called them again to ask for their e-mail and was told to visit their website at I am still very angry and confused about the whole. Somehow I am ashamed of myself falling for such a scam. I have informed my bank to inform them that I would not like any further money to be taken from my account and have got my card blocked. I think we need to inform more people about this scam and let the world knows about it. I found out from the person I spoke with that gave her name as Melissa Edward that she was in Canada. While I was thinking all along that I was talking to someone from the UK. I think all the victims of this scam should take a class action lawsuit against this company. I was told several times when I called to ring back because their system is dowm

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    janin21 Nov 07, 2013

    Sveiki, bukit atsargus, tai aferistu kompanija, gave jusu banko duomenys, trauks pinigus, kol nepakeisit banko duomenu.Susigrazinti pinigus neimanoma.O serumas irgi slamstas, daugiau 2 euru jis nevertas.Gerbiamieji, neprasidekit su apgavikais, nes galu vis vien nerasit, ir netikekit reklamom.

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  • Sm
    Smith007 Jun 18, 2014

    The company finds any excuse to not refund or part refund. Pursue until you get a full refund. Abdoul, thanks for your comments and highlighting this! Highlight this scam to as many people and places!

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