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Legal Mediation PracticeAwful experience

This company called me @ 5:15 PM and told me that he was giving me a heads up that i will be going to jail @7 if i didn't pay 247.90 that was on a pay advance loan before then. I was scared I've never been to jail in my life! I have children and instantly got real upset on what would happen to my children on top of that i suffer from anxiety and I'm very claustrophobic! I thought i was going to die! I found this website and when i called back to see if this was a debt collection place Robert Taylor ex 245 would not answer that one he just said "get your affairs in order..." I didn't know if i should run to the nearest church or leave town! What can i do about this?

  • Valerie Oct 05, 2008

    This company called my job and left a voicemail, which was very rude. They wanted me to pay them in full NOW! I explained to him that I couldn't meet his demands & was told that I have 3 hours to pay in full or he was going to turn me in to the authorities. I told the guy that I was @ work and couldn't leave and he told me that he doesn't normally make payment arrangements. And that I had to 6 pm to call him back with a receipt number or else. I'm not going to settle for this. I am going to file a complaint against this company myself.

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Legal Mediation PracticeThreatened toSend me to Jail

I received a phone call from Jim King on 9/30 at a little before 5 pm. He threatened to send me to jail if I didn't pay over $1000 for two bad checks. I told him I didn't even have a checking account or any money. He asked if I had any friends or family that loved me that would pay the debt. I asked him for proof of these checks and he said he didn't have to give me anything and hung up. I researched this company and found out they are a scam. Don't give them any money.

Legal Mediation PracticeFraud and cheating

Received a very disturbing call today. At 8am this morning on 9/22/08 I received a call from Legal Mediation Practice. Ms.Crawford was her name. She stated I had until 1pm that morning to give them 655.00 or they were going to follow legal action. This was on a loan that was through Webpayday. I took this out over the internet and it was a 500.00 loan. They are now saying it is 1300.00 to pay this off.

I moved since taking the loan out and lost the information from this company. 1 year later which was this morning I received a call from them. I never been contacted about this loan before. This is why I was unable to pay the loan.

I told Ms. Crawford that I was unable to have this amount to her by 1pm. She told me if I didn’t she would take legal action. I asked to speak with a Supervisor and she put her Supervisor on the phone. I cant remember his name but he stated that he would not except anything other than what he asked.

I explained that 5 hours was not enough time for a single mother to come up with that money. He stated that it was not his problem and told me to get the money or else. Then hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with him once again because I wanted to resolve this issue in some way. He told me Ms. Rodriguez I have said all i am going to say and hung up once again.

I was trying to get the money together but then I thought how do I know this was legit. So, I called Webpayday. I did at least get this from them. Well the name not the number. They stated that my account was at 0. They turned it over to ASI. I called ASI and they stated that they did not have my file anymore and that I needed to contact who ever called me this morning. I called once again to the company and Ms. Crawford passed me to her Supervisor once again.

He was very Irate at this point and stated, “Well, I see you don’t want to pay this so I will mark you down as refusal to pay.” I was telling him what Webpayday had stated. He then told me I was lying and he did not appreciate it. Then once again hung up!. I called back, “ I called so many times because I wanted a resolution”.

He then told me that he did not want me to contact his office any more. I asked to speak with someone else. He stated that he would make sure he would be the only person I talked to. Then told me “ Do not contact this office anymore I am marking you down as refusal to pay and I will be contacting your employer.

What I am to do now? He was extremely rude and refused to set up any payment plan with me. How can companies get away with treating consumers this way.

Legal Mediation PracticeThese people are so rude

These people are very rude!!! They cussed me out said that if I don't have the money by 12 noon today that I would find out the hard way about them and they would press charges. I called again to find out why they were being so rude to me and Todd Ellis the manager kept hanging up in my face. His employee Michael Davis was no better. I don't understand why you can’t make payments on a debt. They just called me yesterday expecting me to have the money by today. THAT IS NOT FAIR AT ALL!!! After reading all of blogs on this company I am afraid that if I send the money where will it really be going to? These people are a scam!!! Just look at their place of business. It looks like they set up shop in someone's house. I thought law firms were in office buildings...

  • Ba
    Bailey Jul 10, 2008

    My experience with this people was surreal. Todd Ellis can't possibly be this guys real name. I told them that being off-the-chart rude to people and trying to intimidate them is not going to get them the money any faster. They refused to send me a statement and wouldn't give me their address. They are breaking the law right and left. I should know. I'm a lawyer. How do they sleep at night?

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Legal Mediation PracticeIdiots

I had these people call me on Monday 6/23. A lady named Brenda is who I spoke to. She told me she was a lawyer (lie #1) and then asked me for my SSN and address. I refused to give her either one. I know better! Then she told me that I had written a bad check, would NOT tell me what company I had written the check to, and told me I needed to get a lawyer. She said I had until 5pm that night to pay her over 600 bucks! It pissed her off that I knew my rights and more about the law than she expected because she hung up on me. I wasn't worried about it at all. Then, the next day, she called me again. This time at work and told me that she had good news for me. She asked me if the reason I had not paid the money was if I didn't have it, and I told her it was because I didn’t owe it! (I know for a fact that I don't) she asked if I had spoken to a lawyer (I lied and said I did because my boyfriend is in his 3rd year of law school and I talked to him) she then got more irate and when I asked for her physical address and fax number because I was going to send her a cease and desist letter...she told me that I better have a good lawyer because I was in serious trouble, then hung up on me AGAIN. It’s the 26th now and I have not heard anything since. I got the address and fax number online and sent one to both the physical address and fax line. If I hear from them, they are breaking the law.

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