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Steve Johnson called me the other day and told me he was calling from a division of Legal Affidavit Office. He told me that I or my attorney should call him regarding a time sensative issue. He wished me good luck. Then he went on to report that he had the name and number of my sister, which in itself is a joke. She produces movies and documentaries about...

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6:24 pm EDT

Legal Affidavit Office - payment of a debt unowed

They are calling me about paying back a debt that I do not own and threatening me with lawsuit to pay a debt that I do not owe.

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Sep 03, 2010 8:10 pm EDT
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They fooled me once for$745.00 and 3 Months later they called me saying i owe them more money this time from Florida, and thought this is not right so ask there company name and looked on line and saw they are a scam.

They called me yesterday and today asking for my sister and claimed she took out a loan from some bank that's not in our town. And as soon as I told him we are going to the Federal Commissions in Fl. He said he would call our employers and then hung up. I really don't want to fly out to Fl but if I have to I would to kick someone a**.

Oct 31, 2008 3:08 pm EDT

They just called me saying they were going to take me to
court on Monday about some payday loan from last year. I
don't even use paday loan services. These people belong in jail.

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9:54 pm EDT

Legal Affidavit Office - FRAUD

Yes, these d*bags also called me and it scared the crap out of me. They have been calling my cell phone and work phone. I decided to call them back as it was "my final warning" and they threw out the threats against me regarding US National Bank or whatever the heck it was. This is funny because I told this ERIC MATTHEWS that I would pay and he said he had to transfer me to their lawyer. He pushed about 10 numbers (nice touch) and handed the phone to another d*bag with a foreign accent who told me that I needed to show up in court and if I don't that I would be arrested. He went so far as to ask me to have my attorney call him. The thing that freaked me out is that they have my SSN and bank acct number. I need to change my SSN now. Also, when I told this idiot that I would pay right now he told me that I also needed to write a letter of apology to Pay Day Loans. I seriously laughed so hard. Then he hung up on me. I called a few lawyers and what they are doing is against the law. I am in Colorado so, I called the Attorney General's Office. They called me back and will be filing a complaint against them. I am also filing a complaint with the Colorado Bar Association. They have an FDCPA complaint form you can file. Call your state's bar association and attorney general's office. By the way...the number that they told me to call was 818-336-9385. The lawyer from the Attorney General's Office googled the number with me on the phone and saw these boards come up.

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