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I can't get loan from them

I applied for attorney loan on the website I filled the form on the website and provided all required documents, but they continued to diddle-daddle and tip toe around the loan. I was furious and contacted them and told to cancel everything, but the rep told me that money was already transferred. I waited for money, but noting. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

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    Don Tarr Jul 20, 2014

    Advice? Yea. Lawleaf never heard of you. Go scam someone else.

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Hope that you don't end up with the same run around

Contrary to the popular belief that this company is amazing; I beg to differ. I contacted them 8 days ago. I received no call back within the time I was given and contacted them. Monday, they finally sent my information to my attorney who PROMPTLY completed it. It was verified that they had all information that they requested and a bit more through my attorney. The called me on Tuesday and told me that they did not have the information the requested, then they found it, and then... oh yes... and THEN they care to inform me that they are missing the one page that tells my injuries. I know it was received because my attorney emails me copies of everything they have faxed. It was the 1st page under the title page of the fax... So far... all they are saying is that they may keep my case open for 30 days pending the proper information. I highly doubt that this company will be doing anything for me, so I am already checking with other companies. Ridiculous is what it is... Good Luck and I hope that you don't end up with the same run around.