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Ladies Workout Express Non-Payment

NFFS has been late on depositing my money from the earnings of my club. This is the 4th time they have done this and give me NO explanation as to why. They are not returning my calls and my deposit should have been done 12 days ago. I DON"T recommend this company to handle your software or processing. I will be looking for another company.

Ladies Workout Express Stay away

I joined the Ladies Workout Express in Asheville NC because it was beside my work at the time. I figured i would go before and after work. Well it wasn't a month later and the facility changed there hours, leaving me with no choice to only go on my 30 min lunch break (How in-convenient.)

Well just a few weeks later i found out i was pregnant and was going to be changing jobs. Now mind you I was already driving 45minutes to get to work/ladies express. Then I moved 30 minutes past my house, making it an 1 hour and a half trip. So I called and told them my situation, the lady actually argued with me telling me there was a facility only 6 miles from me. She somehow had my address misslocated. Oh yeah, and my first months payment was taken out of bank account in an amount over what i had agreed and i bounced checks and so on... I just want them to leave me the hell alone. I wish someone would realize how bad of a company they are and shut them down!

  • Di
    Diane Newell Mar 08, 2010

    They have been deducting monthly fee for my business that closed a year ago and won't stop. I've talked to them several times.

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  • Va
    Valencia C. Nov 01, 2011

    They are still trying to say I owe them money. I too had auto draft but put a stop payment on it after they refused to stop btaking my money. How can a company say you owe them money for a service they no longer provide...that's just wrong.

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Ladies Workout Express fraudulent membership charges

I signed a contract for membership for 18 months. Stopped going at 15 months but made sure I paid the full 18 months of contract. Called the company at the end of the 18 months to let them know I will no longer be a member. I have been charged each month for the last 6 months and now they are threatening to send me to a collections agency. I have spoken with them and tried to convey that I have paid in full (I have a letter from them dated Dec. 26, 2008, stating I am paid in full) but they keep calling and harrassing me.

  • Ge
    GeneralStark Jun 04, 2009

    Hi Diane,

    Unfortunately you are not alone. There is a string of class action lawsuits regarding health clubs and abusive membership tactics. Your specific health club does not ring a bell, but you can see other class action lawsuits against health clubs at Good luck.


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Ladies Workout Express contract termination

I've had the same experience with Ladies workout express as most complaints I've read. I was also denied membership withdrawal after being with them for 2 years.My finances have changed, have sent in a cancellation letter, with no response. Charge card is still being charged, and trying to dispute the charges has only cost me more, because according to National Fitness Finance, you can only drop membership with medical reasons, which is not what I was told when I joined. After the first year, you we're able to withdrawal with good reason. If financial reasons aren't good enough, what is????????????

Ladies Workout Express Gym closed without warning

Hi i just wanted to know if you'll are a good gym because when me and my family meaning my mom and brother we went to this gym called Bally's and Bally's had people that were out of shape working and we thought that was ignorant because how are they going to tell us that we can start working out they was fat and not in shape i and my mom and brother have a problem with that and i just wanted to know you'll not like that are you'll. Can someone please hit me back.

  • El
    Elizabeth Perkins Feb 21, 2007

    After being taken advantage of by Ladies Workout Express, I have decided to post my experience along with the information I have gathered from others who have had similar experiences. This is what I am going through right now.

    I signed a contract with Ladies Workout Express a few years ago with the clause that if I moved 25 miles away, I would be out of my contract. Fair enough. I went there all the time and enjoyed it. When we moved in September I faxed in the information they needed to cancel my contract. I knew I would have to pay for the month of October because they needed 30 days notice and a $50 cancellation fee. Fair enough. I was having problems getting my actual address to show up because I am in a new area with NOTHING around. I found an intersection that was close, faxed it in with an electric bill and thought we were done. NOT SO! My credit card has been billed from them every month since September. DH does the bills and I didn't catch it until January. My fault for missing it...I'll pay....whatever. I called them AGAIN in January and faxed all the information in. Still...they keep billing me. NOW they have sent me to collections!! WHAT??? I cancelled the contract in September and they want to bill me for January and Februrary? When I called AGAIN today. I was told there was a new company handling the billing. I spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone going back and forth between the companies, just to be told that they would look it over, it would take 30 days and I would still be responsible for February PLUS they needed 30 days notice so I would have to pay March as well!!! I just filed a complaint with the BBB and I am in the process of disputing my credit cards. It is just a real headache. NEVER again will I EVER do business with Ladies Workout Express, Lady Of America or Workout Express. I just wanted to post here so other people are not taken advantage of by them. When I told them that I would post the story on all the websites I visit and tell all my friends what happened, they laughed at me and said it wouldn't matter. Nobody would care. I plan on spreading the word and passing on my experience and the problems others have had.

    I don't want anyone else to have to go through the headaches that I have had to deal with. Please....check out this information and avoid being taken advantage of by this franchise.

    This company goes by the names of:
    Ladies Workout Express
    Lady Of America Franchise
    Workout Express

    Search for Ladies Workout Express on [redacted]:

    /link removed/

    Better Business Bureau:

    Look at all these complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Did you notice the unsatisfactory rating? I wish I had checked this out before signing up with them. The complaints are all over the country.

    Here is another story that I found:

    This one sounds familiar too:

    Please copy and pass on this information to all your family and friends. Hopefully, we can send a message to this corporation that the little guys can make a difference. Thanks!!

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  • Ms
    M. Schuler Nov 27, 2007

    Very difficult company. Bad news with their policies. They will not stop charging even if location was closed. They tell you one thing and then later say read their contract.

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  • Ky
    kyos Enoch May 23, 2008

    while in a business like this one need to know that a first trying by an individual shouldn't be a conclusion on a matter like this. I wish to could have ask her how many times has she try the organization? let it not be that because you try once and failed then you run into conclusion that the organization is bad to transact a business with. so iam suggesting that let there be a second trial before concluding how bad the organization is yhank you and bye.

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Ladies Workout Express contract cancellation

I am a 61-year old widow on a fixed income. In 2006, while I was living in my own apartment and still able to work, I joined the fitness club. In March of 2007, I had to leave my job due to health problems, the first of which resulted in knee surgery. I told the staff that I had to quit the club and they gave me a form for my doctor. The form was completed and I sent it back to them. month later I returned to the club to let them know the fee is still being deducted from my checking acct. and that I am going back into University Hospital for surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma on my brain. That surgery left me unable to live alone, work, drive. My only living relative, an older brother drove me to his home in Naples, Florida to live with him & his wife. I attend therapy 3x a week; my Vestibular Disorder does not permit me to take part in any type of exercise class. I have been on a fixed income for over a year, written several times to the club and they STILL continue to deduct the monthly fee from my account. PLEASE HELP. I recently contacted my attorney in Ohio asking him for assistance. I cannot afford this additional expense. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME???

  • Ni
    nina bouley Feb 17, 2009

    I had a similar problem but got money back closed out my checking account and opened a new one.

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  • Li
    LISA Apr 27, 2009


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  • Lo
    Lorna Imbery Sep 11, 2009

    Same thing is happening to me. The only difference is that the facility closed over a year ago. So I guess they think I go to work out in an empty building. The only workout I have had has been on the phone with them being re-routed and told all managers are busy.

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Ladies Workout Express Ignoring all problems

I joined the workout express because it was close to my work. When I enrolled I was told that I would be able to cancel at any time because I lived so far away. At that time I also purchased personal training sessions. Because of my hectic work schedule I was unable to use the facility and decided to quit. When I spoke with the owner she told me that I would not be able to quit. I was confused because I had been told something different. I spoke with the woman who I enrolled with and she confirmed what she told me at signing up, but could not tell the owner because she would get fired. About after one month of fighting, the center decided to close it's doors. I was not surprised because the service was terrible. I then told them to stop charging me and I wanted my $240 refund for the personal training sessions. They said that my account was canceled, but could not get the refund because I should have worked it into my schedule. NOW, three months after the center closed I saw that I was still getting charged. I called the customer service line and they told me I could not get a refund for the last 3 months and there is no possible way that I can get the $240 back. This has been a terrible experience and I am glad that I will never have to deal with the company again. It only cost me about $1000 total and I have never used the facility.

Ladies Workout Express Auto Debiting not stopped

I jointed Ladies Workout Express (LWE) in January 2005 on a two-year contract which I faithfully paid every month (auto debit from checking). I went on month to month after my contract expiration date of January 2007 and continued auto debit. In May, I asked my Bank to stop withdrawals and they said LWE would have to do it. I contacted them and they assured me they would handle it. A payment was taken out in May and again in June. When I saw this, I contacted ABC Financial (which is the billing company for LWE) and they informed me they needed a 30 day cancellation notice (hello! contract ended in January). I sent in a cancellation notice and just received a letter from them telling me I still owe $29.95 as a final payment and if its not paid, the account will remain active and I will incur charges and face these charges being sent to a collection agency. I plan to contact Channel 2 (FOX NEWS) and expose this scam of an organization.

  • Li
    Lisa May 15, 2008

    I am currently on hold with ABC financial, they are giving me the same run around. Is anyone considering a class action lawsuit?

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  • Ro
    Robert Jul 03, 2008

    Let me know. My wife is having the same problem. She didnt realize for the last three years that LWE was still taking out 29 bucks a month for a membership that ended 3 years ago. Now we are getting the run around and they refuse to refund the money. A bunch of crooks.

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  • La
    Laurie Jul 11, 2008

    I just got off of the phone with LWE/ABC Financial, much due to the help from my bank, Chase. First the number I was given to call ABC was bogus, so thankfully my banker got a correct number. I was looking at my contract which expired on 5/26/08 that said clearly the contract was for no more than 36 months, and this person at ABC said it was a perpetual contract. Oh no it is not! They continued to bill me after I had requested cancellation in May 2007 after my local center closed. Then I thought I could wait until it officially ended this past May.

    I strongly encourage everyone with a complaint just like this to get together and file a class action lawsuit. ABC refused to refund any money.

    We'll see.

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  • Eb
    E.Britt Jul 21, 2008

    I live in NM and joined LWE last May, when I signed my contract it said I could cancel (ON the 12th month)
    I didn't realize they were so specific and when I tried to cancel 3 days into June they would not let me, so now I have to go the full 36 months, I have tried to contact the franchise owner where I go and she wont return my calls. My friend who got me into LWE had medical problems and needs to quit too and they wont let her out of her contract either. These contracts are not at all consumer friendly and neither is the company. I will never recommend this company again and I will let everyone I know to read their contracts throughly.

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  • Do
    Donna Apr 28, 2009

    Isn't there a way to stop them, I just recently joined but was never told of the 3 year contract, in a million years I would not have joined if I knew that. I think what they are doing is illegal and there has to be a way to get out of this, and I will keep trying until I figure something out. They are the biggest scam artists I've ever come across and I do not like the way they do business and have read many others in the same situation as I am in. I just wrote BBB on them, and notice there are many many other complaints about them on there also.

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Ladies Workout Express Bad experience with Ladies Workout Express

I joined the Ladies Workout Express in Asheville NC because it was beside my work at the time. I figured i would go before and after work. Well it wasn't a month later and the facility changed there hours, leaving me with no choice to only go on my 30 min lunch break (How in-convenient.) Well just a few weeks later i found out i was pregnant and was going to be changing jobs. Now mind you I was already driving 45minutes to get to work/ladies express. Then I moved 30 minutes past my house, making it an 1 hour and a half trip. So I called and told them my situation, the lady actually argued with me telling me there was a facility only 6 miles from me. She some how had my address miss located. Oh yeah, and my first months payment was taken out of bank account in an amount over what i had agreed and i bounced checks and so on... I just want them to leave me the hell alone. I wish someone would realize how bad of a company they are and shut them down!

  • Je
    Jessica V Oct 12, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear that. I have been going there for nearly ten years and have found the staff to be very helpful and accommodating.

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Ladies Workout Express Cancellation being ignored

I joined Ladies Workout Express when it opened in my area in August of 2004. The new owner signed me up for a 3 year contract stating that clause 9 on the back of the contract would allow me to cancel my membership at any time after 12 months without any penalty fees.

Unfortunately now the company refuses to recognize its own agreement even though the reason I want to cancel my contract is the local business has changed ownership and the new employees are very disturbing in behavior. How would you like to go try to work out and reach your "zone" while weirdo club owner sits on the machine across from you and just stares at you the entire time. I find the behavior creepy and offending, yet when I finally worked up enough demeanor to address the employees behavior she got irate with me and gave me her opinion in some pretty choice words.

I tolerated the behavior from the new employees for a little over two months before I quit going altogether. When I contacted the company by phone they told me I would have to cancel my membership locally and pay a fine to do so because I was terminating my contract prematurely. So, I purposely waited until I knew the nicest employee would be at the desk and I went in to cancel. She was very friendly about the cancellation and said she would explain my reason for cancelling to the manager and asked if they got rid of the employee I had an altercation with if I would return as a member because they have had many complaints about her.

Needless to say, here I am two months later with mean scary lady still employed and LWO still billing my credit card $35 per month. Then I got to thinking . . . this is probably how they want it. After all, who would want to get paid $35 a month for doing nothing and providing nothing in return for it.

I have yet to contact my credit card company to dispute any further charges but I figured I would start that process tomorrow along with a letter to the local BBB in hopes of saving would be future LWO the hassel and intimidation of joining a club that does not value its employees.

Ladies Workout Express Direct debit even after contract ends

I joined this lovely gym with a one year contract; however, I outgrew its services & decided to join a full-service gym, so when my one year contract ended, which was paid 100% on time (never late), I called in to Ladies Workout Express to confirm that my contract will cease on Oct. 15th, 2006 & inquired as to whether or not I needed to do anything else to discontinue services. The employee informed me that there's nothing else to do & that services will cease once contract is up; however, I do have the option to maintain a client. On Nov 15th, 2006, I was charged a monthly fee from my bank. I disputed the charge with my bank as well as I called in to Ladies Workout Express which referred me to their 800# for National Fitness billing. The employees at the National Fitness billing are rude, inconsiderate & blatently harassing. I explained that my contract is up as of Oct 15th, 2006 & I no longer owe a monthly bill. I was told that they have the right to continue to collect monthly even after the contract is up. I proceeded to explain that I spoke with an employee at my local Ladies Workout Express facility & was told that there would be no more fees. The collectors at National Fitness could care less & continued with their speech of "THE CONTRACT STATES THAT WE CAN & WILL CONTINUE TO COLLECT ON A MONTHLY BASIS UNLESS THERE IS A WRITTEN STATEMENT TO DISCONTINUE SERVICES AFTER THE CONTRACT HAS ENDED". Needless to say, it's been a couple of months with continued efforts to dispute the fee & to no avail, neither Ladies Workout Express headquarters or local facilities have returned my call to discuss the issue any further. What a shame. I would be cautious about joining a gym that treats their clients as such. I am a consumer & I am held responsible for the inconsiderate acts of an incompetent employee who apparently misinformed me. I feel that the business should be held liable for their mistake and not the consumer.

  • Ja
    Jackie Aug 01, 2008

    I belong to Ladies Workout Express. There is a place to check, on your agreement, if you DO NOT want to continue beyond the end of your agreement. If it is not checked you go month to month until you send a termination letter(this is explaned on your contract)

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Ladies Workout Express Scamming unsuspecting clients

Ladies Workout Express was in my neighborhood, so I agreed to the 3 year contract (best "deal") with the understanding that there would be an "out" if I moved from the area. After almost 1 year, I unexpectedly moved from Virginia to Georgia, and submitted the proper documentation to have the contract cancelled. To my surprise, I received notification that, because I still live within 25 MILES of another location, I am responsible for paying each month for the next 2 years! When I tried to call the customer service number, I was put on hold because of "a high volume" of calls (immediate red flag). When I eventually talked to the representative, all she did was to read (and re-read and re-read)) the details of the contract to me. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, I was told that she was unavailable. I have complained to the Better Business Bureau to no avail. Even though I feel that the terms of the contract were misrepresented to me from the beginning, I have no recourse because of the legality of the signed contract. Having a "hidden clause" of 25 MILES is a total way of scamming unsuspecting clients. Living 25 miles from the nearest location is totally unreasonable! These people are clearly thieves with no conscience!This includes, LADIES WORKOUT EXPRESS, LADY OF AMERICA, AND WORKOUT EXPRESS locations, as well as other affiliates.

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