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contract fraud / employees lying

My son & I joined my local LA Boxing gym about 8 months ago and then he started soccer and my work schedule changed so we where unable to attend the regular classes so we started the cancelation process. It took about 2 months as the trainers / employees running the gym had no idea how to cancel or even put a new credit card onto my account. When I finally went down to fill out the paperwork, the employee printed one sheet of paper for each contract (2) and I filled out and signed both. I then got a phone call 6 months later stating that I owe $1700+ for past due amounts because I never paid the $50 cancel fee...! And to top it off, the collection lady said she has a copy of my 15+ page contract that has all that info on it. The general manager (Brandon) gave me a one page contract and had us sign an electronic pin pad and when I asked at time of signup about cancel, we told us it was month to month and we only had to give a 30 day notice as we paid our first & last month membership fees up front.
In all I am highly disappointed that scams like this still take peoples hard earned money and I will not only advise my friends and family to stay clear of this company, but I will inform as many as I can about this companies deceitful business practices and failure to inform the public about their true intentions.

billing and poor customer service

LA Boxing franchises, are the biggest rip off companies, that I ever dealt with. I tried to cancel a month to month membership and I repeatedly called and left the numerous messages that they never responded. However they were really quick to debit my card for their money. I called their corporate offices and they gave me the round around, and when I finally got a hold of someone at the gym he was rude and condescending. I tried to explain that I have an ill mother and helping her pay bills and pay for meds and I was basically told that I won't get my money back but they can hold my membership as if I would even bother going there after the treatment that I received. This makes me never want to join any gyms ever again.


I have never been so upset with a company in my life. Your management staff here is so unprofessional. I had my father pass away a few months ago, i tried to get in contact with the gym since i was in and out of the state ( my family lives in a different state) I wrote a letter expressing my need to cancel, Told them about the passing of my father etc. I had to write 3 emails to even get a response. Finally i get a response, and they basically tell me i can't cancel, i asked about a cancellation fee, they told me the only way of canceling is either showing a doctors note, or show them proof of moving from the DMV. ARE YOU JOKING ME! I have never been to a gym where they basically won't let you cancel. This Gym and their management is a complete joke! So unprofessional. I will never return there. EVER. and i will warn anyone not to go here.

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    lou120 Mar 24, 2012

    l a boxing is a rip off! They badger and badger for a full years membership and tell you about all the classes, all a lie! The classes are rare and when they have them they are not worth it! Working out on my own is the only thing to do, I've fought for a refund and they always come up with some excuse, if they cared for the product and their name they wouldn't hesitate, but they know this "gym" won't last and are just stealing money!! Stay away from any and all l a boxing gyms!!

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Three of my friends and I attended a "free trial class". Of which after Bob, began his selling pitch. After telling Bob, I had no interest due to commitment, he began to badger all of us and was very degrading. He wouldnt stop just kept going and going. I emailed my complaint to be be followed by replys from the owner...of which Suzanna did nothing but belittle me, treat me with no respect, and was completely condescending. I have never been treated this way. And will do all i can to warn the rest of women in my community to not go there.

  • Ju
    judy105 Jan 20, 2010

    I disagree with this complaint. My husband and I have been members at marlboro for over a year. The owners and instructors are so friendly and professional. They go out of their way to help us and make us feel special.

    It is so wrong to post an email like this. I have seen people come in and be rude to the staff when they wanted a free class or didn't get their way but I have never experienced Susanna or Bob or anyone being anything but awesome.

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  • Je
    Jerz Apr 05, 2010

    Take the advice of someone who used to work there. Bob and Suzane are sharks. They only care about money. Not to mention they know nothing about running gyms or boxing for that matter. All the good instructors left because of these two leeches. Take your money and spend it on a real gym.

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    stacy Gold Jun 05, 2010

    You are obviously a disgruntled x-employee. If you were any good at your job you would still it. We love the club and my two daughters and I take the classes together and love the instructors.

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  • Su
    Suzanna Apr 27, 2011

    Hi, this is Suzanna,
    Thank you for the kind words from those who posted them:)
    We know who posted the negative ones.
    We recall the incident completely different and we stand by our employees.
    We cannot allow our employees to be abused.
    We aren't sharks we are a family with kids running a small business.
    We care about all of our members and want them to get an awesome workout.
    People who come and use the club love it because the LA Boxing workout changes your body and your life!
    The really is nothing like it so please come and visit the clubs and see for yourself!

    Thank you

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  • Ju
    Junbaisabi Apr 03, 2013

    I love it here. I'm shocked to read what that person said. I haven't seen anything other than all of them going out of their way for everyone. They are all so nice there. From the trainers to the front desk, everyone.
    I lost so much weight I haven't felt this good since before my kids. Thank you to you guys.

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  • Nf
    NF21 May 05, 2013

    I am sure many people have had great experiences at LA Boxing of Marlboro and while I had envisioned mine being just as good, I unfortunately experienced much of the same issues that the original poster had explained.

    My work schedule is highly unpredictable, however when time allows I take kickboxing classes at a place closer to my job. For the weekends, I wanted to try something similar out that was local to me so I, too, signed up to attend a "free trial" class. After completing my paperwork and discussing my goals, Bob repeatedly asked me what I was looking to get out of taking this class and whether I planned to sign up after. I explained that I had personal setbacks and am unable to commit to a schedule off the bat. As I elaborated on my fitness routine, I was asked if I would plan to drop some of my current workouts and substitute them with boxing, to which I explained that I do not plan on doing so particularly since part of my routine involves teaching a fitness format (which is by far completely different kickboxing). Rather than encouraging me to give their class a try regardless, I received an accusatory response in which I was told that "it's not worth it for me [you] and basically, I am [you are] just here from another gym to check them [us] out." This was absolutely not the case, nor my intention for stopping in to take a class. I guess that's what I get for saying "I don't know" in response to whether I plan to join. Regardless, the feeling I received from our conversation and the repeated accusation made me feel very unwelcome at this facility, at which point I decided it was not worth my time or energy to be there and left.

    I've taken, as well as offered, "free trials" before, and never, have I ever, been hassled to sign up for something I have not yet experienced nor had the opportunity to think through on my own time. The reaction I would have expected was an offer to try the class out anyway and then discuss options later. Truth be told, had I thoroughly enjoyed the class, I would have signed up so that I can attend as I please, when my schedule allows; however I never got the opportunity to do so. Lesson learned. I should have driven the 25 minutes to go to a location that always makes me feel like I belong.

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membership scam

I went for the annual membership and paid up front to save money...WRONG! The LA Boxing center I joined closed and the fine print on the contract stated they can transfer you to the nearest center. So I paid for a club a mile from my house and couldn't get my money back. Worse yet the smaller print said there was on automatic renewal. So just when I thought the nightmare was over I got a charge on my credit card. Thats when it got really bad. I had to deal with their billing company who would put me on hold for a long time and then send me a letter adding late charges! If you sign a long term deal you could get burned cause they will transfer you to some club miles from your house...and charge you late fees while you try to get out of the deal. Sleezy, guys, really sleezy.

Does not stand behind their product

The L.A Boxing in Glastonbury Connecticut closed down last week. The staff was signing people up the day before. The owner knew for three months the place was folding and didn't tell anyone. I called LA boxing corporate and they essentially said, "We sell the frachaise and have no control over how it's run." Oh Really?? They still grab their cut each month. Stick with a real boxing club which is privately ownedand stands behind it's members.

Scam and cheating

Do not sign a contract with LA Boxing. In may 2008 they changed all there class times and could no longer...