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Knight TransportationThey have elimination clauses, so be careful

Guys, before you hire the company Knight Transportation, check all their elimination clauses. When I hired them, no one told me that they would refuse to take any items or furniture. When they arrived to pick the items, they started to sort it, and I was shocked. The rep told me that I needed to check their elimination clauses and heard about them for the first time. They must warn their customers about it.

Resolved Knight TransportationBad service

Wow, thought it might have been a good outfit 2 work 4. Most things are ok but the equiptment is pure junk. Turned down the first 3 trucks. stinky, smelly, dirty, broke down pieces of *** 4 sure. Having u running with trucks that would not and cannot pass any inspection and could care less if they do. Been to 3 of their shops and talk about dum ***, these grease monkeys could not find or fix a dam thing... Have not found A TRAILER yet that was not in need of repair. Was in a yard when DM said find an empty. Yea right, of the 32 in the yard not a dam one was travel ready, flats, blow outs, missing door latches, you name it they have it. Simply *** equiptment...

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    Uppsilon Nov 12, 2011
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    What do think of a company that you give a weeks notice and they fire ya on the spot? Well knight did just that to me.thats why they suck!

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    Poopsy Jun 23, 2012

    Knight Transportation couldn't give a rats ### about a driver. The Gulport, Miss. terminal are nothing more but a bunch of money pocketing crooks. Wayne, the terminal mgr. is the chief crook. This company should be called, "Fly By Knight Transportation". And the mechanic shop is a douchebagery.

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    perrrerrr Jul 08, 2013

    I too feel the same about this so call night transportation my experience with them was a financial crisis. if u can afford to be rob or get rep-off join night . i cant, after training for 4 weeks head enough got back after being sent to new Mexico to rescue a truck they side its a ''NEW TRUCK 2013 INTERNATIONAL OUT OF THE DEALERSHIP'' no it was not more out of a international shop truck was in for 3 mouths with engine start problems and cued not be fix because of worrenty so i called my recorder kal in dallas texas told him the echo he side calll brack dowen and you know how that gos can u wait. so after 2day of no pay finely got back home to texas on the 4 of july and started to look for another job this company has a dozen or more issues i can not believe that a professionall truck driver can be treated like garbage.. this company in orientation well say heaven about how they treat ther people ''' reel family oriented''' ya lright!!!

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Resolved Knight TransportationTerrible experience

I worked for knight for 2 years. In august they kept me out for 6 weeks. Right before labor day I got back to my terminal in Carlisle, PA. That was the wednesday before labor day. When asked what day I would be ready to go back out I said Tuesday after labor day. They said I could only take four days off since that was company policy.

I said but you all did not get back home when i asked to be. I was out for 6 weeks and should be off for 6 days. Thats when i was informed to clean out my truck if I wanted to be off that long. Although they had no freight to haul until tuesday, I asked for a load sunday or monday to comply with company policy hometime, they still had me clean out my truck. I had to call for someone to pick me up I lived 162 miles away.

Brian Lewis the terminal manager and my dispatcher Victor refused to work with me. Reason they had more people coming out of orientation that day than trucks. I was the second person they did that to that day alone.

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    Zerocool1970 Jul 07, 2009

    Is this the same Knight Transportation with their main terminal out of Phoenix, Arizona? I am planning on applying for them, but I am not sure now. Morris, if this is the same company, please let me know. Thank you.


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    steve rotton Aug 19, 2010

    I agreed with all of complaint that were put out by drivers. I was an owner operator with Knight in Tukwila, WA
    Aarron and other terminal managers in that office are all for themself. FOR ALL DRIVERS...DO NOT APPLY WITH KNIGHT. IT IS THE SAME AS SWIFT AND CR ENGLAND...

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