Kiyoseki Flat Iron Complaints & Reviews

Kiyoseki Flat IronNot worth the money

My co-worker and I bought this flat iron in 2008 and we absolutely fell in love. It by far was the best flat iron we had ever used. I have thin hair and she has super thick hair. Did the same for the both of us. I use a flat iron daily and she uses only about 2-3 times a week.
In May 2009 only 1 year after having it, both of our irons quit working. The digital started crackling for a while and then it slowly started fading out to the point that I had to keep re-setting it about 3-4 times during one session of styling my hair. Eventually it never turned back on.
Hers stopped working about a week after mine and she used it less. I would never ever buy another one because of this. I feel lucky it lasted as long as it did after reading other reviews. Sounds like they have a digital/electrical issue and need to fix it. They don't realize how much more they would sell these irons if only they were more reliable.

Kiyoseki Flat IronDon't buy!

Please read this complaint and do not buy this product! I bought this and I wish I had read the reviews first! My iron broke after about four months of use. It just suddenly wouldn't turn on any longer. As you know, this isn't an inexpensive product. I called the company to have them replace this and they said I would have to send them a check for 19.95 as well as pay shipping and handling to send them the broken one. Well as you would guess I had a problem with that because what if I did that and the next one I got broke again after the 90 day warranty period? Then I would have to give them another 40.00 for another one. I feel that I did spend a lot of money on this product and why should I have to keep ordering new ones and in the meantime be out of a flat iron for at least 4-6 weeks. This flat iron does work well but it doesn't keep working, which is a huge problem! Please, save your money and buy something that continues to work!

Kiyoseki Flat IronThe more you pay, the less you get

I got a kiyoseki flatiron as a birthday present I used it two times and that’s it now it won’t turn on!!! And it hasn’t been one month since I got it, could somebody please give me a number where I can call to send it back!! You would think that it would work better then a cheap flatiron and this is the bigggest piece of crappp I’ve ever gotten as a present!!! The saying is true... the more you pay, the less you get!!!

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    Norm Feb 28, 2009

    First 1 lasted 8 months. Paid extra for the lifetime "free" replacement warranty (they charge $25 for shipping though). Second 1 lasted 2 weeks. Same as everyone else, wont turn on. Cutomer service is the worst. Bar none. Told me they already shipped a 3rd one to me, they didn't. Called back after 3 weeks & was finally told it was on back order for about 2 weeks. That was 3 months ago. Wonder if their story would be different if I was a new customer?

    Their customer service # is 973 287 5181. I have it on speed dial now. Good luck though. Sometimes they are so busy handling warranties you can't get through.

    Buy a different 1 locally, this has been a huge waste of my time and $!

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