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KimkinsThe owner of is a fraud

This story is about a woman who decided to scam innocent desperate people out of their hard earned money by promoting a diet based on lies and deception. Heidi Kimberly Diaz aka Kimmer of started a website using her own success as the entire basis for the promotion of her site. She claimed to have lost 198 pounds in 11 short months by eating low carb, low fat and low calories. She claimed to have figured out what others couldn’t in her quest to lose weight. And one day, she decided to charge money for her “knowledge”. Those desperate people lined up to pay the price. Little did they know what a price they would pay.

The problem with her plan was that there was no success! She hadn’t lost 198 lbs in 11 months and she made up the 20 or so other success stories that she proudly plastered all over the front page of her website. These other “success stories” or “before & after photos” were all actually pictures that Heidi (Kimmer) Diaz had stolen from Russian mail order Bride sites and called them her own followers. She made up story after story for these so called successes with the intent to tempt innocent overweight victims into joining her website at a fee of $59.95 for a life time membership. A lifetime membership that she has repeatedly reneged on time after time. She has banned members for questioning her before and after photos and for asking for proof that her diet is safe.

She also hadn’t ever lost the weight she claimed to have lost. This was proven by a private investigator hired by her former partner which proved that Heidi was and still is extremely obese. This is the reason she had to steal pictures from other websites and call them her own. Because no one in their right mind would have followed her advice on weight loss had they known what she looked like.

Heidi found big success when she (Russian mail order Bride picture) and her diet was published on the cover of Woman’s World magazine in June 2007. This story brought tens of thousands of new members to her site alone. Woman’s World Magazine was scammed too.

Innocent victims joined her site with hopes of fast weight loss in a healthy way. And soon found out that the diet was so extreme it was almost impossible to follow. When members had trouble losing, Kimmer would say, cut the carbs and fat more and make sure you are measuring that lettuce. Go lower and lower with your calories and if you’re not losing, you must not be following the plan as written. “If you tweak it, it’s not Kimkins” was her motto.

Heidi would belittle and scorn those that had trouble following her diet which often added up to less than 500 calories a day. She told members to take laxatives daily to help with “potty problems” because fiber is forbidden (or at least extremely limited). She made people feel like failures for not being able to stick to her diet. All the while, knowing that she herself hadn’t done it.

People (members) started getting sick. They had heart palpitations and dizzy spells, their hair started falling out by the handfuls and when they realized that it might have something to do with their diet and started asking questions and asking for help, they were immediately banned from her site without a refund for their “lifetime membership”. Once away from that site most tried to add healthy foods back into their diets and promptly found that they either gained all the weight back and more or they found it almost impossible to look at food in a healthy way. Eating disorders abound with former Kimkins members and many have a very long road ahead of them before they will ever be considered “healthy” again, if at all. Metabolisms are shot, Thyroids dysfunctional, and Kimmer is still out there pushing her diet and collecting that $59.95 anywhere she can.

This is in spite of the fact that a lawsuit has been filed in the State of California and her assets and bank accounts have been frozen, she is asking for checks and accepting credit cards at her site right now. Her Paypal account (which has been frozen) showed a total of 1.2 million dollars for one month’s time. Her site has been operating since June 2006. She has recently paid Cash for a $400,000 house and two vehicles. So, as you can see, she has scammed many.

Furthermore, Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer collected money from her members by starting a weight loss challenge on her site to raise money for her “foster kids” - (which, according to the State of California is illegal) She has claimed to have a house full of foster kids throughout the years. However, no one at the foster care agency in the State of California was able to confirm that she has had any kids in her care for many years. More lies. More fraud.

As you can probably see by now, Heidi Kimberly Diaz - aka Kimmer - Owner and Founder of is a scam artist and a fraud and needs to be stopped and brought to justice for the crimes she has committed. She is dangerous, calculating, and doesn’t care about anyone but herself and the money she can make scamming people. Her own relatives have admitted to the fact that this is not the first scam for Heidi, she has been scamming people for years. She is a lying, liar that lies every chance she gets.

Thankfully, there are many dedicated folks on the world wide web right now fighting the good fight to help bring Heidi to justice. Bloggers and websites are popping up daily in an effort to bring her and her site down. I am proud to be rubbing virtual elbows with this type of group. They/we care about people and their health and our only agenda is to stop Heidi from hurting anyone else. Please help us in our effort!!

Buyer Beware!! Your health is at risk!

  • Oh
    OhYeahBabe Jan 15, 2008

    The truth about Kimkins is still being uncovered, and none of it is good. Here are some of the dimensions of the situation:

    1) Fraud:

    The site was founded by a woman who didn't lose weight on her own diet plan. She used photographs lifted from Russian bride websites. (No, I'm not kidding.) The success stories were fabricated. There is a heavily spun confession to this on a link from her home page, presented there when clips from the deposition for the class action lawsuit was televised.

    2) Stolen diet plans:

    She admitted to stealing the diet plan from Stillman and Atkins, though she did alter the diets significantly to be dangerously unhealthy. The Atkins Center is working on legal action against her. The diet is not low carb, it is low everything. Members are to consume 0-20g carbohydrate (advice is to get as close to 0 as possible, sacrificing vegetables in the process), 40-60g lean protein, with as little fat as you can get away with. Common calorie consumption for diet users is well under 500 calories. Many members have dropped out of the diet after suffering medical complications. Some of their stories are here:

    3) Dangerous advice:

    She coaches people to eat less and less if they aren't achieving turbo weight loss. If they aren't losing fast, she says they don't 'want it bad enough'. If they object to her advice to eat less, she calls them weak. She advises daily use of laxatives, which has dangerous health implications. Sadly, this diet advice is given without medical training and without regard to member health or age. A 14 year old was openly posting on the site, until her parents realized what she was eating. Some of the moderators even abused this teen when she said she needed to start eating more - knowing full well she was only a teen!

    As a result of her hazardous advice, many people are developing eating disorder behaviors.

    4) Bad business practices:

    Members who question Kimmer's advice or history are banned without warning or refund. Posts on the site are heavily censored.

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  • Te
    Terry Comstock Jan 16, 2008

    The owner of Kimkins, Heidi Diaz who uses the online name Kimmer, claimed to have lost 198 lbs on her special diet and kept it off for 5 years. She got her story in Woman's World magazine (where I saw it). I joined her site for $59.95, with a lifetime membership and access to her weight loss forums only to find out her diet is basically a starvation anorexic plan that is harmful if you follow it exactly as she said to. Then I found out that the 30 plus testimonials about how wonderful the diet is, with before and after pictures were all fakes, with the pictures being stolen from Russian Dating sites. And then on top of all that - the pictures that Heidi Diaz said were her after pictures were stolen from Russian dating sites too. I was banned from the forums for asking about this and stating that I was upset about it in the forums on the site. I did not get a refund because they claimed I violated the TOS of the site (which were not in place when I signed up and that I wasn't notified that they had put them in place when they did) for asking about the fraud and stating my anger at being lied to. I am now part of a class action lawsuit against Heidi Diaz and Kimkins.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Rogers Jan 16, 2008 > is a Web Diet Site started by a morbidly obese woman named Heidi Kimberly Diaz, AKA, “” in an effort to scam thousands of innocent people out of their money in the name of losing weight. Ms. Diaz brought in over a million dollars in the month of June 2007 alone. Ms. Dias used fake after pictures and success stories on her site that she downloaded from a Russian Bride site. Ms. Diaz claimed to have lost 198 lbs in less than a year and kept it off for over 5 years when in truth, she never lost the weight at all. is a very low carb, low calorie, low fat diet that promotes Eating Disorders (EDs), hair loss, and heart palpitations, just to mention a few of the health problems. People are encouraged to go lower and lower in their calories to see the scale move down a pound. This diet is dangerous and this woman needs to be stopped before someone dies.

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  • Li
    Linda T Jan 16, 2008

    This website charges a membership fee for a diet plan/forum which touts a very low calorie diet - as low as 500 calories/day. When members question the owner or administrators regarding health issues, they are banned from the forums without a refund.

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KimkinsDon't fall for the Kimkins diet scam!

Heidi Diaz (aka Kimmer, Kim Drake, et al) lied about losing 198 lbs. in 11 months. She used pictures taken from Russian Bride websites to perpetuate that lie and for the fabricated "success stories" she posted on her website. She preys on the desire to be thin harbored in all of us. She uses MySpace and Yahoo! Answers and gaming areas and alleged celebrity dieters to target our teens and teach them how to develop eating disorders. When a private investigator caught her on film last year, it was readily apparent that she had never lost the weight and was in fact larger than her rather large before pictures. She admitted to the lies at her deposition for the Class Action Lawsuit, yet still posts photoshopped pictures on her website, "claiming" that she is losing weight.

She preaches a very low calorie diet, claiming that you really don't need to eat, that your body can live off the fat you have stored. She encourages people to eat less and less, many eating 500 calories per day or less. She appears to take perverse pleasure in encouraging them to cut their calories even lower when their bodies protest and try to stop losing. She is teaching these poor folks how to be anorexic and they aren't even aware of it. Many of those who have left Kimkins and have tried to return to eating properly face battles with eating disorders and the fear of eating too much when in reality they are still unable to do anything but eat too little.

Even after the medical issues start to appear, Heidi claims it to be "normal" for one to lose massive amounts of hair; "normal" to stop having your monthly cycle; "normal" to be dizzy occasionally, and so on. While she encourages them on to eat less and less, and tells them their symptoms are normal, many are doing irreparable damage to their bodies: losing muscle mass, including heart muscle tissue. Thankfully, there is a Class Action Lawsuit in the works to help make people more aware of the dangers of the Kimkins Diet.

Please, if you know of anyone following Kimkins, please encourage them to see their doctor, to start eating more food, to add some fat back into their diet, so they don't literally starve themselves to death. Do a web search and learn more about the Kimkins Diet Scam yourself. Visit the Kimkins Survivors weblog and read the stories there. Don't fall for this scam. Don't let Heidi claim any more victims. Spread the word.

Friends Don't Let Friends Do Kimkins. Be a good friend. Say NO to Kimkins!

  • Ba
    BamaGal Jan 14, 2008

    This diet is marketed as a quick weight loss scheme. The selling points were based on the supposed success of the founder Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer. She claimed to have lost nearly 200 pounds in 7 months. She also claimed to have kept it off for 5 years. Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer lied about her own weight loss. She posted false after pictures of herself, stolen from Russian bride websites. Practically all of the success stories were fabricated. Once again posting pictures from the Russian bride websites.

    The diet was featured in Woman's World magazine in June 2017, claiming to be better than gastric bypass surgery. Heidi Diaz made 1.2 million in that one month alone from taking advantage of people desperate to lose weight. She preys on those who are the most desperate.

    This diet has made lots of people sick especially with their mental views towards food where these people end up afraid to eat. What's worse is that it has been heavily marketed to teenagers as well. On their forum they had a 14 year old girl struggling to eat only 500 calories per day. She wasn't even over weight!

    This scam called kimkins has made it to national TV across three different channels. There is a class action lawsuit on file at this time. She has admitted in her deposition to having fabricated hers and other success stories. Members are encouraged to go to lower and lower calorie levels. Suffering serious side effects. Eating Disordered behaviors abound.

    Beware of this scam. Losing weight is not worth losing your life.

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  • Mm
    M. Mayer Jan 15, 2008, owned by Heidi Diaz who has gone by the name of Kimmer is a dangerous, very low calorie diet based on fraud. There is a lawsuit against Heidi Diaz who has admitted to fabricating success stories, including her own, using pictures for her after and her fake success stories from online Russian Bride sites. She has been exposed on TV including KTLA and The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. The current price for a lifetime membership is almost $80. Members have been banned for asking questions about health and the fraud, posting on other weight loss boards, losing their paid lifetime memberships without warning or refund of their paid fees. Members have experienced health problems including hair loss, dizziness, heart palpitations, and weakness.
    For more information please start with the following sites:

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  • Wa
    Wackytobeme Jan 15, 2008

    On July 20, 2006, I purchased a lifetime membership to the website, based on the recommendation of another well know and respected LowCarb Blogger. At the time I joined for $29.95, my membership was to include among other things, access to forums, access to the founder, an e-book written by the founder. The founder being "Kimmer" aka Heidi Diaz. Heidi made the claim to have lost 198lbs in 11 months and kept it off for more than 5 years. The before and after pictures she used of herself were quite believable at the time. At the time I bought my membership, there was no TOS agreement required of me.

    Over many months it has be proven that Heidi did not lose the weight. The pictures she used to depict her weight loss were taken from Russian Bride websites. From the same sites pictures were also used to fabricate success stories. The e-book never materialized and at one point Heidi disappeared from the site prohibiting access to her by her members. There is currently a pending lawsuit against Ms. Diaz. I was banned from access to the website Kimkins when I asked about her credibility to give advice regarding maintenance, seeing how she never maintained her weight loss. The claim was I violated the TOS.

    It has also come to light that her diet plan is really nothing more than a promotion of anorexia/starvation. Many charter members who had followed her plan and advice are now experiencing many health problems. Ms. Diaz is still extremely obese and can't seem to even follow her own program. She is now asking $79.95 for people to join and advise here on how to lose weight Aside from people losing money to join her site, She is giving dangerous advice. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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  • Oh
    OhYeahBabe Jan 15, 2008

    Thank you so much for writing this review. Everyone needs to know about this disaster of a site, before losing their money and their health.

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  • Ba
    BamaGal Jan 15, 2008

    Very Good Review!!!

    The fact that Heidi Diaz specifically targets teens is an outrage. Thank you for bringing this to light.

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  • Be
    Becky Jan 16, 2008

    This site sells memberships to a web community that is run by a person who for the last 6 yrs pretended she had followed this diet plan to drop 198 pounds in 11 months and even posted pictures she stole off the internet as her after picture. It was only after she saw photographed by a PI and video taped in the lawsuit deposition that she admitted she is currently not the 115 pounder she was claiming to be.

    The actual diet is a very dangerous one lacking in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, calories, and EFAs. Several nutritionists have examined the plan and all have publically declared it to be dangerous. A truthful review of the plan and the site can be seen here

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Currington Jan 16, 2008

    After reading a Woman's World article about Kimkins I joined at the website for $59.95. The woman who ran the website ( Heidi Diaz) claimed to have lost lost 198 pounds following her diet and claimed to have kept that weight off for 5 years. I later found out that she in fact did not lose the weight and used fake after photos ( she got them off Russian bride websites). I began having health problems and started losing my hair after 5 months of being on her diet. People on the website who brought up health issues were banned from their "lifetime membership".

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  • Sa
    Sally S Jan 20, 2008

    This is a DANGEROUS diet site that is owned and operated by a grossly overweight woman, Heidi K. Diaz. It is a basically a site that teaches people how to have an eating disorder. The diet Kimkins is based on the Stillman diet, but the charismatic Heidi Diaz encourages her clients to pursue ultra low calorie levels for great periods of time and encourages users to take laxatives (smooth move tea, etc.) on a daily basis. She does not inform her clients of the dangers (heart problems, hair loss, hormonal imbalance) that can result from eating such low calories for an extended period of time, and she has promoted the diets thru yahoo ads to teens and people with eating disorders (which is totally unconscionable!).

    Kimkins was promoted fraudulently using dozens of fake before and after pictures, with even Heidi Diaz portraying her "after" photo as a svelte 120lb young woman (in reality at the time she was likely over 300lbs)! There is currently a class action lawsuit forming against Kimkins/Heidi Diaz based on this fraudulent advertising.

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