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Justcloudfraud billing

I cancelled, they acknowledged and they continue to charge my Paypal account. I have contacted Paypal. What a scam! I never even wanted an automatically billed sunscription from - I mean WHY WOULD I??? STAY AWAY FROM JUST CLOUD!

JustcloudAvoid like the plague

I'm sorry if this seems petty but this is advertised as a free service! After you enroll and subsequently backup your files your given a warning that they couldn't backup all your files and they're unsafe because you have a free account! But here's the thing: you can't delete your files! Browsing the Help section leads you to a link on how to "right click on the file in question" and "add to backup ignore list" which does not exist (it could be for paying customers, I guess). Foolish me for installing because I saw no "Windows" install or "Mac". I went to the uninstall faq and it only showed how to uninstall from a PC (I own a Mac). Lastly, I would think a program advertised among the many Firefox addons would be legit but they got me. I hope you put this out as a warning to others, at least the less computer savvy.

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    Claude Coquelet Feb 27, 2020

    I never saw a awful service as this one. They are just there to receive your money but if you want to retrieve your backup data, no files exists... so in fact you are just paying for nothing.
    Ho and customers services is a unknown things for them. They just need to be closed and accused for scam.

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