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I am an unfortunate motorist who happened to park along a broken meter on Newark Avenue on March 25th. I tried to put money in the meter but it wasn't working. Half an hour later, I came back with a parking ticket which read "OVERTIME METER."
I obtained a REQUEST FOR INSPECTION OF PARKING METER BY PARKING AUTHORITY form online and faxed it over Tuesday after to [protected] as per instruction in the form. I did not receive a notification of receipt & when I checked NJMCDIRECT.COM I was surprised to find the ticket was still there so I mailed the FORM and a COPY OF THE PARKING TICKET to the municipal court the week of April 10th.
I received a FAILURE TO APPEAR NOTICE 2 weeks later and I have been scrambling to get through the always busy phone line municipal court. I finally got through today after waiting 15 minutes and disconnected three times (not exaggerating either because this time I timed it). A woman answered and I explained as much as I could and I was then transferred to the ENFORCEMENT department.
The man that answered the phone at the ENFORCEMENT Department had no manners whatsoever. It felt like talking to an illiterate that needed so much information about the whole process of how I got to the point of talking to him. And he sounds so much like JOEY BUTTAFUOCO. I ended up just giving up and saying NEVER MIND AND APOLOGIZED FOR TAKING SO MUCH OF HIS TIME. His main focus was why I was calling the enforcement department. VERY FRUSTRATING. It is not so much for the ticket itself but for the lack of assistance in this matter. COSTUMER SERVICE SHOULDN'T REALLY BE THIS HARD. He definitely isn't the CHAMPION for costumer service. I thought that submitting the form will at least GET THE METER FIXED. Last I heard it is still broken. GREAT JOB, JERSEY CITY!!! That's why the city is a dump! So many lazy ###. The good ones cannot get a pat in the back YET the awful ones get attention.


Jersey City Municipal Court
  • No
    NoName001 Jul 11, 2011

    When your parking Tickets are "FOUND NOT GUILTY" clerical error did youknow you still have to pay restoration fee's for 3 years . Unless you ask the Judge to provide written documentation the tickets were in error. Not Guilty with proof from a Jusdge isnt good enough!!! My DL was just suspended because of the restoration fee's caused by a clerical error by Jersey City DMV. What a scam!!!

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  • Me
    Melissa Alvarez Jan 09, 2019

    @NoName001 They ate the worst i paid several tockets in full of course they did not to their job right they screeed me i eent thru hoops and still eound up paying because it was thst or lose my license

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  • Sh
    shirley111 Oct 01, 2012

    Jersey city parking authority does not use tax payer's money to run, therefore, they have a quota to meet and to make them get paid, it is the worst city I have been to regarding parking. I am a residence of Jersey City, but I do not find many paid parking in the city any more, street sweeping is annoying since you got to remember it over 365 days, almost everyday. Police in the city is wellknown corrupted, housing price went underwater. Basically it is a garbage can, stay away from it, downtown area is so over priced.

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  • Za
    Zachary Eulo Jun 23, 2017

    They are seriously the worst. They just installed 8 new parking meters outside of my apartment, half of which did not work since the first day. A month and a half later and the same thing happened to me. Parked in front of a meter, dropped a quarter in with no response. Ran up for an hour and came back down to a ticket. I then spent this morning calling the Parking Authority (which took about 45 minutes to accomplish nothing) that ended up with their representative using the f word over the phone. I spoke to 3 different people, all of which just transferred me to a line that would ring and then go dead. They are a bunch of lazy POS's that literally slide by on the tax payers dime. Can't wait to get out of this city with regards to parking.

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  • Ha
    Hany Hanna Apr 24, 2018

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I 'm a resident at jersey city Heights, my vehicle as paring on meter 1062 on 414 Central Ave Jersey city, NJ 07307 as they addressed on overtime meter Summon # 181010 -Prefix P48 on 04/20/2018 between the hours of 12:15 pm to 12:50 Pm .

    The paring Enforcement officer marked as an overtime meter ( Description 332-50), that is means he passed over my vehicle twice or more watching the meter to be expired, but failed to see the VISIBLE valid handicap Placard ID inside the car .

    I would like to announce that I did feed the meter even if I'm handicap Placard holder, and my vehicle was parked after 11:00 am as per location rules.

    I visited the parking Authority office at central Ave New Jersey, I spoke with the worker 'supervisor MR. F.Gonzalez who advised me before he investigate the matter that his worker will say that you moved your placard out of the car and he never sew it.

    In fact I start feel that I am at different country than USA due to this kind of defense before investigation.
    Then I requested to file an official complaint against Mr. Morales the person who issued the summon without looking to my vehicle, also against his supervisor who allowed him to continue work without warning to correct his direction.

    I was just received several answers all of them showed me how the Parking Authority Enforcement employee can do wrong job without correction from his management, not even that also when his supervisor notice that I'm disabled person he told me we can't cancel the summon you need to see the judge to dismiss the summon, also said he will investigate the matter but he will not going to do any change to my damage.

    on 04/24/2018 I tried to call the Executive Director Merry F Paretti but the Enforcement officer tried to offer help, I explained to him what happened then he said it could be bad meter but no one reported, I informed him that even if it is bad meter I put money in it and as a disabled person I filled out the meter before I park there, by law I do not have to pay more that first hour or two hours depend on the meter capacity .
    If the city kept ignoring this issues many resident will move out specially with the highest property taxes .

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  • Me
    Melissa Alvarez Jan 09, 2019

    Peo. T. Gaulden has lied about my car being first observed. I parkes my car at 11:18 am came back at 12:03 to a ticket and a first observed time of 9:16 am how horrible to do to ppl. I will fight cause this is BS. I have 3 witnesses of me parking at 11:18 a friend of mine, my employer snd the maintenance guy of the building I was parked in front of.

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  • L2
    L25 Jun 11, 2019

    Something has to be done. People are getting tickets even tho they parked legally . That's not right. Parking by central ave and congress is horriable.
    Manzo pio from Jersey city parking authority a parking attendent loves to give illegal tickets. He should be reported...
    It's not right!

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  • Ch
    Cherri Gee Jan 15, 2020

    My block is limited to parking because of all the no parking signs and driveways on my block. I have a neighbor who CONSTANLY is parking both of his cars in the street taking up parking for people like me who have no driveway. I need to drive around for nearly a hour or park 2 blocks away if I'm lucky to find something . It's ridiculous. I paid for a parking permit yet I have absolutely no place to park ! It's not right for us who live in area's where parking keeps becoming limited mainly to all the new condos being built. Yet tickets are being handed out left and right for anyone who is desperate an give up and park in the no parking zones ( that were originally parking spots ). Action needs to be taken ASAP !

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Jersey City Municipal Courtlost parking ticket fines

I sent a check to pay for a parking ticket(expired meter). After a month, I received a notice that the driving licence was suspended because of non-payment! I had to pay the ticket (again?) PLUS $100 to get the licence reinstated!
I haven't checked my bank account yet to see if the first check cleared but I wonder if they "lose" payments often?

  • fredslaven Feb 07, 2009

    This has happened to me also. However your comment insinuates "dishonesty" by the way you put the word "lost" in quotes. I agree that do deal with this process IS an affront to a person's dignity only in light of the many opportunities to lose your cool! We are not ALL the "sharpest tool in the shed" and people, especially those of our public servants, seem to become dulled by what eventually seems to them a lot of negativity from people who are angry at our frustration with our situation. Mistakes Do Happen. People in JC Municipal Court employ often seen unprofessional and unorganized, but they are people too. They will often allow you more dignity during the process if you always remain dignified. This process is easier to deal with if you handle it with dignity, for your sake, and everyone you meet.
    That is all. I must now go to un-suspend my license that was suspended by JC from one parking ticket. FS

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  • Ma
    Maria42 Jan 25, 2010

    Unfortunately I'm not really sure what the meter inspector was looking at but I got a $29.00 expired meter parking this past Saturday (1/23/10). I had dropped 2 quarters for 1/2 hour each which totals to 1 hour of parking before I went to the bank. The meter was on the right side of my passenger seat. And I made sure that I had paid enough parking time. I only made a transfer at PNB bank and that was it. When I left PNB bank I still have 37 mins. left on my meter. I did not see the ticket until the following day. The meter violation ticket is not visible unless you are looking for it specifically on your windshield. I did not know that it cost $29.50 to park 23 mins. in Jersey City. So sad.
    How can I fight something when you don't have proof that I made payment on the meter. I say. Jersey City you need to provide receipt for every parking meter that you have on your streets because this is absurd.

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  • Ju
    junior Jul 20, 2015

    On July 10, 2015 I arrived at parking meter 3389A at approximately 1110. I then paid the parking meter to secure 1 hour of parking while visiting the comic book store across the street. At 1210 I paid the parking meter to secure another hour of parking. At 1313 I proceeded to pay for 30 more minutes and to my surprise there was a ticket in the amount of $45 with the offense time of 1310. I missed this by 3 minutes. I guess there is no effort to give patrons the benefit of a doubt. This meter person made a conscious effort to watch and wait for me to make a mistake then wasted no time in running to my rental car to write this ticket. I made a good faith effort to pay for my parking while visiting this city and because I walked out of the shop 2 and a half minutes later I pay the price. I WILL NEVER VISIT THIS MONEY HUNGRY CRAP TOWN AGAIN.

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