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Hi mi name is Alberto end I trust this group of attorneys last year around May w/ $ 3.500 at that time I wasn’t
Working, not even 30 hr. a week. And on top of that I had to go for emergency to Mexico, mi Mom she was
Very sick .So went I given the money for the modification I end up w/not a thing.

And a couple months later everything was a fraud. And now is hard to trust any company w/anything

Loan Modification
Loan Modification
Loan Modification

James Parsa Law Grouprefund

Did absolutely thing for me, did not get my home loan modify of lower interest rate. Received a call from they was told I would be receiving a refund, but never did.

  • Er
    Erin K. Baldwin Feb 13, 2010

    My name is Erin Baldwin and I am a consumer and civil rights activist (see my blog at http://thebigbearianreturns.wordpress.com).

    I am seeking support from the California State Bar's Board of Governors for an initiative to provide restitution to consumers that suffered as a direct result of the CA State Bar attorney members who broke the law in offering loan modification services contrary to The California Foreclosure Consultant's Act.

    Of course, we know that James Parsa is one of them and her surrendered his license on 10/27/09 after being suspended on 10/16/09 for crimes involving moral turpitude in connection with 2 statutory rape convictions in 2001. He is no longer a member of the California State Bar but was member when he defrauded you.

    The CA State Bar has a client restitution program called the "Client Security Fund" which each attorney licensed to practivce law in the State of California must pay into every year as part of their State Bar fees. To learn more about what I am doing and how it could benefit you and help you get a refund, please read my blog post: http://thebigbearianreturns.wordpress.com/2010/02/09/california-state-bar-board-of-governors-get-a-chance-to-right-the-wrongs/

    Please pass the word around if you know others that may benefit.

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