Irving Gradowski Complaints & Reviews

Irving GradowskiDo Not Work With This Scamer

Irving Gradowski is a scamer. He is a nobody trying to act like a big shout. He has been kick out of New York bars and clubs for credit card fraud. To all club owners don't let this scamer in your club. To all the people that might talk to this nobody don't do any deals with him. He will scame you and take your credit card number to take out funds. That is his scame.

Irving GradowskiCredit card fraud

Irving Gradowski and Rand Management are scamers. Irving has been put out of New York clubs for credit card fraud. They claim to be wall street brokers put they come to clubs and bars and get your Visa and Master card number and take funds out of your card. If anyone has been scamed by Irving Gradowski and his on this board. We will get the FBI on this clown.