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This has been going on for 3 months!!
They refuse to listen to you, threaten that they will turn you over to another collect agency. WOW!!
Totally understand that the money was owed, but not the amount that should have been. Asked several times for the copy of my lease, to never get it! Said damages were there that was there when moved in!!
So it isn't rent owed, it is damages, per they say. So okay, to protect my credit I was trying to pay it after I moved out. But since it was $500, they refused to help me with nothing less than $250 for 2 months. I totally can understand that they are doing their job to collect money. But i tried to explain that after I moved out, I lost my job and had been looking for another job for a month. They didnt care. Still kept calling and pressuring me. Refused to work with me. Hey, I did tell them that I had finally found another job but was looking for another one that would pay better, so I could pay them. But they didnt care. Lady was rude, hung the phone up. Different times when I did try to call to make a payment say $50 or $25, they would say they were closed, or nobody was there to take the payment from me. So now that it has gotton to the rude stage, they say I cannot have my payment taken over the phone, it has to be mailed it. They dont listen, they just interrupt and DEMAND payment! Really/
It isnt like I am not trying to pay them.

IQ Data International Inc.Harassment

Hey everyone having problems with this company... did a little research for my folks on this company and they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have been rated at a D+... In the research I discovered that this company is actually called Rent Collect Global... please visit this link to hopefully help you in filing suit... good luck and I hope the FTC slaps them in the face with a huge lawsuit...

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    PurrfectAngel Mar 06, 2010

    Just so that you are aware yes their new name is IQ Data International. However they USED to be Rent Collect Corp they had to change their name because they had too many problems...I know this for 2 reasons 1) I have the unfortunate battle of having an account with them which they won't verify or send me any info. and 2) I had a friend that worked there when they had to change their name.

    When they changed their name their debt showed up on my credit report twice I called to find out why and was told I had to dispute one of them with the credit breru I did that and the extra one was removed. They are a horrible company yet not the worst one that I have delt with. So I have informed them that I will continue to report them for not sending me any information after all they are telling me that the debt is 700 more than what shows up on my credit report. I am not going to pay anything more than what shows up on my credit report without something in writing showing me what I owe.

    Thankfully my friend came to her senses and quit.

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    IH8BiancaKane Mar 13, 2010

    I fully understand I have a debt with them. That I can accept. It is my own fault there. But then to have Bianca Kane as our representative, it was horrible. She was EXTREMELY rude! Her attitude was foul. She never let you talk. She took over $800 out of my account a WEEK before the arranged day. Luckily the bank denied the charge. But we still had to pay the bank fee. IQ Data refused to let us get a new representative, so we ignored all contact made by Bianca. We are now facing a lawsuit from them! We will fight it best we can!

    Such a disgraceful company!!

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    Blunt force Trama Aug 09, 2011
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    This Company does not even have a License to work in California.Data is updated weekly and is current as of Friday, August 05, 2011. It is not a complete or certified record of the entity.

    Entity Number: C2995364
    Date Filed: 04/02/2007
    Status: FORFEITED
    Jurisdiction: WASHINGTON
    Entity Address: P.O. BOX 2250
    Entity City, State, Zip: EVERETT WA 98213
    Agent for Service of Process: C T CORPORATION SYSTEM
    Agent Address: 818 W SEVENTH ST
    Agent City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90017

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    NotOkay Jan 09, 2012

    I.Q. Data International, Inc is so incredibly rude! I tried to work with them to pay off my debt. I have a family I'm trying to support and they said they didn't care about my problem or my family. They didn't care if my family could eat or had a place to live. I talked to two different people, Mia and Ian. Ian told me they didn't have to be nice. He told me to get off my high horse. I just want to pay my debt AND live. He said I will find a way to come up with the money in two months. He gave me two months to come up with 2 grand or he would garnish my husbands wages. They threaten, intimidate and harass. Not okay. Call Seattle Civil Rights Office at 206-684-4500 if you think your rights have been violated. This company needs to be stopped. They are bullies and it's not okay. We don't allow this behavior and treatment in our kids' schools! Why should we allow it?

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