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IntraLinks... BANKRUPT!!!

Looks like the $295MM in debt has caught up with IntraLinks. Revenue is down significantly years over [protected] due to soft/non-existent loan market... drop in M&A, non-competitive corporate solution, PE, and Life Sciences...

As of today.. it was anounced that there are massive layoffs happening again!!! What gives? Is the community sending it's business elsewhere??? Something they seem to be SERIOUSLY considering... They are losing service people and market-share quickly..

What about management? Who is leading IntraLinks into the abyss??? Who buys a company for $475+MM and appoints a CEO without leadership experience? What about sales management??? Kidding? Right? Sounds like the party is ending... Time for the Board to take serious action. It's no longer about cutting costs... its about cutting HEADS!!!

The investors cannot be happy!! But...Are they willing to ACT?? That IS the question...

IntralinksTerrible customer service

Ever get called "stupid" by a client services director? I did. He thought I was on hold and said it clearly! Its bad enough that the product is old and aging faster than a vine picked tomato but please... I spent far too many hours getting berated by my superiors and expect some degree of compassion from my service provider! But maybe that expectation does make me "stupid."

Regardless, my business is going elsewhere now. There are far too many VDR firms that really care about their clients and not just about stock options or revenue or whatever is going on there. Shame on a company that takes those clients that made them for granted. Well guess what folks... not on my watch nor my deals anymore!!

More advice... find another VDR firm to work with. One that really cares about service and technology and less about themselves. Get new leadership people or I'll be reading about you in the business obits!!

IntralinksTerrible attitude

There is a woman in the communications department at Intralinks named Julie Mandelbaum who is just nasty and negative to anyone and everyone who comes into contact with her. She constantly complains, never praises and blames others for things that are not their faults. She's condescending and horrible. Don't ever work near her. How she found someone to marry her, I'll never know.

The other people at Intralinks are just plain weird... Pat Wack, etc. It's a useless company that chews people up and spits them out to fund Wacky Wack's next trip to Maine.

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    Ex-intralinks user Jul 03, 2009

    I agree, Intralinks are terrible and I dont know why people even consider them, let alone use them. Terrible product and terrible customer services with a ridiculous price to pay too!

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