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International Furniture LiquidatorsBad business practices!

I want to report that today that the sales manager attempted to coerced from me an additional $100.00 dollars for a dresser I had already purchased. The name of the Manager is Robert, he refused to give me his last name.

Let me explaine.

This afternoon at around 3:30pm I saw signs outside the store indicating discounts of up to 75% off. Therefore, after seeing several showrooms, I decided to buy a dresser marked down to $299.00. The sales associate Mr. Yuyit told me that this particular dresser was a great deal, he said that usually retails for $900 dollars.

I decided to purchased it and bought it with my Visa Card. I told the sales Associate that I was coming back with a rental truck in one hour to pick it up. I did so, and as soon as I arrived, the manager (Robert) approached me and told me there was a mistake in the price and that I needed to pay an additional $100 dollars more if I wanted to take my dresser home.

I explained that I had purchase it , he told me that the price was a mistake. So I had no other choice that to get my money back because I was not going to pay extra for something I had already purchased. Robert was extremely confrontational and yelled at me saying that I had to pay $100 dollars more or that my only other option was to get my money refunded.

It seems to me that this company is relying on people to purchase their furniture at at reduced prices and once the customer has incurred in the expense of hiring a truck to pick up their furniture, the salesman or manager attempts to coerced the customer to pay additional funds.

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