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Indiatimes ShoppingNon-delivery of the product

Fedex courier deliver boy mob no
Of courier boy : [protected]
Date : 24/12/2014 he the above no. Person at my door for delivery of the product, order by me with order no. [protected] dated 19/12/2014. Demanding cash for the product, while the price with courier charges has already been paid on 19/12/2014 through credit card: order processed by mr. Sudhir on india times, telephonic shopping order., no. [protected]/[protected]
Follow up by me from 24/12/2014 on customer care no.[protected]/[protected]
On 24/12/2014 I called up on given no of india times customer care
And the call was picked by india times customer care representative ms harshita, she is given me request no. 1706335 and after that no response I have received.
On 26/12/2014 call pick up by mr. Deependra.
On 29/12/2014 call pick up by mr. Manish
On 30/12/2014 call pick up by mr. Lovely
On 31/12/2014 call pick up by mr. Deependra
On 01/01/2015 call pick up by mr. Virendra singh and floor manager ms urvashi
On 03/01/2015 call pick up by mr. Virendra singh 2nd times and transferred to mr. Servesh and after that mr. Shyam.
And today the 8th day of january-2015, they called me regarding cancellation of my order no. [protected], without my consent. This is one sided right used by indiatimes shopping, after 26 days of use of my money. This is absolute unfair trade practices

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    Looki Jul 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Poor Shopping through indiatimes; Not returning the product after damage and not giving the refund also.

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Indiatimes ShoppingNon Return of Refund

I have Purchased online Nokia mobile phone on 3rd November 2014 by prepaying all money through my credit card through online on website and its Order No is # [protected]. While Purchase the Delivery date was 11th November 2014. As i have aksed this consignment on temporary address in Tiruvannamalai ( Tamilnadu State) as i stay in hotel during this period. On 5th November i called to India times and asked to give me despatch details but they answered me only it is in progress. Further i was in daily follow up with them, anyhow they have despatched it through First Flight Courier on 8th November 2014, Vide docket no D90400804312. At the shipping time the Delivery date drastically changed to 21st November 2014. After that I have write the email to Indiatimes shopping that i am temporary staying ont his address so try to deliver the same on or before 11th November 2014, otherwise after 12th November 2014, I will not saty on this address hence i am not responsible for anything about its delivery. After i have made several followup with First Flight courier Chennai since from 10th November to 20th November 2014. On 20th November 2014 first Flight Courier Chennai Declared me that there is no such any consignment despatched from Delhi so please futher you contact only first Flight Delhi Courier office. Then on 20th i called to Indiatimes shopping to cancel the order, The customer care executive ( Always speak lie since from 5th November 2014 to 8th December 2014) replied me that it will deliver till Night of 21st November 2014. If not receive then we can accept your refund request. So as per his advise i have again called them on 22nd Novmber 2014 and request them for refund, I got message we have created case id 1629822 against your querry ( but brilliently not write whats my querry ). After that on 26th or 27th November 2014 i received call from Indiatimes shopping and asked me about asking me about my purchase, same time i have asked him about refund status then the customer care executive told me that from 22nd November 2014 it will be credited within 8 to 10 days. After on 8th November i have further called them and ask the Refund status but as usual got same answer that it is in process. and today i got message that it is delivered. As i am not on that address but the hotel receiptionist may collect it that thinks i may return back. Request you to guide me how to handle this case, All times the customer care executives of Indiatimes Shopping talks with me lie, also several times i ask them to send me in writing whatever they assure me on telephonic calls but they had never do this. Now can i get any assist to return back my money, Can i make appeal in consumer court. I am sending the PDF files whatever i have communicated with Indiatimes Shopping for your reference, Please guide me further.

Non Return of Refund
Non Return of Refund
Non Return of Refund
Non Return of Refund

Resolved Indiatimes Shoppingsupply of defective products

Disgusting to note that a group like Times is resorting to cheating customers.
Brief recap of my experience during last 5 months.

1. Purchased a Blackberry Storm handset for Rs 11389 from Indiatimes shopping vide order [protected] dt 17/3/11.
2. Faulty product delivered in end march for which complained lodged vide no 738842. After repeated phone calls and emails, I was asked to take replacement from their vendor as per their attached mail. Took physical replacement from their vendor in april during my visit to Mumbai.
3. Handset again broke down in early may and complaint lodged with Indiatimes. Handset was picked up by their courier agency and replaced after appx 3 weeks in may thru yr courier.
4. handset again stopped working in august and complaint lodged. Considering the frequent breakdowns with this product, Indiatimes was asked to cancel order and refund. Faulty product picked up by their courier on 26/8/11 and confirmation of order cancelled given vide no 301428. Refund promised after 2 working days.
5. The above details alongwith AWB no confirmed to Indiatimes customer care on 27/8/11 who promised refund in 2 working days after receipt of handset by vendor.Repeated follow ups with Indiatimes during this period. Followed up again on 19/7/11 for refund when I was shocked to hear from one Viren of cancellation deptt that this order cannot be cancelled because they do not have details of the replacement done in May in #3 above. This replacement was done thru Indiatimes and confirmed by them on 26/8/11, but am surprised to be told that this record does not exist in their system on 19/9/11!

It is shocking to see that a respected brand like Times has stooped to cheating customers by providing substandard products, fudging internal records and being completely insensitive to customers problems. The staff is insolent and possibly well trained in furthering these ulterior motives.

Arun Lamba

  • Es
    escaltions_helpdesk Sep 26, 2011

    Dear Mr. Arun,

    We really apologize for delay in resolution of your complaint.

    With reference to our confirmation, we had cancelled your order. So, request you to please wait for 2 to 3 working days for the refund. The same will be credited to your credit card.

    We thank you for your time and patience. We value you as a customer and your satisfaction is most important to us.

    With Regards,
    Sudhir Raj
    INDIATIMES - customer service

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Indiatimes Shoppingrude behaviour, incorrect order

Dear Friends,
I wish to share with all of you, my experience with shopping on I refer to an order number [protected] for MIDNIGHT EXPRESSION.
To surprise my wife on her birthday on 26th Apr 2011, i decided to do something special for her and placed an order for flowers and cakes for her to be delivered on the midnight of 25 / 26. The product detail for the ordered product clearly specify the following-
• Express Deliveries will be made on the same day including Sundays for orders received till 2 PM IST, orders received after 2pm will be delivered the next day.

• The above product will be delivered only in the cities mentioned in the list of serviceable cities in between 23:30 to 0:00 hrs midnight on the specified date. (For Example - Any Occasion on 19th, the product will be delivered on 18th Midnight)

I checked if the product would be delivered in delhi, where i reside and made the payment at 01 37h on 25th. i.e before the 1400h deadline mentioned above and hoped to surprise my wife that night with the midnight delivery of cake and flowers. I had mentioned the specified date as 26th and hoped that as mentioned above the stuff would be delivered on 25th midnight.

Nothing was delivered that night. I was embarrassed and hurt as i had not thought of a plan B to wish her in style, in fact the occasion was ruined by the calls i tried to make to indiatimes customer care at that ungodly hour, nobody responded the calls.

A recorded message on the help line asked me to send an SMS to 58888 and /or an E Mail to a particular mail id. I did both in desperation.

The Bottom line is that THE OCCASION WAS RUINED.

My wife was so upset with me that unknown to me while I was in office the next morning, she called up customer care and complained. They apologised to her and offered to send the cake right away. (imagine a half kg cake for 1000 bucks at 1000h in the morning), she refused to accept the cake at this hour hence the customer care executive agreed to cancel the order and gave her a cancellation code of 785187

Meanwhile I was in office and hoping someone would call me based on the SMS and email i had sent, and redress my grievance, but no one called. The best part starts after this:-

I called up the Customer Care at about 1300h the next day and asked them for a status of my order. (i was not yet aware that my wife had cancelled the order). I was told by the customer care exec that the order would be delivered to me on the night of 26 /27. I reminded him that as per the product details i was supposed to have got it on the night of 25 / 26, he put me on a hold and then disconnected the call.

I once again called the customer care no., this time it was picked up by a new CC exec, i had to go over the entire story once again and he too gave me the same answer, i requested him to put me through to his senior. So he put me through to one Mr Amit Kumar. I had to go over my sob story once again for Amit Kumar, who confidently told me that he had the product details of the product ordered by me in front of him and read them out to me as follows:
The above product will be delivered only in the cities mentioned in the list of serviceable cities in between 23:30 to 0:00 hrs midnight on the specified date.

He conveniently omitted the following details given in brackets after this line
(For Example - Any Occasion on 19th, the product will be delivered on 18th Midnight).

Since i was not in front of the net at that moment, i assumed that i had probably made a mistake in placing the order and informed Mr Amit Kumar that i would check up and get back to him.

I went on line and read the product details which said

• Express Deliveries will be made on the same day including Sundays for orders received till 2 PM IST, orders received after 2pm will be delivered the next day.

• The above product will be delivered only in the cities mentioned in the list of serviceable cities in between 23:30 to 0:00 hrs midnight on the specified date. (For Example - Any Occasion on 19th, the product will be delivered on 18th Midnight)

I was honestly upset with Amit kumar for pulling a fast one on me assuming that i was a dumb ### who could be taken for a ride. Believe me guys, you feel disgusting when you realise that guys like Amit Kumar try and insult your IQ.

I called up Mr Amit Kumar once again and this time i asked him to read out the entire statement on the product detail. Mr Amit continued to ridicule my intelligence; first he told me that to get the product on a particular day i need to place my order at least 3 days in advance. I asked him that in such a case the website should not accept my order at all. Cornered by this argument he changed his tack once again and told me that the primary requirement of the product detail mentioned that i would have a shipping time of ONE DAY and this condition was over and above everything else that is mentioned in the remaining product details. By now i was sick of hearing the lies from by Amit Kumar. I asked him if i could speak to someone senior to him. He refused to put me through to anybody else and frustratingly i disconnected the call.

I write this in such detail for all of us who trust and put faith in a reputed websites like Indiatimes and even part with our credit card details to them. However, interacting with unprofessional employees leaves a bad taste which you regret for a long time.

I’m sure its not money that counts on certain special occasions, its the service that you pay for more than anything else. However, no one can be allowed to insult you on your face and get away. I am from the armed forces and nothing hurts me more that these smart alecs who humiliate you on your face and get away.

The best part is that despite having cancelled the order (cancellation code of 785187) the next day a delivery boy comes and wakes me up at midnight and requests me to accept the flowers and cake. He informs me that he was given the order to deliver the items to my doorstep at 2100h on the 26th. I don’t know who is speaking the truth, but the organisation at indiatimes certainly looks cockeyed

So finally now that i have vented all my frustration i would only request all you guys to go to E BAY in future, those guys are far more reliable and better organised.

And Cheers to Indiatimes

  • Hc
    H @ Chaturvedi May 17, 2011

    Indiatimes have accepted the error on their part and i hope they pull up their customer care guys also. I got several calls from indiatimes execs showing interest and concern towards my complaint. I was'nt asking for anything more. I wish to retract all the unparliamentry stuff i spoke about them. Im sure they have more happier customers than a few odd ones out like me. I hope that next time i shop with indiatimes it will be a better experience.

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Indiatimes ShoppingIndiatimes Shopping big cheater site


I place order for ''Bandhani Pooja Thali'' worth Rs.131 + 70 shipping = Total Rs.201. ( for my family members on dated 23.08.10 order number - [protected].

As per their offer (item description) it contain 4 Rakhi's !!! ''Set Of four Lovely silk rakhi embellished with artistic designs'' But they delivered only 1 Rakhi with other items !!! 3 Rakhis are missing!

So, I place complain for the same on 23rd Aug.2010 with Ticket Number: SHOP-377592. After this they reply me below message.

"Dear Siddharth Shah,

We thank you for contacting Indiatimes.

With reference to your mail dated - 23.08.10 for order number - [protected], we would like to inform you that we have forwarded the complaint for partial delivery to the concerned department. It will take 06 working days for the complaint to be resolved. Please note your complaint number - 414698, and you can use it for the further reference.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
We thank you for your time and patience. We value you as our customer and your satisfaction is of most important to us.
For convenience please do not delete the interactions while replying.
Yashasvita - Customer Service

Thank You once again for being a valuable customer of Indiatimes.

With regards,

Indiatimes Shopping."

And after this NO reply!!! And they also close my ticket without any update and solution !!!

Also in Rakhi season they offer Rs.250 Gift certificates with purchase and they promise to deliver on 2nd Sep.2010 but still I not received it.

And NOW no reply from their site...

Very BAD and Fraud site of india...

Every time they offer many types of scheme but then nothing... After purchase NO reply... No support... And you get nothing...

Stay away from this site...


Siddharth Shah

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Indiatimes ShoppingReceived FAKE and DEFECTIVE product

I ordered a "Universal Remote Control" from Indiatimes shopping. I received a remote control which had the name SONY on it. As soon as I looked at it, I new it COULD NOT BE SONY!! The workmanship was so poor and crude. I took it to a SONY dealer and they immediately said it was a FAKE.

I called Indiatimes customer service number. Bu all I kept getting was that they would have it picked up, but they haven't done it even after 10 days.

I urge EVERYONE reading this complaint board NOT TO BUY ANYTHING from Indiatimes Shopping, as they and their sellers are indulging in fraudulent behaviour by shipping fake and counterfeit product.

Indiatimes ShoppingFraud

Sir with due regards I would like to register a complaint about one of
your customer care executive.
I booked Your "Book Club Membership" last month my order id is [protected].
At the time of booking I was told these things which I shall get,
-free shipping on my products
-25% off on all indiatimes products for a year
-Rs 150 surprise gift
-Rs- 500 discount certificate
-Rs- 500 another discont coupon which can be redeemed in Big bazar or
Vishal Mega Mart or on indiatimes.
And afterwards the story I found out was different.
Please take strict actions against concerned authorities and if you
fail to give the above mentioned things then return my money back.
Thank You
Vinay Mishra

Resolved Indiatimes Shopping — Unacceptable time taken for delivery

I placed an order for a HandyCam on 3rd of July. I got a couple of calls on 5th and 6th July for...

Indiatimes ShoppingPayment fraud

I bought a mobile phone from Indiatimes shopping ( order DEL02052314). The product was courier delivered with invoice from some some fake appearing company. The invoice is unsigned and payment mode is written as cash. Though the payment was made by cheque to Times Internet Ltd.

No warranty card is sent. Invoice does not bear my name.

This is clear case of fraud by indiatimes.

I intend to initiate a legal action as the case is very clear. Cheque is collected by the company and some fake agents are asked to deliver products on which illegal tax saving is made.This is GREY Market operation by indiatimes.

Can anyone help me know what other options we can initiate to expose them. Can I seek compensation too?

  • Sw
    sweta sahu Jun 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased an AIPETK 3MP Digital camera + Video on date 4th February 2017 through Times of India shopping, Mumbai edition.  My order No: - MUM06021119, ORDER ACCEPTANCE NO:- 110513677 (Which I got through mail by Times of India itself).

     I wanted to purchase it through credit card for that I have given them my credit card number and the number behind my credit card. And the total amount including delivery charges is [Rs.2995+Rs.250=Rs.3245/- all inclusive]. They took my address and phone numbers.

     One day later they told me that as I am staying at Gujarat and the advertise was on Mumbai edition, they need an address of Mumbai only. Therefore I gave them my brother’s address of Navi Mumbai. Again they told me that I have to pay through cash on delivery. I did what they wanted.[They got cash from my brother ] to verify this You can call them on my name ask whether there system is showing that they have got money through cash on delivery or not, each time they will tell you that there system is showing cash on delivery.

     But after getting the cash they also credited money through my credit card of ICICI Bank. I came to know about this after 25 days when got my credit card statement. I complained against this to Times of India for several times (minimum 25 times) and my last complain number was: - 176804, on date 14th may 2017.

     Each time they promise me to solve the problem but not yet solved. Once I got a call from their side and that person again asked for my credit card number, he told me that within two to three days everything will be solved all the amount will be reverted from my credit card.

     But after 3 days again I got another credit card statement bearing the same amount with late payment fee plus taxes and other charges which is more than Rs.700/-. I talked to the customer care executive of ICICI bank credit card; they told me that they did not get any information about reverting of the charges.

    Since the month of February we (I and my husband), are very much disturbed due to this. It is already too late for complaining again and now we don’t have patience or faith on neither Times of India people nor ICICI bank employees. Both are not considering us.

    Stay away form this store!

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  • Sa
    Satish Thengdi Sep 19, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'll never again buy or advise to buy from them. I ordered a dvd player from Indiatimes Shopping. It got delivered, but as it turned out, the piece was damaged, did not have a remote nor cord that connects it to the TV set. But here is the interesting thing. It had a handwritten letter from a gentleman by the name of Mr. Prajapati with the complaint that it had not been working and that he wanted a replacement for the same. He had put his rubber stamp on it with his name, address and phone number. I called him up and talked to him about his experience. He confirmed that he had not returned the remote and the cord.
    Next, I called up Indiatimes and lodged a complaint. It is the usual story with them…someone will call you up and talk about the refund…it will take 48-72 hours…if they did not call up, call us back with the complaint number that they gave during the conversation….etc…etc…

    I advise everyone to steer clear of this and other so called biggies or reputed organizations and buy only what you can inspect, are reasonably sure the gadget will work fine and can get reliable service for it if needed.

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  • Me
    meerthakker Jan 30, 2010

    I had ordered for Sempr 4 pc bathroom set paying around 2017 Rs. However I have received some random 4 plastic glass which must not be worth Rs 50 also. I had called Indiatimes multiple times regarding the same this week and was kept jugling between the vendor and you people. I was also given a complaint number saying that someone will call and have my incorrect item picked up and get it replaced. But till date I have got no response regarding the same. It has been a very painfull experience shopping with you and the customer service is absolutely unfriendly and of no help. Never shop with them couse you will only end up wasting your time, effort and money. They are latest fraud company.

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  • Sn
    Sneha Prakash Feb 13, 2010


    My name is Sneha and I also become cheated by indiatimes...I ordered two items and i didn't get it so far..Now its about one month..In that it shows payment verified...No other status..When I mailed there is no response...Tried to call, i didn't get the proper reply...You people know, I made shopping from Sunsim, rediff and tradus also..All the others, sunsim was the best..Its because they called me 5 times to verify that I got that product and also they delivered it in time...In tradus case, there was no correspondence or mailing, they gave the product within two weeks without any notice...No calls also...In my experiences, I prefer and all others made me little bit tensions and indiatimes made me cheat...

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  • Fa
    Farwere Jul 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 17th January I have made a purchase on my credit card for a motorolla touch screen mobile and made the payment. They assured me to get it within a week. But already 4 moths has gone, still I have not received the product. So many times I have given complains but every time they are telling me that the courier person has deliver the product in wrong location. You will get the product within 5 days. But the same story happens.

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  • Mo
    Moveon Jul 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These guys are literally cheaters first i ordered Sanyo microwave oven the order was canceled after 13 days and they refunded the money. But even when i call their customer care several times. funniest thing is this the product sanyo microwave is still displayed on their website and ready for sale. Then i ordered for philips hdmi player and godrej microwave 18 days past what i can see is verified i called customer care several times but they can only do is pass your complaint and to whom they pass the complaint he never woke up means complaints goes to trash. my oreder no is 110771174, 110770116 Aug 23, 2017 Such a lousy service indiatimes gives one can’t think of it. I suggest never ever buy from indiatimes, ebay is far much better then this. I am planning to go in consumer court for this Publish in local news paper and taught them a lesson.

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  • Ku
    kuldeepdandotiya Mar 30, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Respected sir/madam

    my name is kuldeep dandotiya and i have placed an order for Voltas 1.5 Ton Split AC - Gold 3S-N on 16-Mar-2017 10:54 AM at indiatimes shopping and made payment of 24876 through my credit card against my order no 3002121119.
    As per delivery schedule product was supposed to get dispatch by 25th march and deliver by 29th march. when i called on 25th to confirm product dispatch details and they told me that we are unable to ship this product on your address (MIG 454 old housing board colony morena mp-476001) same time i have given my alternate address of gwalior and delhi and i told them to deliver product at my delhi address if there is delivery issue and while placing order i was confirmed that your area is serviceable and we will surely deliver product bt 29. On 30th march when i called to know that when i will get my product.
    customer care executive confirmed me that the product will shipped by Monday and after that i got a call from their department that the product is out of stock. i have purchased product for my sister's marriage and now after 15 days company is denying to deliver product strange but now i am helpless. kindly help me out as they are providing handsome discount offers to attract customers and once they receive payment then they have full right to take any decision and these companies are playing with the customers money and emotions according to them, they are just making money by cheating with customers and it is happening because there is no proper act or regulatory in india to stop all these. i am very depressed and even i am not able to face my family as i told them not to buy ac from market because i have already purchased. i am ready to file case against the company and i have all the screen shot, voice recordings and confirmation mail.please help me out.

    thanks and regards
    kuldeep dandotiya
    phone no : 8802030809

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  • De
    Deepak Ghorpade Patil Dec 15, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Only Cheating web site.

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Indiatimes ShoppingRefund of money against order cancellation

Based on the offer given in the Mumbai Mirror, I had booked HP All-in-one printer model 4355 and 1 GB Pen Drive vide the order reference MUM3011611 dated 30th November 2006 on phone.

I received HP Business Inkjet Printer model 1000 along with 512 MB Pen Drive and 400 VA UPS by me on 7th December 2006 from M/s Ingram. On seeing the merchandise I found that the merchandise is not the one that I had ordered. I had lodged complaint on the helpline No. [protected] on 8th December 2006 and the Complaint Number given to me was 44005. Since then I had been pursuing with helpline people on phone every second / third day. I was getting only standard answers that my complaint has been forwarded to the concerned department and someone would get in touch with me in next 48 hours.

I had also communicated through the text message on the website (Ticket No. 257561 dated 18/12/06, Ticket No. 258937 dated 26/12/06, Ticket No. 260450 dated 3/1/07, 5/1/07, 9/1/07. 11/1/07, 12/1/07 and 15/1/07 and from their also I received a stereo type communication that my complaint is forwarded to the concerned department and someone would get in touch with me within next 48 hours. These 48 hours stretched into more than 2 ½ months without any solution. Finally with great persuation around mid-February ’07 I was informed that I should send back the merchandise and can cancel my order.

I had returned back the merchandise through AFL vide their Airway Bill No. [protected] dated 15/2/07 and had informed the helpline number on 17/2/07 and I was given cancellation No. 112199 dated 17/2/07. I was informed that I would be getting my refund within next 7 days. On inquiring on 1/3/07 I am being informed that the order cancellation was done erroneously. My order cannot be cancelled since the merchandiser is not willing to accept the rejection as the execution of the order from his side is as per the communication received from Indiatimes Shopping. The said complaint has been registered as complaint No. 125002 dated 1/3/07. Since then I have been pursuing the matter with helpline center but again the same stereo type responses I am receiving that my complaint has been forwarded to concerned department and someone would get in touch with me in next 72 hours. Recently someone got in touch with me to communicate that the order cannot be cancelled because the merchandiser is not accepting the cancellation. The person has not even gone thru the communications that I had sent and have understood the background. I am spending my time and energy in pursuing for refund of my money that indiatimes is enjoying.

All my efforts to know from the helpline people to go beyond them to get this issue resolved is stonewalled by not providing any other information.

This is the way this organization who is a part of a reputed group conducts its business. The Print media company talks of India Poised for future and one of its group company is contributing in this manner towards the India Poised campaign.

Why this kind of harassment is happening from a reputed group company.

Why the customer is penalized for the errors committed by the employees of the organization.

I am looking forward this is read by the concerned persons and immediate action is taken to refund my money.

  • An
    Anurag Singh Mar 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Refund the money this is the only solution. And nothing else.

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  • An
    Ankit Mar 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had made purchases of about Rs.7900 on Indiatimes during the cash back scheme period. I was to get a gift voucher of 15% of this value by 15th February. Repeated reminders to indiatimes have not been met with bad responses, but NO responses.

    I recommended all those thinking of using this site to make purchases to immediately cancel their plans or prepare to suffer for a LONG time!

    Anyone else sharing the same fate on 15% cashback offer?

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  • Gu
    Gurbachan Singh Aug 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On an Times of India dt.3-10 -06,I ordered (110384717) for Sony Ericsoon Camera Phone, by paying Rs.3590/-vide Cheque No.335421, PNB Palsore(UT Chandigarh), which was encashed on 9/10/06. Phone was to be supplied within 15 working days from date of realization of payment or to refund the payment. By Dec., 06, neither phone was supplied nor the refund was made.Complaint was made on phone 1800-180.8800. Few inquiry phone were received and in Feb., 07 was assured to receive refund within a week's time, but nothing happened so far. Beware!

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  • Ma
    manoj kumar sharma Apr 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir
    my younger sister sujata sharma's indiatimes ID is [email protected] one day before her password is amit123sujata.but in this present time she's password & security Question is changed by other person. what is password/answer right now. pl. help me.

    manoj kumar sharma
    Alternate email is [email protected]


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  • Gu
    Gurpinder Jul 27, 2011

    Very Bad service,
    parcel lost,
    very poor courier sercives, deliver to some one and do not know to whom the deliver.

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