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ICS systemsCall several times everyday

This company calls me SEVERAL times, EVERYDAY. This is very frustrating. I called this company back, and they told me that they are trying to collect a debt from me. I told the lady that I wasn't currently able to pay anything at this time. She was very sarcastic, rude, and unprofessional. I told her that I understand, if they needed to call me ONLY once a day, but SEVERAL times every single day, is harassment. She told me, reguardless, they will continue to call me several times everyday. Her name is Michelle. Her extension is 6253. Hopefully, by filing this complaint, I will not continue to be harassed everyday from this company.

  • Li
    lilypod Nov 05, 2009

    I believe there are laws for a collection agency to follow and if they are not listening to you, then report them and file a complaint. They may be required to pay YOU.

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  • Az
    azshel Nov 07, 2009

    You need to go to ftc.com and file a complaint. Collection agencies cannot call you continuously to annoy, abuse, harass, among other things. I have a collection agency that is calling me 4 times a day. I went to suzeorman.com and found a page that states what collection agencies can and cannot do. Then if it looks like this particular agency is breaking some rules, click on the link to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Don't know if it'll kill the phone calls. I know I had to do something. Even if it takes a month to see a difference, at least knowing I did something helps. The collection agency that is bugging me told me I'd go to court, receive a misdemeanor, and they continue to call when I tell them I was laid off of my job and no extra money to pay this bill. My unemployment benefit is enough for my daughter and I to squeeze by.

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  • Gi
    girlygirly Jan 20, 2011

    I have just filed a complaint with FTC as well in regards to ICS collection agency! They harrass and threaten me constanly and that just can't be legal... i hope more people will submit complaints about them!

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  • Da
    Davie, Fl Jun 18, 2011

    This company has already called here 4 times today and it is only 11:45AM...They call constantly and when I tell them that they have the wrong number, they become rude, beligerent and downright nasty!!!...I have never even heard of the person that they are asking for!!...I am going online to the Better Business Bureau right now and file a complaint and any other agency that I can file a complaint about them...

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ICS systemsHarassing phone calls. Rude, demeaning behavior

ICS systems have been harassing me for 1 months. they call my work, cell and home every 20 minutes. I talked to a representative tonight that was incredibly rude, and demeaning. Telling me that I was a loser for not making payments. This company should be out of service! I am paying my bill in full, luckily I am able to. But for the other poor people who have to deal with these folks.. Its awfull

ICS systemsHarrassing Phone Calls

Credit card with Washington Mutual. Referred to ICS collections. ICS make harrassing phone calls and do not care of the reason one may be having financial difficulty to pay. I have spoken to within the last 2 weeks at least 6 people at ICS one of them being a supervisor or manager. When they ask why you haven't paid and you try to explain to them reasons they do not listen just talk over you.

I have told them I can pay part of the monthly amount they are looking for not the whole amount and they indicate they can only accept the full monthly amount. When I ? wouldn't it be better to get at least part of rather than none and they indicate they need the total amount. THey indicated borrow from someone and/or use money from another bill to pay them.

At least 1/2 of the employees state one story and the other 1/2 another story regarding late charges. 1/2 of the employees use as a ploy if I pay them directly they will waive any late fees for 3 months. Then the other 1/2 of employees I am speaking to state no late fees will continue to accumulate.

They have hung up on me after their stating we are marking the file you refuse to pay. I have had to call them back and go thru the complete song and dance again I do not refuse to pay. I will pay but I can't pay the amount they are asking.

They continue to call and it starts all over again. Same scenarios they go thru. Insulting customer and have no heart or soul it appears.

The comments they have made to me are totally over the top professionally and I question legally as well. When I indicated this to the last few CSR's they indicated they can state/say whatever they want. Not their fault I am not paying my bills.

Comments and accusations they have accused me of range from: 1. They have every right to call me every day any number of times per day and harrass me over this bill. It is my own fault I went and spent money carelessly and bought all sorts of things and now I do not want to pay for it. (Not the case). 2. I am a deadbeat. 3. Supervisor indicated she pays her bills on time as she is responsible. She pays her mortgage on time and credit cards as well. When I tried to explain to her the reasons for falling behind illness no longer able to work. SHe ? I must get a disibility check and doesn't your husband work. When I tried to explain to her what other bills we are trying to pay she indicated doesn't matter and I need to pay this. As far as being sick and unable to pay it was like oh well. I had told the supervisor I will be contacting my State Atty Generals office and I mentioned other COmpanies as well to file complaints about their practices and lack of professionalism and she told me I should get my facts straight and rather than researching this info I should read my legal contract with Washington Mutual.

Today a employee from ICS called named Sam and she was actually yelling at me on the phone. Conversation started off calmly with my stating I will be paying Washington Mutual directly rather than working with them due to their unprofessinalism. She indicated I need to pay them and pay them now. She was yelling raising her voice. I listened and then indicated I am the customer and she is harrassing which I believe is illegal. SHe indicated it is not illegal and she will do so and continue to do so.

She also indicated she has placed 555 calls to me with my only answering the phone 5 times for them. This is completely untrue as I have spoken to them within the last week alone 6-7 times. Also, they have only received this account within the last 30 days.

When I attempted to speak she told me in a taunting voice " What are you scared now? Am I scaring you? And you better make sure you pay this bill now. And on and on. I did tell her I was taking notes on all she is stating for my filing of complaints and she indicated fine and at the same time take this note I am running away from my responsibilities. I am a deadbeat. She was off the wall.

The conversation ended with my advising her I will be paying Washington Mutual Directly and she yelled out to me " & we know you won't pay them either"... And her last comment was ICS will continue to call me every day at least 5 times a day and they will continue to harrass me to pay this bill.

She also confirmed what she is doing and what ICS is doing is not illegal and not harrassment. Its not their fault I am a deadbeat.

The other day the supervisor I spoke to also stated much of the same comments. They speak to you like ayou are child or an idiot.

The other day when I asked the supervisor does ICS not realize what is going on with the economy and people are having a hard time with bills she rudely yelled at me "Don't you dare speak to me like I am a child" and she started argueing, etc...

These people are the most unprofessionalism people I have ever dealt with. I will not work with them and will pay Washington Mutual Directly.

I do feel there must be some type of law out there to protect consumers against this form of harrassment

  • Dr
    draclene77 Feb 15, 2010

    i had pretty much the same experience. Chase (after raising my minimum payment from 2% to 5% which made it exceed my monthly income) recently turned me over to them. Like you, they demanded the full monthly payment (the tripled payment) and would not take anything less. He told me I should get a loan from a family member or a church and that I should take my stuff and go to a pawn shop and sell it. He also said he was going to mark it as a "refusal to pay' and hung up on me. Another company (Nationwide credit something) used the same refusal to pay/hang up tactic. I had been keeping the credit card companies informed/updated on a constant basis regarding my physical condition, income, etc. They knew what was going on but turned me over to them anyway. If someone is ging to LIE about what I said, this communicating/updating, etc. will stop. I will now not communicate with them about this debt, will tell them the original creditor, who caused the problem in the first place, needs to handle it and that I will be recording every conversation with them because they have stated that they are marking it a "flat out refusal to pay" so i can't trust them to report the truth. Don't answer the phone unless it is hooked up to a recording device. Then when they tell you the call is being monitored and recorded tell them that it is being recorded on your end too.

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ICS systemsharrassing phone calls and adding more to the debt.

The dentist that my daughter used turned the balance over ICS systems even though I was making payments on the balance.
ICS systems added a fee to the balance of over $200.00 for collection and even after telling them not to call me at work they continue to do so. They also call at least 4 times every day. If I had the money to pay the debt. I would be more then happy to do so, but since she has turned over to ICS systems I have not paid on the debt, because I don't appreciate the harrassment when I was already trying to pay it off on a monthly basis.