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iCare TimeshareScam

I am such a sucker...I had paid Executive Timeshare Marketing $600 to sell my timeshare, which they assured me they had people lined up outside the door. I got a call from Mitch at iCare and I told him no way, I'd been scammed once already. He assured me they had nothing to do with Executive, but they could help get my money back. I paid $200 and sent him my Executive contract and thats the last I've heard. Now I read that they were the same company...dang, scammed by the same losers twice. Now I'm down $800 and still getting calls from other companies. I'm not sure what my options are, but would be good to file some claim against the two companies.

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    Ralph S Mar 11, 2010

    I contracted Mitch Solomon (June2009) with Icare to rent out my timeshare week that was deposited w/ Interval. I paid them $228 up front. I would check w/ them from time to time and they would tell me that someone is interested but they have bad credit, this was at least 5 times. Later I found(Dec 2009) out through Interval and Westin that it can not be rented at all. I called icare and from that time on I got mor BS than you can imagine, I am put on hold for 15 min as soon as I call, promised some one will call me back. my paper work is in acc payable. No one ever calls back or does anything, just gives me BS. They should have told and known that my unit can not be rented, its w/a major hotel. Instead they just took my money

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    shonfel58 Apr 15, 2010

    Like many others we were told they had a buyer for our timeshare all we had to do was send them $1, 194.00 & a title company would be in touch with us. In the mean time they said we had accumilated 6 additional weeks & they also could sell those all we had to do is send them a additional $800.00. We have not heard from them or the title company since February 2010. They also will not return our calls. Please stay away from this scam.

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    CherylJP Sep 09, 2010

    File a complaint, you may not get anywhere, but can help others. File with BBB, FL attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission. The only way to get these fraudulent companies out of operation is to complain.

    (they took my $ too)

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Resolved iCare TimeshareFraud

In January 2010, I fell for the initial call, like everyone else. The salesman told me he had my unit sold!!!AND that he had a cashier's check in hand for 20% of the sale price. (This amounted to some $7, 000.) All I needed to do was pay 50% of the advertising and prearation cost, up front. He told me he would send, via e-mail, the contract. When it showed up, there was not one word about the unit being sold, in essence it was a listing offer only, and it was typical of all these type of firms. It clearly stated no charge would be made to my credit card until the contract was signed. I tried calling him back on the number he gave me, and found that I was disconnected each time I put in his extension number. I checked with my bank and they had already charged my card. Needless to say, I filed an immediate protest to my CC company. I then wrote, in bold black letters, CANCELLED, VOID etc on each page. I then drew a large squiggly line through the signature line, and FAXED it back to them. I only wish I had googled them before I gave them my information. This firm should be put out of business and the sales people should go to jail. By the way, they finally called back yesterday wondering why I had cancelled.

maxemax 2/11/2010

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    MH135 Jan 13, 2011
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    I just found out that this company has been targeted by the Florida Attorney General and indicted. Case closed, but what do we do now to get a refund.

    I have reported my story to the FL Attorney General and need to contact my bank/credit card, etc?

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