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hydrolyzeUnauthorized charges

I made a purchase of eye cream and than cancelled before recieving product. I was told to not open and return. Without my knowledge or authorization their partners in crime started charging my credit card for products and services without my consent or knowledge.

  • Mr
    Mr. Yan Aug 31, 2012

    I had the same thing happen to me. I remember initially when I ordered the hydrolyze, they asked me for my credit card number multiple times (4) and I thought it was a little odd that any legitimate company would need to repeatedly ask that. I ended up sedning the product back without opening it as I was told to do and I thought everything was cool. They assured me my money would be refunded and I wouldnt be charged anymore. 4 months later I found out that not only had they not given me the money back for my inital order (22.95), they had signed me up for three additional services that i did not ask for (THIS MUST BE WHY THEY ASKED FOR THE CREDIT CARD NUMBER 4 TIMES). The unauthorized charges totaled $252.61. The names of the three services were shoppers advantage(21.95), WC savings (29.95) and great fun (19.99). I confronted Hydrolyze about this and the rep I talked to said "Oh yeah, it looks like we didn't refund the money. I'll have to check with my supervisor to see if we can still refund it. It will take 3-5 business days." "We do have third party services but the three you mentioned don't ring a bell." -Tim Ext 782 ( customer service representative/Grade A douchebag and a half). I had to get my credit card company to dispute the charges for me. Long story short, DONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! And if you do, check your credit card statement IMMEDIATELY for additional services and/or unauthorized charges.

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  • An
    Anonymousx1 Oct 23, 2012

    The company you were called from was infact not hydrolyze. It is a marketing company that Hydrolyze sold your information to in order to market you. They will tell you that "They are contracted by hydrolyze to confirm your order & insure accuracy." aka Order Confirmation Department. Basically what they do is they call your number, confirm they are talking to the person that made the purchase and proceed to go on with their marketing.

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  • Ma
    Marg Mary Feb 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Afternoon team

    I am writing to complain about your on line ordering..

    I put my name down for a "free tiral" of the Hydrolze eye cream. There was a a transaction of $2.82 that came out of my account on 29/12/15, which included foreign currency amount. Code: 028-073-0576. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THIS 'FREE SAMPLE". When I was looking at my bank account this week I noticed another transaction on the 11/12/16 with the same code & HYD*TRYHROLYZE.COM for $101.20. When I saw this I rang your 1800 number & spoke to a female staff member, when I said to her that I had never received the free sample so why was your company charging me this massive amount. I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO TO SO!! She asked me my name & address & said that she had someone with my name but not the address which I had given for the free trial to be sent to.

    I was so annoyed about this. Then I noticed on the 12/02/16 the very next day another transaction had been taken out of my account once again, for $101.43 same number sequence though the name reads HYD*Bellapex.

    As I have NOT agreed for you to take all this money & I have absolutey nothing to show for it I need TO CANCEL THIS & HAVE THIS MONEY PLACED BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT. OR SEND ME A CHEQUE AS I HAVE CLOSED THIS ACCOUNT DOWN NOW!

    My phone number is: 0411 442389 (Aust). I have been quite unwell over the past 6 months & have had to give up work so I desperately need to have these funds returned to my account, in order for me to pay my daily living expenses.

    Hoping to hear from you with 7 days or further action will need to be taken. I can't give you an invoice number/photos as I have mentioned I didn't receive anything.

    Many thanks Kate Hickey.

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The product was ordered from a tv ad. the product was to be mailed but would not be charged to your account if returned before the 31of the month.I returned the product In the middle or the month all I was to pay was 7.95 to be charged to my credit card.they would not take a electronic check or a debit card only a credit card.I see now that was so they could charge for postage and the productt also they also said the would send a beauty book free.After returning the package I was charged for the product and 59.65+ 7.95 for postage 24.95 for beauty book two charges for 1.50 ea they said for beauty advice I should have been charged only for the postage. Thet ony give you a ship from address, which is where I returned the package, with a returned receipt requested.After trying to contact them by phone with no answer just music playing for three hrs.I called my cc, company and she tried to get them while I was still on the phone with the same result that I had.After hanging up my mail was delivered and they had sent anothjer package I have also returned it and informed my cc company not to take anymore charges from them.I am very angry because I am a senior citizen and have a fixed income and they have just cut down the amount of one of my checks. I think they should change the name of the company to HIDE YOUR LIES.

hydrolyzeOvercharged & entered into a program

On 1/30/2011 I ordered the risk free trial of Hydrolyze. I was supposed to be charged $7.95 for shipping. When I received my package I was surprised to find 3 bottles of Hydrolyze and an invoice for $138.85. I checked my credit card and they not only overcharged me for the trial but also billed me for $1.50 twice for YourBeautyAdvisor. I had no idea who they were. I called and explained to them what had happened and they said I had ordered the 3 bottles and also joined the program of YourBeautyAdvisor. This is a Hydroxatone program also. I told her I only ordered the trial and never joined the program and that I had never heard of it until it showed up on my credit card. She said she would cancel and credit the 2 $1.50 charges but would have to have products back before she could refund my money. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!


I ordered the free trial and was charged 132.00 the very same day. I fixed my problem of refund because they illegally took money not autorized. They gave me a refund withinn 5 days.

When you call you must tell them that if they do not refund your money you will get a lawyer and charge them for credit card fruad because that is what it is.
trh this and you will get your money back.

don't send the product until you recieve your refund and give them a deadline of 5 days.

good luck and never give in to thier scheme of things, keep control, after all it is your money.

  • Kt
    kturk Aug 14, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. I ordered the products free trial and they charged me before my 30 days were up then i called them to cancel and they told me it was canceled just to send the product back and i would not be charged any further. i had to change my credit information because of them. they continued to bill me. I am going see a lawyer tomorrow. and i will report them to anyone and everyone i possibly can! And the product DOES NOT WORK!! AT ALL!!! I wish i would have read this before i did the free trial! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

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hydrolyzeunfair practices

Purchased product back in November or 2010 cancelled in December of 2010. the representive did not inform me that the products had to be returned. Then in January I was hit for 69.95. After calling them about this deduction from account, i was informed my money would not be returned. I was informed by representive to return the product. Hydrolyze feel they have no responsibility to inform their customers when they call to cancel to return the product. Second there is no way to use up to two bottles of this stuff in 30 days, and they know that. This is how they get their customers. This company is a total rip off and they are not customer friendly. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY AND THEIR UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. THEY FEEL ITS OKAY TO TAKE YOUR MONEY

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What a ripoff and a hugely expensive one at that. The so-called "free" trial is not free at all as they ship two containers of the product and then bill you a month later, even after you have repeatedly canceled future shipments. An affiliate company, Urban Nutrition, sends coupons in the order for "free" samples (NO BILLING) and I made the mistake of ordering "Venacura" andthe invoice enclosed with the order indicated $0.00 due. However, two months later, a charge shows up on my credit card. I contacted the company five times by email, and finally received a ridiculous response (and I quote):
"...If you did not receive it, contact the USPS, maybe someone took the package, tampering with the U.S. Mail is a federal offense. I strongly advise you follow up with them. "
Notice they did not respond as to why I was billed for a FREE sample, no future orders shipped or received.
Of course, after more corresondence, someone finally advised that they have "no record of any free item" - how convenient when it came from THEIR catalog! Oh and Hydrolyze absolutely does NOTHING to improve dark circles, wrinkles, etc. - wonder how much the people who give (fake) testimonials are paid.

hydrolyzeIt is not free! 2 containers @ 69.95 ea

I responded to an ad in May 2010 which was for a free Hydrolyze, under eye treatment from Hydroxatone. They sent two containers, not one. I was billed today 8/4/2010 for the two containters @ 69.95 ea. The person I spoke to from this company was also very rude. Please let everyone know that nothing is free; you will get charged! The small print is you have 30 days to return or you will have to pay which I didn't catch. I learned an expensive lesson.

  • Ej
    E Johnson Mar 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me. everytime I called they aid I wouldn't be billed again and then I was charged. Something needs to be done about this company!!!

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  • Ej
    E Johnson Mar 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Something needs to be done about this crooked company !!!

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hydrolyzeDoesn't work

I ordered the TRIAL of Hydrolyze then received three jars of the product in the mail, and my account was charged for $147+. I have used one whole jar of Hydrolyze, and still have dark circles under my eyes. I think Johnson's Baby Cream, or Mary Kay Hand Cream does more than Hydrolyze. I need a refund of my purchase. Please locate the transaction on your records and issue a refund. Thank You.

Paula J. Rother
3935 29th Street
Des Moines, IA 50310

Cell phone: [protected]
Home phone: [protected]

hydrolyze — Unable to cancel, aggressive marketing tequnics

One: I have ordered it after hearing the ad on a radio and made a compulsive call(slap on a head), while...

hydrolyzeCannot Cancel

I tried the product for 26 days as it says on it's ad to return before 30 days. The product did not work removing my dark circles. So when I called, the first person said he had to transfer me to customer service. The second person said that he had to transfer me to customer service. I said that I thought he was customer service. He said "Oh No, I'm not" and really quickly gave me another phone number and hung up on me. When I called that number, it was for Verizon Wireless. Then about a couple of days later, they charged me $69.95 which I cannot afford and is way overpriced for that little bit of cream.

  • Go
    GottiZeus Jul 18, 2010

    Hydrolyze is all hype -- I used it for 4 weeks and did NOT see ANY change what-so-ever. Also, there is barely enough cream in the container to make it a true 30 day supply -- the container itself is huge compared to how much product is inside. I'm TRYING to cancel future orders but not really getting any where. I would hate to cancel my credit card just so I don't get charged any more, but I'm about ready to go that route. I understand those who produce this stuff think it's great -- at least a great money making marketing product -- but they really should have expected people to see the product for what it really is, and make it a LOT easier to cancel when they see it does NOT work.

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  • Fl
    Flojo Aug 23, 2010

    Hydrolyze! Wow, I just ordered this product last night (08/22/10. I didn't have a good feeling about this company since all they due after they receive your credit card is offer you other products and then more products. You don't even speak with a live rep. It's all automated. I went online to get info on the company. Not good. I then tried to cancel the order that's not even 24 hours after ordering. I got a big run-around. I cancelled my bank card. If I'm going to lose any money, $7.95 is a small fee for a lesson learned. They can mail me a check! I'll sit a wait for that one! LOL

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hydrolyzeBilling & Customer Service

I called several days before I returned the product that I tried. The same month and the month after that I got billed for the products. I called them and asked them why they were still billing me and they said that they did not get the products back but I did return it. The sales rep instead of being helpful seemed really impatient and was not being very helpful as to how I could get my money back. The product was not cheap. The next sales rep told me he was doing me a favor when I asked for my money back when he said he can give me some refund but not all.

They also keep sending me products that I did not order. I might as well change my card since this company is so persistent in billing me even after I called to cancel.

This is a lesson learned. I will never ever try any products that has the catch line "try it for free."

  • Da
    Dana Gosnell Jun 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me. I received the product at my post office box and I did not want it. I brought it to the counter and asked them how to return it. She told me to write Refused on the package and I did, I never even opened it. A few weeks later I called Hydrolyze to see if they had received it, they said no. A few weeks later, NO! ANd so it goes. They told me to go to the post office and ask what happened to the package. I did, they told me Hydrolyze only pays for one scan so they don't scan it on the return. This company is a total rip off. The product is no better than anything you can buy at Walmart, and this "not receiving it and blaming it on the post office" is a total scam!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

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hydrolyzeDid not receive product

This company is running a scam! I ordered my product and did not receive it. They claimed (lied) that I put the wrong address. I offered to fax them my copy to show the correct address that I entered from the internet.. they put on a 'phony manager" who said they could not help me. I too was given a tracking number- the post office showed they had sent the product back to the company...so not only did they recieve my money they got back their product. SHAME ON HYDROLYZE FOR RUNNING A SCAM-BUSINESS IN AMERICA--OR MAYBE IN SOME THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. I want my money back for the SO-CALLED FREE TRIAL (cost $8.84.) Do not buy this product from this company. Very rude and unhelpful customer service on top of everthing else.

  • Sh
    shian Nov 08, 2009

    i too have ordered {in october} and have yet to get the product.to add insult to injury their so called customer service is non and void.they are running a scam.hydrolyze is a complete is full of lies.

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  • Sh
    shian Nov 08, 2009

    i ordered hydrolyze in october.i never got the product, however some other company connected with urban nutrition billed my credit card 24.95.i did not authorize this charge.long story short;i called my bank, cancelled my card and requested another card (with a different number.this company is running a scam and something should be done legally.

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  • Ca
    carlinfa Jan 26, 2010

    I got burned by a similar scam last year with some vitamins. Please, keep all of your proof s from orders and immedietly contact your State's Attorney general, You can find them on the internet. Also contact the Attorney General in the State that they are doing business from. You should ask for a full refund. It won't hurt to mention to the Hydrolyze company that you are going to do this. They usually don't want to be investigated and give you a refund. Follow through it takes about 6 weeks but works every time!!

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  • Wr
    Wrong Move Customer Mar 01, 2010

    I got a similar experience... Filed a complaint as well...

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  • Bl
    BlkBrbiPam Sep 19, 2011

    Now the Hydrolyze Company is trying to be real slick. They have a computer answer the phone and get all of your info. Its not til almost at the very end of the call that they inform you of the $7.95 s/h fee. So before ending the call a live person came on and I informed her to cancel my order and that I didn't want to proceed. She said ok and thanked me anyway. 2 days later I saw a charge on my bank account for $7.95. That very night I received a phone call from a representative Thanking me for my purchase. I informed her that I had cancelled that order before the original phone call had ended. She told me I'd have to call a different number for help and that the office was closed for the day. I called the next day and supposedly spoke with a manager (Dimario#537). I explained my situation to him. He said it was too late because the product was already in route. He gave me the return address and said he was refunding my $7.95 so that I could send back the box when it arrived. He never mentioned me needing a RMA#. I decided to google "Hydrolyze Complaints" today and found several ppl with my same complaint. One of them said her returned product was supposedky lost because she didn't have a RMA#. So I called customer service again. This time I spoke w/ Kay(#570). She gave me a RMA# to put on the package. So, I'm on my way to the post office in and hour to return this unopened box. Hhmmm wonder if I'll really receive my $7.95 back. I pln to notify my Credit Union not to accept any charges from that company. What a unnecesarry headache!

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hydrolyze — billing after order cancelled

Company has to continued to send products after I cancelled in July. Stop sending me your product and stop billing me.

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