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Resolved Hot Dog CollarsMissing shipment

Hello, I ordered products from this company in September, 2008 and have never received products or replys to my e-mails concerning the missing shipment. I have sent them at least 5 e-mails asking for either a refund or simply send us our products that we paid for. I have all my receipts and can even check their webpage for the status of my shipment, so obviously they can check that themselves also. My complaint is that they have no phone number for complaints or missing shipments, only a call center taking the orders and they will not talk about anything but orders or direct me where i can talk to somone regarding this. I am not sure if they are members of the better business bureau, but i do not know what to do or who else to contact regarding this... I have contacted paypal but they will only refund after 30 days and I gave them (hot dog collars) a few extra weeks to ship the product. My bank will not refund either as it has been after 45 days of the transaction. I am in New brunswick, canada so i cannot go directly to the place. Any information would be GREATLY APPRICIATED...
Jeff Long
sackville, NB
phone [protected] if needed

  • Tr
    tribbleand bits Jul 16, 2009

    I boldly agree with everyone on this site...they have sent me the rudest emails changed my email address when I went to log on (with swear words ) and when I went to check my account everything was gone!! I would like to talk to any one else that has had this problem, as I have contacted the attorney general and the better business bureau about this!! I have NEVER DEALT with a company like this, and I suggest no one else does either

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  • Sy
    systemgoing Feb 07, 2010

    similar to returnapets con, eric stein newyork...refer to complaints section

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Resolved Hot Dog CollarsPoor Customer Service

Hot Dog Collars has NO communication and the worst customer service I have ever received.

I ordered a personalized, embroidered dog collar from hot dog collars on January 27th and paid for expedited shipping. I gave them my e-mail address so they could send me tracking information on my order. As of February 5th I have not received any information on my order, not even an acknowledgement of my order. I tried unsuccessfully to track my order on their website, so I called their 800 number and was told to send an e-mail. They will not let you speak to a customer service agent regarding orders already placed (unbelievable!).

Todd responded in less than 2 hours stating that it takes between 7 - 10 days to personalize dog collars and he did not provide any information on my order, nor did he answer my question.

The item did arrive, and the embroidery is so far off to the side it looks ridiculous. I had previously ordered an embroidered dog collar from and was extremely happy with their product and customer service. I have thrown away the collar from Hot Dog Collars and place an order with

  • sexyny1970 Feb 19, 2009

    i agree, although, i ordered a spike collar and a nfl nameplate, i havent recieved it yet and they wont give me the tracking info i paid for... im still waiting on my collar and tag... i cant believe you cant reach a human being... unreal!!!1

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  • Ed
    Ed y Apr 12, 2009

    I ordered a 1.5 inch studded collar and received a 2 inch studded collar. Im got the same treatment. not able to talk to any human and I got a response from todd who by the way is the owner saying he was sorry but was overwhelmed with orders and my 1.5 inch collar was backordered. It has been 3 months with todd no longer answering my emails I complained to the better business bureau. They responded to me and said they got no response from them either. so I'm stuck with the collar I have. Never again ordering from them again BEWARE.

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  • Ju
    Jude's dad Jan 16, 2010

    i am not able to get a person on the phone. My order was allegedly shipped in 1/1/10 but it has never arrived. Can you please provide me with an address or phone number or e mail address? Thanks.

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