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Home MortgageLoan Remodification

PNC Mortgage is using the governments HAMP to look into whether or not they are making money off their customers, and if their customer cannot refinance their loan with another bank, has equity in their home, PNC will put you through hoops getting "the packet" for loan remodification correct, with stupid little reasons to resend forms, i.e. we didn't receive it, or page 2, 3 7 and 9 of your monthly bank account did not print right, and on and on, while their investors decide if it's in their best interest to foreclose and set a fast sale date on your home. Anyone who puts in for the HAMP or remodification loan with PNC should not trust them if your interest rate is already low from an ARM, don't believe they will fix your rate higher, or remodifity your loan., PNC will deny you the HAMP and foreclose on your home fast and have a sale date, an appraiser at your door and a letter requesting the full amount of your loan plus their foreclosure attorney's 4K fee, due immediately, or be ready to lose your home within two weeks. That's what PNC is doing while stalling and making their customers resend, send resend and go through fax and send hell, for a loan remodification. month. Yes, their are banks that low down and crooked, do not be naive! and believe the "loss mitigation's dept's six month's of excuses why your paperwork packet is wrong" PNC is working on stealing your home out from under you. Shame on PNC, and my prayers go out to all homeowners PNC has done this to. They came within days of taking all I have ever worked for and I'm a veteran, so my V/A loan surely guaranteed them payment. Cold blooded but reality for shameless PNC. How do they get away with what they do. By using the HAMP program, intended to help homeowners, who by hardship, i.e loss of a job, poor health, stay in their home., A government program being misused by a big bank? Yes by PNC who weeds out homeowners they are making little interest on, who have made an extra payment on their prinicples, live in areas where homes sales are good and have until their hardship made timely payments for years. Shame on you PNC! My prayers go out to all the homeowners you have displaced with the HAMP/Making Home Affordable program scam your investors are misusing.

Home MortgageEscrow Fraud

I have a fixed rate at 6.5% interest, but my payments continue to increase. This time it is due to an increase in my insurance premium which is paid from an escrow account. The statement from Flagstar stated the amount of the deficit was $115.08, so I sent a separate check for that amount along with my August payment of $769.59. When I got the September statement, my payment has changed to $782.19. I called cusstomer service to inquire and I was told that the gentleman's computer showed my payment should be $772.19. I explained to him that I paid the escrow deficit of $115.08 in order to keep the payment at $769.59 and he argued that it should still increase because it would still be short next year. He thought it was not a big deal as it is only a $3 increase. I asked why was I directed in the letter to pay $115.08 if I was going to owe more? And what if I should find insurance for less with another agency?

  • Ea
    Earl L. Fugate Mar 03, 2008

    They have added corporate advances to our loan in the amount of 15,000.00 that we DID NOT receive. They will not remove them and cannot show us where we received them.

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  • Ar
    arizona man Jul 10, 2011

    I had a fantastic experience with NationsChoice Mortgage when I refinanced my home earlier this year. No one seems to post compliments only complaints. I was treated very nicely and everything that was promised me was delivered exactly as it was promised. I would highly recommend NationsChoice Mortgage.

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  • Ar
    arizona man Jul 10, 2011

    You are so very brilliant.

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  • No
    NorthernMinnesota Jul 27, 2013

    Similar "Escrow" situation here in Minnesota. Also on a "fixed rate Mortgage Plan", but have a "bi-monthly payment plan" through a private service that oversees, withdraws and submits bi-monthly mortgage payments to our "bank" to assure payments and we have this program set up to pay a couple hundred more above the actual mortgage payment to pay down our mortgage quicker. Our "bank" sends out our yearly Escrow account disclosure statement in July that shows a "projected prorated cost" for the upcoming year Homeowners Insurance and Home Taxes. These past few years the Escrow projected prorated costs increased. Instead of paying the "lump sum" we adjusted our mortgage loan to compensate the increase while still applying extra monthly. Our Home Taxes had minor increase and remained the same these past two years, but our Homeowners Insurance Premium projected costs suddenly skyrocketed. Our Home Insurance Premium is renewed yearly on November 5th, but payments from Escrow begin October 1st. The Escrow Home Insurance amount in 2010 (rounded off) was $1925 and in 2011 it was $1980 showing a slight increase in our Home Insurance Premium. However, in 2012, the Escrow Home Insurance Premium amount increased to $2600 giving a "high negative" projected Escrow prorate balance for the upcoming year. Alarmed, we contacted our "banks" Escrow department and were told to talk to our Insurance Agency. The Insurance person said they would have the amount given to Escrow changed and all would be adjusted, but Escrow didn't change and withdrew $2600 and then adjusted and still showed a "negative" balance in Escrow. Now in 2013, again the Escrow Insurance Premium amount is back up to $2600 and the projected prorate for this upcoming 2013-2014 year is over $1, 200. Again, red flags went up, Escrow told us to contact our Insurance Person. After going around in circle with Escrow and Insurance over Insurance Premium costs and questionable Escrow balances. Insurance informed us that we would be receiving money back (a kick-back) from our Home Insurance for 2012-2013. Huh? But, we have a negative $1, 200 Escrow Balance pending for 2013-2014 because of Insurance reported cost. We also can pay the $1, 200 so our Mortgage payment won't increase, or we can increase our mortgage payment from $1, 520 to $1, 640 to cover Escrow's projected prorated balance. We don't understand why we would have any negative amount in Escrow when we pay extra each month. Something isn't right...? I printed out the Banks Escrow Balance prior to inquiring and after talking to Escrow there was an error. We requested a four year Escrow History Itemization and will have our attorney review our account.

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  • Ja
    JavaLady Jeano Mar 11, 2015

    I also had issues with escrow account. It took a separate department to *research the problem*. I couldn't understand at the end of 2014 there was a balance in the escrow but it disappeared on my 2015 statement. The monthly payment went up due to the increase in homeowners. Still to this day I am not sure what happened to the escrow balance at the end year 2014?????

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Home MortgageFraud

Our loan was sold to Litton Loan and we were trying to do a loan modification due to the fact that we had gotten behind on our loan because we had a financial hardship. We were going through Federal Loan Modification in New York and Litton Loan and after $3400.00 we still have not been able to remodifiy our loan, but Litton agreed to put us on a repayment schedule in which our payments are $2700.00 for 17 months. Now common sense tells you that if we were getting behind with a mortgage of $1600.00 then how can we possibly pay $2700.00 a month especially after losing the $3400.00.

Litton Loan and Federal Loan Modifications should be reprimanded for such poor business ethics and scamming people out of their hard earned money.

Home MortgageOverstated income by loan service rep!

I'm not sure if what happened to me falls under predatory lending per se but it must be consider fraud. I had a condo and loan in San Diego through Countrywide and used a Countrywide authorized loan agent to process my loan application. For my income I faxed on my company letterhead a memo stating I made $60k annually and it was signed by my manager. I just found out the amount reported on my loan doc is $160k not the $60k I reported. When I called 'The Bianchi Team - [protected]' authorized loan agents for Countrywide, they claim my income statement was never received and is not in my file. Countrywide tells me the loan is a 'stated' loan so no documents are required and the person that serviced my loan is no longer working in their office so I have no evidence, except for the original signed mem that I faxed, to show that my income was overstated by Countrywide which deems the contract illegal and a fraud.

I lost the $60k a year job, had to scramble to find a job that paid half that amount, had to short sale my home, lost over $61k in down payment and closing fees, and now my credit is ruined for 7 years or more.

  • Ro
    roc Dec 01, 2008

    American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc (AHMSI) should change their company name to India Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc, or better yet move to India. Whenever you call AHMSI customer service, your call ends up in India and you cannot get anyone that can really help you. The only thing those customer service folks are trained to do is collect payment. If you need help with anything else like tax related issues and insurance, turn to your fax machine and wait a couple of weeks for an incorrect wrong response by mail. AHMSI employees are in a closet and they do not speak to their customers because they are so rude and disrespectful, so the CEO have them communicating only by fax machine. Isn't that sad!

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  • Re
    ReadutoLive Apr 28, 2009

    Contact info for person in United States not the India Line

    Claudia Pesina
    Payoff/Lien Release Supervisor
    American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc
    4650 Regent Blvd. # 100
    Irving, TX 75063
    Direct line 214-260-8794
    Fax 866-274-1503

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  • Dc
    d.c.r Apr 10, 2010

    This company has been calling us 2-3+ times a day. As early as 8 am and as late as 9pm. We have had this phone # for only 2 months and they are calling for someone who, I assume, previously had this phone #. We have never had any business with this company and are being harrassed! I've answered the phone and told them at least 5 times now that the person they are looking for is not at this number. I have tried calling them back but get just an automated system and can only get a rep if i have an account number. If they were legitimately collecting a debt from us, I'd think we were being harassed; having never had any dealings with them and constantly gettting calls for someone who is not even at this number is definitely harrassment.

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  • Si
    simssaints Jul 10, 2010

    We have had them place the flood insurance on our property as they were cheaper and they allowed us to pay monthly which was easier than a yearly sum to come up with. Originally this was Option One Mortgage Co. but they changed to the AHMSI, and last Dec. they decided that they were going to charge us for the "2 years" of flood insurance in one year, thus almost doubling our payments. We finally got our own policy and have paid it, paid our own homeowners ins., and now they still want another 98.50 per month for some insurance. Over the last 3 months we have received MANY calls as we got a month behind due to the amounts we had to pay them while they cleared up our acct., but now it is still NOT done. Because we have a hard time understanding the accents of most of the people that call, we ased where they are calling from, and ALL of them have been from INDIA, the one today, New Delhi, India. Do they even know where Vermont even is? Well now they owe us money that totals up to 4 months of payments plus a little more. But they say that to release the money to us we have to make our acct current, but we were also told the check was in the mail June 21. A NIGHTMARE. Probably will call the Attorney General's office on Monday and see what can be done.

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