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Health InsuranceScam and phishing

I have been receiving calls from this company for two months. Have received 6 calls although I have not requested any n surname information online and I am on the do not call list. I have asked to be removed from their calls and have not been removed.

Today I received a call from Erica [protected]. After asking to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on. I called back and my call was blocked. Called once again and spoke with a different Erica who told me the name of the company is US Choice Health Insurance. When. Asked for their website I was told they did not have one.

I called back and spoke with Justin F. He gave me his direct website as http://[email protected]/. It is a phishing website. He also provided a direct phone number as [protected] I was told the name of the company he works for is USATeam Corp. I reached him through the same number as US Choice Health Insurance [protected]

  • Mo
    Mohammed Yunus Nov 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received a SMS that I have agreed to pay health insurance premium(monthly) from my credit card No.4718630100396182. which is totaly wrong so I would request not to debit any money for that reason other wise I will not be responcible for its returning, what ever may be the please look into the matter. thanks.M.Yunus

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  • Bo
    BOBGEE Oct 03, 2012


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  • Ca
    carmen wynia Oct 24, 2012

    I have ulserative colitis and just got insurance thru Us Health Group at unbelivable rates might give them a call. Pricella at 469-324-5169 Good Luck

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Health InsuranceFraud

This company is taking advantage of people. Their agents make false promises to consumers, like offering them health insurance with no copays, no deductibles, denist insurance with preventive care covered. The consumer is then sucked into Homeland healthcares scam, charged for services and thrown to the wolves. I personally went to the denist and was told I had to pay $200 dollars for an exam and xrays, because I did not have dental insurance only a discount plan. Thank God, I canceled my appointment for the physician, who know how much I would have to pay for a physical and the prescriptions I need to manage my diabetes. I also canceled my plan with them and was told it was in the 30 day plan and would be reimbursed for premium. Have yet to see any money returned to me.
This company should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people who have pre-existing condition and offering them false promises. By the way this is an Obama approved program. Think it is time to write the President and let him know how well his reform program is going and the companies that are using his reform to financially gain.

  • Jo
    joshua402411 Feb 20, 2010

    The discounts they provide to members are pretty good. The real difficulty with them is that they refuse to pay the balance and delay as long as possible. They have staff that works for the IRS at the expense of its members and require members to do the staff work for them to process legitimate claims.

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Health Insurancecomplaints reg. my policy claim

TO, Date28/11/2011


HYDERABAD – 500032,
Sub: (1) Complaint - Reg. My policy for claim.
Sub. (2) - Complaint For the policy correction of name & address.

Sub. (3) - Complaint Policy

Letter ref. no: - (1) 110711411dtd.12/07/2011
(2) 110711424dtd.12/07/2011
Respected Sir/Madam,
This mail is to inform you that, I have so far not received the reimbursement of the expenditure incurred on my pre, post hospitalization with hospitalization bills/reports, & etc.
We had your icici Lombard policy since 6 years.I was admitted in the hospital from to .you did not settle my pre & post hospitalization claim yet which amounts to rs. .you did not respond to my queries in the suitable manner .
I have submitted the all Original Papers with original claim form duly verified by doctor, original medical/medicine bills, original medical reports, & etc. As demanded documents required by you on dtd.-29/04/2011 & dtd-.23/05/2011, 18/07/2011 till dtd.----18/07/2011 through Indian speed post services.
Indian speed post no-ED239865167IN dtd29/04/2011, ED239870635IN dtd.-23/05/2011 (1)-ED255604125IN (2)-ED255604134IN (3)-ED255604103IN (4)-255604094IN dtd.18/07/2011. (NOP-186) service.
We had already sent you all the original bills of date 5/5/2001, 16/5/2011, 17/5/2011, and 21/5/2011 with the photocopies of the same many times & also mention this thing in our letters.
In response to your letter dated 28/7/2011 ref no. /claim no.[protected]-3, member id.IHPN-[protected]-01.

You have made the first deduction of rs.4200 as physiotherapy charges & I would like to tell you that the date mention on the bill & report is written by the doctor.

I have already sent you the physiotherapy report.

The second deduction made by you of rs.7608 against the post hospitalization bill but as per your policy rules you have to pay this amount to me. I already send all original bills.

Third deduction made by you of rs.460 (400+60 diet charges taken by the patient) for the records demanded by you from hospitals .all the bills of the same have been already sent to you.

Fourth deduction made by you of rs.3440 for the bill not furnished. But we have already sent all the original bills fully furnished.

I had already sent the original claim form & the photocopies many times.

Also send the postal amount which I had incurred on sending you documents along with the full claim amount through check on my correct name with the entire original & photocopies papers (documents).

I had already told you this thing on your toll free no. [protected].your executive whose request no.[protected] on dated 2/8/2011 & request no.[protected] dated 30/7/2011.


I have received the policy whose policy send by you but my surname is not written on the policy & full address is not written on it so it is requested to you please write the full name & the address on the same.

. My policy issued on 2/12/2010 & the payment of Rs.13822 for two years for two members of the same was made through credit card. Please send the hard copy of the sane to my address.


My phone number on the policy documents is incorrect, so kindly correct these numbers. You have send policy but my landline number on the policy is incorrect, so kindly correct the number.

We didn’t get the transaction id yet, so please send premium certificate (section 80D income tax amendment act) & the transaction id.

The new policy we had chosen against the old policy has only one policy number). I think that if we had only one policy number {because policy proposer name is same then we had paid the less money than the actual.

Please send reply as soon as possible for the letter.
It is therefore requested that the payment must be made at the earliest.
I hope you will take appropriate & immediate action.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

Note: - (1) I had already sent you the original papers from dtd.29-04-2011 & dtd.23-05-2011, 18/07/2011 till dtd.18/07/2011.
(2) Please send my original papers as soon as possible with the claim amount cheque.
(3) Please pay my full claim amount cheque as soon as possible.
(4) Please sol. Request to you that correct the name on cheque, Name, sends to me my full claim amount cheque.

Health Insurancenot what claimed to be

this co. does not do what they say they will do . i am over seven thousands dollars in the hole, because of them. my drs. will file a claim and after a couple of months i haven"t heard from consumers, i"ll call and they say my drs haven"t even filed the claim. i know better than that because i have talked to them. oh and by the way you do all the paper work. so if any one is planning on taking out a policy on consumers benefits association. please think twice. i"m just trying to save money and alot of fustration. AW

  • Kr
    Krishna Rohit Apr 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i too agree to the frustration patient's are facing with this co. I work for the physicians billing office & always came across a scenario of reaching Voice mails. We never got any status on the claims that are billed to this co. Not even a single claim is paid & even we never received any correspondence in regards to the claims that are sent to this co.

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  • Sh
    Shakti Dhurve May 03, 2011

    I strongly agree to Mr.Krishna Rohit

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Health Insuranceharrassing calls

i dont know the address of the insurance company.i only know the phone number that shows up on my caller id.they call me twice day and sometimes wake up a sleeping baby who is in my home daily.i've called many times to have my name taken off the callers list without success.i always get a computer message which says pussh #1 if want to be removed from callers list.i have done that so many times i can't count and i keep getting the callss. i don't know what else to do.

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Health InsuranceHealth Insurance

In July, 2017 I spoke with a representative of this company, who sold me on this insurance. When I received the packet and read the information, I realized that many things he told me were untrue. By this time the processing fee and first month's premium had been paid, but the insurance had not come into affect. I called to cancel on Aug. 12, 2017, was told what to do and followed those instructions implicity and faxed my cancellation to them. They received my cancellation the very same day. I was told that I would receive a $424 refund, the total amount of the processing fee + 1st month's premium. I have been trying ever since then to get my refund. I have called them at least 10 times and have spoken to a different customer service rep (I use that term very loosely) person everytime and each one tells me a different story. The last 3 I spole with were Lauren, Claudette & Melinda. My last conversation resulted in being told that Melinda did not see where "Claudette" and entered in the system that my refund was to be mailed to me by 11/7/08 and that I should receive it the following week. Melinda also informed me that checks are mailed every 2 weeks. I then asked to speak to someone in the cancellation dept and was told that "they don't take direct calls" (perhaps, they really don't have a cancellation dept), I then asked to speak to a supervisore and was informed they have "team leaders and they don't take direct calls." Therefore, I can only assume that this company is hugely fraudulent and they are screwing alot of people. My next step was to contact my locat TV stations "troubleshooter" and give all my information to her. If that does not work, I will be sending all this information along to our state's attorney general's office. In this day and age of huge medical costs and insurance premiums through the roof, companies like this should not be allowed to be operating and taking advantage of people.

  • Bo
    BOWMAN3 Sep 23, 2009

    I also talked to someone at the national benefits advisory and he told me that it would cover me and my husband for 169.95 and i told him that i would have to talk to my husband and then i would get back to him and he then told me that to lock the quote in i would have to give them my billing information and i ask him if i gave it to them that they would have to wait for me to call them back and tell them weather or not i wanted the insurance and he said yes that is how it works we will not process it till you call back and tell us what to do .

    The very next day I was at work and the lady from processing called and said we need another payment type the one you gave us doesnt work and I then told her that I knew it wouldnt work that I didnt give them permission to do anything that my husband and I had deceided that we didnt want the insurance and she said well it is 269.95 because there is a 100.00 processing fee and i then ask why am i paying for processing when i dont want it and she said ok that she would cancel the order, that was on july 22 and three weeks later they took the money out of my checking account and when i called them they informed me that they could give the 169.95 back but the 100.00 they were keeping because of processing . And I then asked why am i paying processing fees for something i dont want and they told me that is how it worked if i gave my billing information to them i should be happy that they waited 3 weeks before they processed it . I then called the corporate office that i think only has one person in it and her name is jennifer she is the only one that ever answers the phone and i called several times and she wouldnt let me talk to anyone else ...but she informed me that i would have to wait to get my money back to see what the refund department approved and when i called her back and asked her what they approved she told me 189.95 and when they put the money back it was only 169.95 ...given case of she just told me something to get me off the phone. I then called the insurance commisoner of kentucky and he turned it over to the fraud investagator and i got my 100.00 back later on in the week after he started the investigation. If you have been done the same way call the insurance commisioner of the state you live in and give them the details and see if they can help ...


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  • Re
    Reina Parker Jun 27, 2010

    This company can not even give you a eob why it should be right in front of them.They want you to resend all dr. bills. Who has time, is that not there job. You never get the same answer out of anyone. As soon as I get something settled they wont be my insurance company. They lied about what they pay, and benifits. Whats upwith them?

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  • Re
    Reina Parker Jun 27, 2010

    This company can not even give you a eob why it should be right in front of them.They want you to resend all dr. bills. Who has time, is that not there job. You never get the same answer out of anyone. As soon as I get something settled they wont be my insurance company. They lied about what they pay, and benifits. Whats upwith them?

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Health InsuranceForced to stay in hospital now insurance won't pay!

In the early morning of March 12th of 2005 I tried to take my own life. In a drunken hopelessness I took as many of my newly refilled prescriptions of Welbutrin, Stattera, and Zoloft as I could fit into my stomach. I started to get sick and not wanting to lay there in now physical pain too, I called 911.

I was admitted to the hospital and not long after the pills that I took started making me have seizures. The combination of those pills and the alcohol gave the doctors the impression that I might be permanently brain damaged after reviewing the CAT scans.

I don't remember anything although I was conscious and verbally communicating until the following Thursday, nearly a full week. I would remain in the hospital until Saturday waiting to get admitted into a behavior health facility to stabilize me mentally. During my hospital stay I was tied down to help protect myself from the seizures until those subsided and had 24 hour surveillance by a sitter. I was not allowed to leave my hospital room until they found a behavioral health facility to have a bed available. This took two days.

After spending four days in Banner Behavioral Health I was released. I completed the intense outpatient program and have not touched alcohol since.

Not long ago I received a bill from the hospital for $5,360. This amount is for the two days I spent waiting to find a behavior health facility to accept me. The hospital appealed both the Cigna Medical and Cigna Behavioral to have them pay the balance. Neither will accept responsibility stating it was not medically necessary or that I was not receiving mental health care at the time.

The hospital states that this does happen from time-to-time and usually the patient ends up paying. This is not right. I have insurance. I was not allowed to leave even if I wanted to. Now I have to pay!

I did put myself into the hospital, but I did everything that I was supposed to do since and have never touched alcohol again. I am fighting this because I don't think it is right that I have to pay when I am insured and when I needed to use it the most.

I need help. I need advice. I need to get through to these insurance companies that this is not right.


Phoenix, Arizona 85016

  • Co
    conyo mayne May 02, 2009

    god, you have tobethe biggest idiot on the planet, no insurence company will cover self inflicted injury or suicide. Stop putting blame on others, no one put the bottle of pills to your mouth jackass! If you wanted to kill yourself, why call 911. Pay your self-inflicted bill and stop complaining. Its not as if you got hit by a car and the insurance is refusing to pay. what a doush!

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  • Sp
    sputnic51 May 21, 2009

    The hospital made a billing mistake and probably has made the same mistake to many other patients which didn't take the time to fight it. I didn't have to pay any of the $5, 360.

    Why did you even waste your time responding to my post? Stop wasting your time on me if you don't like me so much.

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  • La
    lakrisha Jul 11, 2009

    my best friend was just in banner baywood and she went in voluntarily for mental help... there was no attempt and no self harm, but the hospital handcuffed her to the bed and would not let her leave, even when she requested to leave AMA... I think there is something wrong with the hospital system at Banner Baywood, because they were all laughing at my best friend and making fun of the patients. We are looking at filing a CLASS ACTION law suit on banner baywood...

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