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HDHUTFalse Advertising

This company sells DEFECTIVE, REFURBISHED product when they tell you it's new. They advertise a 1 year warranty but if you have a tv that has a problem THEY WILL NOT REPLACE IT OR PAY FOR REPLACEMENT with manufacturer. The equipment they sell is NOT UNDER MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. They verbally make promises but their actions show they are LYING ON THE PHONE. They are COMMITTING FRAUD on the internet with their false advertising. BUYERS BEWARE. YOU WILL LOSE TIME AND MONEY WITH HDHUT.

HDHUTSent broke tv, never refunded insurance charges of 11 percent

They claim you have to pay a fed ex charge of a ceratin percentage for each state...ie pa 11% extra. For any LCD product? Just buy the tv froms the store. But when tv deleivered damaged/not working at all and then they gave a hard time about sending a new one..they wanted to send a repairman out...screw that the TV was almost 2000? Then I paid direct tv to be here that day to hook up tv along w/friends from out of town. well all the plans fell thru. then hdhut claimed to get money back from fed ex inpossoble...so i TOOK A LOSS..AND THEY LAUGHED AT my hardship all the way to the to the bank. just go to best buy...or askupfront about this extra 11% of total order charghe...what a total joke. Dopnt use hd hut...bunch of crooks...

  • S3
    s3gator Jan 25, 2010

    HDhut is a scam. They run you around and never deliver your TV unless you "upgrade" to a more expensive TV. Otherwise they just tell you that it is not in stock, and trust me it never will be in stock. I've been waiting for a TV I ordered from them for two months. If you want to do something, file a complaint with the New York Better Business Bureau like I did, vice just laying down and taking it.

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  • Jo
    jodog Feb 01, 2010

    i am in the situation and will call ny better business bureau, and i will probably chainsaw my broken tv on u tube

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