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HCL — replacement

Hello, I have purchased a U1 tablet on 14/10/2012. It started hanging on the first page itself after two...

HCL Problem with monitor setting panel

As in the above mentioned subject.. I hereby like to inform you that the HCL HCM780M monitor which i am using was working in good condition for around 2 years. But now the monitor setting panel(contrast, Brightness etc.) comes on and off the screen, adjusts itself(i.e it will lower or higher the settings.). I have no control on the keys in front of the monitor Some of my friends using same monitor has the same problem... Please help us to solve it.

Thanking you,

HCL From the date of purchase the system had several performance issues

I ve purchased the computer on 3rd of June and from the date of purchased the sysytem had seviere performance issues and its speed is very very sluggish when compared to the other same model with same configuration.I ve requested many times, made calls many times and inturn i was badly replied by the HCL store and service department peoples and no satisfactory service or repair has been done till date, and i m facing problems regarding loss of time and work.

Well i ve requested them to replace my machine but they didnt do that either, now what should i do, the system is surely affected by sum pre-existing operating system problems and they all know it very well and it seems that alls being done intentionaly with me-the customer!

Need help and want to raise voice against this stupidity in product selling and duping innocent customers.

HCL monitor problem

i have a problem on monitor...it is automatically switching off and switched on...when the monitor is switched off i am pressing MENU button to switch ON instead of pressing the power button in monitor...and it is telling that OSD locked...can u pls tell me how to solve this problem and unlock that OSD...

HCL display problem in Desktop

Dear sir/mam,

I bought HCL Computer from gurgaon and shifted to mumbai.From the first day its display is having vertical line in it.I have registerd a complaint in andheri-west on 26th aug 09 but still no response from company.I am giving you details below--

Model No--TFT-185W80PFA+

LCD Moniter Serail No -- [protected]

HCL desktop No - AZ1121

Dealer Name - Priya Communication, Gurgaon

Date of purchase - 17th Aug 09

Complaint registerd at andheri west.

Date of complaint is 26th aug 09 and No is C260887


Please sort this problem ASAP


Naveen Kumar

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HCL repair of laptop

Dear Sir,
I baught my HCL leaptop laptop (model no. MH02 / Serial No. 6094AX470931) on 7th August, 2009 and within just one month of using, it broke. I took it to an HCL service center in Kolkata ( Digicare, 37 shakespeer Sarani) and their engineer diagonezed the problem as faulty PCB and said PCB would be replaced on 19.9.2009. From that date till today, they have not yet got back! in the mean time, on 3rd October, 2009 I visited ther service center, and took my laptop back as I was supposed to travel to a different city. however I requested them to keep the case open and inform me as soon as they have the replacement PCB. But, unfortunately. till date they have not yet got back and enquiring with their service center number has only one reply, " the pcb will be replaced probaly by next week"!
I tried to escalate the issue by forwarding my complain to [protected]@hcl.in, [protected]@hcl.in, [protected]@hcl.in, [protected]@hcl.in...but none of them have helped me so far in this.
Sir, I request you tot take immediate action on this or else the only process would left for me is to go to a consumer court.
for any clarification, please contact me at [protected].

HCL Repair of computer

Respected Sir,

I have purchased a computer Beanstalk from HCL 2 years back.During this 2 years the system gave lot of problem. atleast the system was repaired 10 times during this 2 years. But during that time the engeener who came to my house was very nice and efficient and kept the reputation of the HCL company. But now for last 4 months i have been not using the system.I had registerd complaint in the chennai office. after 1 week the engeenier called and saying that he is standng in front of your house where are you.Is this the way to attend to custemer?.I gave 5 appointment to him he never came.He used to come at any time which is convenient to him. At last he came to my house and opend the system, he got shock so he said I will come to your house only if you rectify the earthing in the house.So i rectified the earthing problem and called him again. He again opened the system and called his friends and asking what to do?Then he took away the mother board and come after one week and fixed the mother board, still the system is not working. Then he is asking if the system is original or dupicate. How an HCL engeenier can ask a question when I have all the original bill and warrenty card.

Then he says that he has to install the windows again and all the documents will be removed if he installs. So I said no and sent him .

Sad part is that even after registering the complaint in the head office in Pondichery for more than 5 times know one has called me still now or no one has come to repair my system.

The local engeenier(Mr.Arun) HCl had created a bad name for HCL. And the HCL company has failed to satisfy custemer. Now I am not using the system and the internet for past 4 months, I am a busy man, because of this I had great loss. My work was interupted.

I am now fed up with HCL custemer care. When i have payed for the extended warrenty for 2 years and waiting for 4 months to get my system repaired reflects how well the HCL company is looking after the custemer. I think I made a big mistake in purchacing from HCL and moreover getting extended warenty.

No.9, SRM apartments,
2nd cross street, valliammai nagar,
Chernnai -87
Mobile: 0 [protected]
System serial n0.6064AQ106100

  • Ra
    ragamathullah Nov 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Chernnai -87 pls note it... change the spell mistake

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  • Vi
    Vijay Kumar Verma Sep 15, 2010

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have big problem in My HCL Computer Desktop from last 2.5 month approx. we have file complaint at customer care no. 18601800425 as on 19/07/2010. my complaint ID is 1900012895. but still now no take any action from the HCL Ltd. or not repair my computer. & we have remind many time for above compalint. but after that no received any response from that side. if HCL Ltd can not solve the Problem with in 2 months than please log out the company this is my personal advice.
    if i say to engineers than he said me that sir please abuse to customer care executive. than please reply me what can i do ?

    Vijay Kumar
    H.No.2823, JAwahar Colony,
    NIT Faridabad

    Mobile no. 9891414505
    [email protected]

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HCL Crash of CD in DVD player

I have bought HCL computer which is in Warranty. I have made a complaint for my HCL Computer. The CD has been crashed in my DVD Player. i have made complaint vide complaint no.[protected] before 11-12 days but there is no response. the customer care is giving my the Delhi nos. but nobody is picking the no. HCL is a branded company if you provide such a worst service to your customer, just think how could we recommend other people to buy HCL products. There is nobody who listen our problem. Sorry to say this, but don't make us feel that we have made blunder by buying HCL computer.

HCL Bill plan change

I THOUGHT airtel is BEST. I realized airtel is WORST.
I sent 6 mails to change my bill plan. Those bloody rascals didn't take any action. Again I called to customer care and raised two requests for the same issue. The day after tomorrow 2 guys from airtel called me and I told my problem. Those guys told that we will get back to you with in an hour. Stupid rascals didn't come back. Every month I am paying some thousand rupees to these irresponsible airtel. I am completely unsatisfied with this WORST airtel. And my number is [protected]