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HaltGame.comunauthorized use on my credit card

put a charge on my credit card of 39.95 that was unauthorized by me. i do not even know who these people are. never dealt with them. iam disputing this charge. it was not made by me. it will be taken off of my credit card immediately ASAP!!! HOW DARE THEY!!! THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT!!! SCAM ARTISTS!!! WATCH OUT FOR THESE CREEPS!!! I WILL BE GETTING MY 39.95 DOLLARS PUT BACK ON MY CREDIT CARD ASAP!!! THIS IS A DISPUTED CHARGE!!! RENNEA D. BURGESS. IAM IN THE PROCESS OF DISPUTING IT AS THIS STATEMENT IS BEING WRITTEN ABOUT THESE SCAM ARTIST CREEPS!!!

HaltGame.comfraudulrnt billing my cc account

I got a charge on my cc statement for this company, but I can asure you, I did not order this product. I don't know where they got my cc info, but this is not my charge. I would like this to be deleted from my credit card and reimbursed for these charges on this statement as soon as possible. I don' even know what this product is, so I know I wouldn't have ordered it. Please, your prompt assistance in this matter would be gratly appreciated! This seems to happen every year around the Holidays...

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    deedeethatsme Apr 13, 2013

    I don't understand why you are taking money off of me! And how the hell you got ma bank details! I WANT MY MONEY BACK ASAP or its going to court. Your taking money off of people by obtaining there details without permition.

    So i want my money back now!!!

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HaltGame.comused my credit card details to steal money

I joined They asked me to fill the forms and there was a question about my Visa credit card details. I wrote all the details. The sign up was free and I thought that this card info will be used when I will decide to order smth from them. I was mistaken…

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    pdmike Feb 19, 2013

    Here's the scam. You sign up, thinking it's free. It is - for 5 days. The fine print says, if you don't cancel before the end of the 5-day period, then your credit card will be charged $39.95 thereafter, on an automatic, monthly, recurring basis.

    I got hooked into this while signing up for Huluplus. As I was doing so, this Haltgame screen came on and I was unable to proceed further with the Huluplus sign up until I accept the "free offer." I was unable to find any way to get the Halfgame screen out of my way. So, thinking it was free, I went with it.

    After discovering the scam, I called Haltgame. I talked to an actual person. She cancelled the account (or at least claimed she did) and also provided a full refund after I complained long and hard about the scam techniques this questionable Web site uses to suck money from people. I will believe the refund when I see it . . .

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    Shreddi Aug 24, 2013

    thank you very much for explaining. I was about to sign up but what looks to good to be true, usually is. thanks again

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    kate Reynolds Apr 13, 2014

    I have had my account debited 4 months now which is a problem when I haven't got the money spare and didn, t authorize this company to take the money from my account, its basically stolen 160 euros from my account .how do I get this money back from the company halt game, can you give me the contacts details?kate

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