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5:28 pm EST
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Halo German Shepherds Customer service and puppy environment

I don't take a lot of stock in reviews normally but after seeing the reviews on Halo Shepherds I contacted them, they would only respond by text. As soon as I said I would like to visit the puppies in their environment things went south real quick. This is my second review for anything in my whole life, normally I just move on but in this case I couldn't. This place is a straight up puppy mill. After I told her I was done she kept texting me over and over. A dog is a family member to me and you don't meet some shady person in a parking lot to get a family member. The only time I have ever got a pet from a parking lot was when I rescued a cat, rescued not paid a bunch of money for a pet. I was very nice in the text. By seeing the other reviews and what she says back, dont be fooled by her people. She will respond back to this review many times and she will make up things I said to make me into a bad person. That's not the true story and I will not respond to what she says back as I will not waste my time with a person like her. All I would say is if you think about a dog from this place is go see their environment where they are kept before you give them a dime then make up your own mind. If you love dogs make sure you don't support a bad place. Thank you for your time.

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, US
May 11, 2017 10:35 am EDT

January 8 2017
We bought our male solid black shepherd home on 12/12/16. He has been perfect from day one! Instinctively humble and aware, with our 4 year old son he has given us no worries. We searched for 2 years thinking we would have to fly to get this specific breed, just to randomly google search one day and find the breed available an hour away. Anyone viewing this that will have to travel ANY distance for any of her amazing animals is WELL worth it! We met with Angela the next day and the experience has been life changing! 2 weeks later we picked up our new "son". Angela strives daily to provide top notch care, love and support to all of her animals! Retaining an animal from this breeder is unlike any other! They are TRULY loved and cared for in the time before they become a part of your family after purchase! Which speaks volumes for the experience you'll have after you return home with your new member. Our shepherd "Brinks" was superior healthy at his first vet check in and is thriving! The work Angela does with these animals is a blessing here on earth! As is she! We r so thankful for this amazing addition to our family! A dream come true from Dixie Land German Shepherds! 
Lots of love from the Cook family! 
Stephanie, Brandon, Ruger & "Brinks" Cook

2:46 pm EDT
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Purchased an 8wk old black german shepherd from this breeder; Angela, and it turned out to have the Parvovirus as well as Giardia. I informed the breeder and she did not want to acknowledge this fact, even after she spoke with a few vets and sending her all the medical paperwork. She will also not provide us with the pedigree, litter no or other identifying...

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6:17 am EDT
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I bought this pup, a white shepherd, in January of 2010 over the internet. On the site it said she was a Chirstian breeder and was not a puppy mill, The pics on her site were beautiful, we drove down to pick up the pup on News Years day, and what I saw was nothing like the pics on her site. She had about forty female whites in one large fenced in area...

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