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Greg Feldman is a liar and a cheat. He owns 2 companies, Debt Settle Inc - a debt settlement company and 800refi, a defunct mortgage company that he uses as a STAFFING service for Feldmanlawcenter. His main business is ripping people off and keeping himself out of jail. JUST STOP BY and meet him. 27201 puerta real, suite 200, mission viejo, ca He will be the one gressed in flip flops and camo shorts with an affliction tee shirt.

Resolved Greg FeldmanLying About BBB

Feldman Law Center is lying about its BBB rating - its ad claims to have an 'A' rating, but it only has a 'C' rating.

Feldman Law Center

This firm will tell clients that they can make loan modifications and also tell perspective clients that the loan modification can be done. One sale pitch is that the firm will tell you, in the case of America's Servicing Center / Well's Fargo Home Mortgage, that they have the CEO's e-mail address and have caused personal embarassment to Well's Fargo if they don't get the modification for the perspective client. When the firm cannot deliver the principle attorney, Stephan Feldman, as know as attorney Feldmanse will call the client and recant statements made by the paralegals and other staff. Mr. Feldman will state that the conversations were recorded and that he listened to the recordings.

A complaint has been filed with the California Bar Association and with the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles. Upon being contacted by the Better Business Bureau Attorney Feldman contacted me and also e-mailed me leaving a harassing message.

Attorney Feldman and his firm are under investigation by other agencies.

Currently I am cooperating with authorities investigating this fradulent business practice.

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    still kickin Apr 02, 2009

    Why are you re-posting this? You originally put this up in early Feb. Two things- The BBB ratings can be manipulated by posters of bad reviews. I would imagine that you are the one posting them.
    Second please name the agencies you are cooperating with There are no investigations on Feldman Law Center reported anywhere. The BBB site says the same thing. So who are you cooperating with?

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  • Ad
    Advocate 4 the people Apr 02, 2009

    I dont think he knows who he is cooperating with...maybe Casper the Ghost?

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  • Jim F. May 25, 2009

    So is it "Craig" or "Greg" Feldman. Are there two Feldman's or does Mr. Feldman use different names? After hiring Feldman Law Center my house went into foreclosure and received an auction date before I stepped up and negotiated my own remodification. My mortgage company said they were never contacted by Feldman's office.

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  • Just an FYI, curretly Feldman has been kicked out of the BBB and his rating is a D ...

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  • Vo
    Vonhousemann Sep 07, 2009

    Forget the D, its now F

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