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Greatest Virtual Officebusiness invesment

From 10.23.09 through 11/24/09, I invested $30, 850. in vaRIOUS mARKETING CAMPAIGNS(11 OF THEM) with a representative named,
Xavier and another GVO rep, Brandi Roberts . I was promised by Xavierdoubling and tripling my investments, but that never came close. I made about $1000. in commissions, of which I can track only $438 recieved at the end of November, ll09. The other checks upposedly sent March' 10 and April ;'10 ere e Please hhelp e. I tried to communicate with their CEOP, Andrew Wolter who promised me a 60K ad campaign in California and an email blast campaing. This was iin early May, 2010. I am very disappointed. Please help me.

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    berlyn Jul 21, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had a similar problem with GVO. I am ashamed to even say how much I invested with them. I invested around 26.000 in 2007 and made about 1800.00
    They way they handled their business made me nervous. They would send invoices which were incorrect. They could never really explain the money you recieved.
    I stopped dealing with them but was so in debt. Then in 2009 Xavier called saying they were under new management and how they were concerned because
    I had put in so much money. They wanted to help me get out of debt. Of course I fell for it and gave more money. Xavier made promises and then after I made a little money
    became disinterested in me. Sent me an advertising dvd in which I paid 1, 000's for and it wouldn't play. The second one could have been made by me it was
    so bad. Every time I spoke with them they wanted more money. The advertising didn't work but we have new leads which will be better, etc...
    I finally quit but I am now in terrible debt and I am having to do devt settlement. Can anyone help me? It's been a year since I spoke or dealt with them. Is it
    too late? I'm not sure I can prove anything because it was all phone calls.

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Greatest Virtual OfficeTim Foster

This company is run by complete gangsters. They treat their clients and employees like crap. They are only in to scam people for their money and threat and intimidate ex employees . The director Tim Foster is no director he is just a thug. He like threating his eployees after he fires them he even fired one like this. he says" Go ### your self" then he says " there is more but cant disclose due to the fact of the nature of what he said. I do know that i work for him and dont want to lose my job. He even told a employee if i see you again i will ### your face up i swear on my girls. Then he fallows with you will be dead. Man i hate to be that guy to piss him off. What i do know is the guy was out sick for two and half weeks do to a bad viral infection and the thaught that he may have had cancer and this is how they treated him. I am looking for a new job but need this one to support my family. What i am saying is Greatest Virtual Office was a good company untill this thug tim showed up. If i were you I would never ever do business with this company while tim foster is in charge. I just wanted people to know who they are dealing with

Greatest Virtual OfficeFraudulent activity

I signed up with GVO about three weeks ago seeking a money making opportunity. I paid $110 to start up. I soon realized that it was not for me, it would take too much of my time and I am not ready for that. I canceled a week later, when I canceled I was told that someone from the 'financial office' would contact me regarding my refund of $110. Nobody called me. I have contacted this company numerous times since then, about 4 times a week. I keep being told that my file would be forwarded to someone from the financial office named Osiaris (which probably does not even exist) I've kept my cool until now.

Beginning last week I started receiving calls from GVO in which I think is the 'financial office' calling, actually turns out to be someone trying to either 1. Get me into their conference call 2. Coach me through my website 3. Sign me up for services!!! What the hell?!?! I thought I canceled. I receive e-mails from them inviting me to their conference calls as well. Everytime I talk to someone I tell them my situation and they show my account to be active and that's why they call and they promise to correct the problem and de-activate it. AND forward my account to the 'financial office'.

I spoke with someone by the name of Joe Dennis (in which did not exist) today. Again I was given the same promise, I was told that someone would call me within 24 hours. GUESS WHAT? they called me about an hour later!! AND again this person was trying to offer services to me!!! I don't want their services. So AGAIN I told them that I was not interested and that I was expecting a call from the 'financial office' regarding my refund. The girl on the phone transferred me to her 'supervisor' which refused to give me his name. I told him my situation again and I told him that I spoke to Joe Dennis earlier that day to cancel my membership...for the 10th time, he said there was NOT ANYBODY THERE BY THAT NAME' He was very rude, told me that I would not get my money back because I had a website up and running now. I told him that wasn't true, he said 'sure you do, you have to, what's your GVO number?' I told him I was never issued one, he said 'yes you have' I said 'when and how, cause I wasn't aware' he ended the call with 'okay, good luck with your business, I will have someone call you' CLICK... he hung up on me! I couldn't believe it, I wish this business was in my area cause I would go in person and handle it myself.

These people need more training especially in customer service. They need to get their records straight. I will let as many people as I can know NOT to bother with this company. It is a scam! Luckily I canceled my membership, I have also canceled the card I used with them because I am more than sure they will try to charge me the monthly maintenance fee for the website that I still do not have access to.

Greatest Virtual OfficeCancelled and never received refund

Cancelled, never received anything, no email to set up, nothing in the mail. Left several messages about getting my money back (they supposedly will refund you within 30 days if you are not satisfied). They will NOT return my calls, have not been refunded. Total SCAM!!

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    erikav Dec 15, 2008

    Since then my issue has been taken care of and my money finally got refunded.

    Thank you,

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  • Th
    theundertaker May 13, 2009

    i have been a client of greatest virtual office for over two year and have done great with this company. they have done nothing but help me even the regional director of sales Michael Griffin calls me every onnce in awhile to see how i am doing . GVO has always been professional with me and i will continue to work with this great company.

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