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Grabswag.comnowhere was mentioned about such a payment

I wanted to buy a gift for my friend and found web store. Before ordering they asked me to register on their site. I did it and immediately got a report saying: thank you for paying $99 for the registration. I was shocked as nowhere was mentioned about such a payment!

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    Demotren Aug 08, 2011

    They illegally charge $99.00 when you sign up without consent!

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    Michael Andrews - GrabSwag Jul 30, 2012


    This is Michael Andrews, former COO of GrabSwag. While our site is unfortunately no longer, I still am very happy to assist any pending issues that remain.

    I apologize that you were confused by our payment page. While it did say $99.00 is our total break-down, we later learned that a number of our members were confused by our 10 Free Bids offer verbiage. It was later changed and anyone who felt confused was gladly refunded; an offer I would like to extend to you as well.

    If you email me privately at [email protected], I will make sure your issue with resolved with a prompt refund.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Michael Andrews
    Chief Operating Officer,

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    Baldes Aug 31, 2016

    I bought into this idea for $99 and bought 132 bids to win what they described as lots of products. I got tired of logging on to see auctions for mostly gift cards & bidding on more bids. I looked at some history on items for bid and found out that they have not put laptops, ipads and other high dollar items since July or August. I would like to bid on something worthwhile and actually see something for my hard-earned money. I've been involved in at least 6 or 7 auctions w/o winning anything but would bid more if they had more items to bid on. I don't know what to do.

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Grabswag.comI feel this company cheats many people, even the people who win

Grabswag says in their Fair Play Guarantee, "We always ship the product within 72 hours." I won two auctions on July 10, 2011. Today is August 8, and despite numerous complaints to Grabswag, my products have not shipped although they were paid for almost a month ago. One of the auctions I won was a Home Depot gift card, easy to mail, but still in Grabswag's possession. I was lucky in that I won two auctions, but even though I won I feel this company cheats many people, even the people who win.

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    Sedwence Jun 10, 2012

    Saw the news program thought id look it up. typed in the info and they automatically took the money out of my credit card without any disclosure of what they were going to do. no small print nothing, tried to contact, that was a joke, just another scammer.

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  • Mo
    Morsey Jun 12, 2012

    I saw and offer to get started up for free and get 50 free bids. When I signed up it all of a sudden said I was going to be charged 99 dollars.

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