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Government and Policeharassed and stalked

I want to know why my complaint about me being harassed and stalked due to my case against the state of Florida and being followed by the police daily is not being posted. and saying it has been resloved i thought thats the reason we could make a complaint so others could beware not hide the truth all the government agencies involved and covering up especially the Florida Bar the lawyer i had took a bribe from the state of Florida i also had a workers comp claim he never gave me my money children and families been erasing information out the system for me and my daughter they owe me back pay for food stamps unemployment didn't close my case on purpose when i wasnt getting unemployment because they didn't want to give me regular Medicaid and so i could get my right foodstamp amount they hack my social media pgs monitoring me and my kids email accounts blocking certain emails my fromer employer and the whole company from Corp on down took part in this i was antagonize by other coworkers at the employer request i was told by the lawyers i had to stay in that hostile work environment or it would hurt my case which is a lie it would have hurted the employer case child support also erase information career source lied and said my daughter didn't do her tasks to get cash assistance which i sent children and families proof she did but they falsify documents saying it was income verification my privacy and civil rights are being violated i contacted lawyers but they red flagged me and i also contacted the NAACP because the state of Florida is corrupt and committing crimes trying to track my every move the post office intercepted my letter i was sending to the Florida Bar they never delivered it i paid to have it sent certified mail the Florida bar never opened an investigation against that attorney Mr. Hughes was just making excuses i never received anything from the Bar or the attorney so that i could respond and Mr. Hughes refused to send me a copy because it doesn't exist just a cover up and trying to hide evidence if i wasnt telling the truth why is the state of Florida trying to cover this up innocent people dont act like them

Government and Policeharassed and stalked

I have been stalked and harassed by the police due to the case i had against the state of Florida they would park by my daddy's neighbor house when i caught them they pulled off i saw the yellow state tag they was in regular cars the police and state cars in my daddy's area all have the city name on both sides of the car so they wasnt from the area they follow me every day i have been antagonize at work from coworkers the employer told them to do that i was told from a co worker i work with in the kitchen that my sister credit card came to her house my sister dont know her or her address and reside in a different state my fromer employer is behind all these attacks the lawyer that sopose to be representing me took a bribe from the state of Florida l had two cases he never gave me my money for my workers comp claim so I reported him to the Florida bar they say they open up a investigation but never did I was being given the runaround mr. Hughes from the Florida ball took months to get in contact with me he was ignoring me because they know im telling the truth I was told the attorney had to send me and mr. Hughes something I never receive anyting call eight times letting them know I haven't got anything from the attorney to send in my response i was told he ask for extension then in July when i called i was told he did send me something which is a lie Mr. Hughes easily could have sent me a copy of what was sent he refused to because he doesn't exist. he keep saying send in my response how can i respond to something I never received the Florida bar want to make it seem like they sent me something that's why he asked for my responds all the government agencies are involved Mr. Hughes didn't do his job he making excuses for this attorney trying to cover up fir him children and families erase me and my daughter's information out the system career source lied and never turned in my daughter's information to children and families so she could get her cash childsupport also erase my daughter's information and when i stop getting unemployment. they never close my case. because they didn't want to give me regular Medicaid they had me on the share cost Medicaid and they owe me back pay for food stamps the post office intercept tge letter i sent certified mail to the Florida bar it was never delivered so I paid FedEx to send it to the Florida bar call the corporate post office I was told I could get my money back but I didn't because they trying to cover up a tracks everybody needs to know about the state of Florida what they've been doing and what they do to cover it up

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    They also been using my daddy's address sending stuff that we nevered ordered whi ch is fraud the first time was in December by the post office and this month by fedx every body from Corp on down in this company ie involved they even bribe Trinity service to pretend like they brought the kitchen beware if you trying to move to Florida steer clear my license also was suspended because i never received it and i had a p.o box my mail doesn't sopose to leave the post office. I posted earlier and they put resloved nothing has been resloved its a lie

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    I also contacted the NAACP because my privacy and civil rights are being violated and lawyer but I guess they red flaged me hacking social media monitoring me and my kids email accounts hack my phone

Government and PoliceMinnesota police refusing to arrest my rapists who are in a different state

THE POLICE IN MINNESOTA ARE REFUSING TO ARREST THE TWO MALE DOCTORS THAT RAPED ME WHILE I WAS IN LABOR at 19 years old on june 21st 2010. The doctors raped me at the river falls area allina hospital in Wisconsin they were wisconsin doctors. my healthy baby boy was born on june 21st 2010 from a voleentary C section.

the police told me that Minnesota police can not go to wisconsin or order wisconsin police to arrest a criminal if the crime happend in wisconsin and the wisconsin police will not arrest the two male doctors that raped me while i was in labor.

i told the river falls wisconsin police and the Minnesota police both pine city and twin cities police that i have physical proof that my privates were damaged from the rape and malpractice proof because my tubes were tied or cut out because i can't get pregnant any more and when i was trying to get pregnant at 18 in 2009 with my ex boyfriend i got pregnant right away and i was always severly wet my whole life so that was helping me get pregnant real fast. i think i got pregnant the week after my secound period of being with my ex boyfriend.

crys but three months of being pregnant my ex boyfriend the father abandon me and would not talk to me on the phone and would not visit me to see how his baby son was doing in my stomach. and i was starving while i was pregnant cause my boyfriend Daniel Lester would not help me or protect me durring my pregnancy.

my ex Dan has my three year old son right now every since he was one years old two years ago. i have not seen my son in two year. BUT THE POLICE ARE DUMB

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    Police in Minnesota use racism, descrimination and sexist excuses to use for denying people of help when reporting abuse, physical assault, kidnapping, sexual abuse, sexual assaults, rape. ANY TYPE OF POLICE REPORT POLICE ARE USEING THESE EXCUSES FOR REfUSING TO HELP PEOPLE AND MAKE ARRESTs.

    for example i tried to make missing child report of my three year old boy. the male police officer who was about in his thirties told me he was not going to look for my child because i am homeless and he ask me if i had any mental diagnosis. IT"S AGAINST THE LAW TO DESCRIMINATE AGAINST SOME ONE BECAUSE OF MENTAL DISABLITY OR STATUS OF BEING HOMELESS!!! I AM SO MAD!!! but i feel bad because i did not tell him the whole story about being raped by the doctors and being abandon by my son's father durring pregnancy. OMG this male police officer said he was not going to look for my child right did that mean he was going to later. i am confused and he said he was not going to go look for my child just so i can have visits with him he said he would only find my child if i wanted full custody or to have half custody and have him live with me. WTF!!! this makes no sence.

    a female police officer named Jennifer Knupson in River falls Wisconsin herrassed me about what the doctors diagnosed me with which i was not diagnosed with anything i did not tell her the false stuff the doctors had on me to get rid of me and abuse me and get away with raping me and kidnapping my baby when he was 4 days. i spoke with this dumb officer about a week ago. this woman is a dumb broud and a dumb pig. and she said maybe she would arrest the doctors for raping me if i show your proof of my privates being damaged from the rape which i am getting a x ray on my tubes in three weeks. THE DUMB DOCTORS IN TWIN CITIES AT THE WITTIER CLINIC AND HOSPITAL PEOPLE WILL NOT LET ME HAVE THE x RAYS RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE THEY SAID IT HAS TO BE TEN DAYS STARTING THE FIRST DAY OF MY PERIOD!!! so the week after my period i can get my tubes x rayed. OMG SHE SAID MAYBE SHE WOULD ARREST THE RAPING DOCTORS!!! OMG that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

    keep in mind i have reported this to the police in the twin cities of minnesota and pine city years ago. and just rescently to a dumb cop in Minneapolis a few days ago. so the police and 911 operators know i was raped by the doctors and now even the internal affairs know. but that one guy officer i talked to about missing child thing he did not know i was raped and abondon while pregnant. LIFE SUCKS BECAUSE OF MEDICAL AND POLICE PEOPLE!!!

    the police and human services will not help me find my ex boyfriend and son.

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