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Global Business Fundinggrant scam

Gave this company $1500.00 over a year ago to retain them to apply for grants for my small woman owned business. After a few months they called again to try to get several thousand more to write a business plan. I had one professionally written myself. sent it and received no ackowledment. Lately (this week) they have been calling saying they have me matched with a source which wants to give me a grant for $200.000.00 but I will need to spend $1500.00 more to have their company verify our tax records, etc. Any CPA should be qualified to do this. Right? This company needs to be shut down quickly before someone else gets "taken" by this scam. I intend to call the secretary of State in Nevada and the Attorney General's office. These crooks need to be stopped!!!

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    Jack the Terrier Jan 28, 2010

    I fell for it too, let me know what you find out, im scouring the web letting others know not to buy into it... though we should feel lucky, i met this young woman who lost 9, 500 from her small non-profit business, she helps orphanages. Very low. here lately everytime i call them i get no anwser, i get a machine, and they wont even return my call.

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Global Business FundingSCAM

My company is in the process of getting a grant with Global Business Funding (or so it seemed). First they asked us for the ‘retainer’ fee – which seemed legitimate due to the fact that companies hire staff just to write up grants so the retainer fee seemed fair. Then they asked for a business plan, which we didn’t have one as lengthy as they required, so we paid them to prepare a business plan. This was highly costly but we did receive the final business plan in a binder and on a CD. With each step we were told, like a carrot on a string, that once we completed this step in the process our grant was within our reach. We were told we’d have the grant by end of 2008 – no such luck. Each time we called and spoke to “Brock” we were told that the grant process was stuck at the IRS for their verification. The latest is that we now have to donate 5% of the grant to a non profit organization and guess what? – they need us to produce a non profit under our company name but it will cost us $6000 (that we pay them to do for us). All this with N O sign of grant money. I trusted in these people and a few of my business decisions were based on the idea of this grant money and their empty promises. I am a small business with 4 employees and I struggle everyday to make my dream a reality – and with people like Global Business Funding dishonestly taking money from me it has been a huge slap in the face. I hope none of you small businesses make a bad financial decision in giving your money to this company!

They are not a member of the Better Business Bureau. They do, however, have 3 complaints on their record, and I am sure that number will continue to grow if they remain in business – check them out: