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GIANTStaff member used my PAssion card points

My mother handed her PAssion card over to Giant (Junction 10) staff He Wei on the 17 of June, in the morning at 11am. She didn't return the card to her. As she was in a hurry, she eft the place and only remembered her PAssion card later. There was 178 points on the card balance.

The next day, when I went back to get her card back, the customer service executive took out a stack of PAssion cards to look for mine. I was shocked to see that so many people 'forgot' their passion cards. She handed the card back to me without checking the points balance. When I asked her to check the point balance, she said there was only 11 points on it. I brought out my mother's grocery receipt to show her that there should be 178 points in addition to the remaining points. With evidence, the executive fumbled and claimed the system was down yesterday, thus the card cannot be credited with the points. She did a manual top-up for me. This situation sounds fishy.

First of all, all the shops I go to ask customers to tap their cards, not swipe it. I was there with my mum when she was paying at the counter. I saw that He Wei asked for her card to swipe, claiming that the 'tap' system did not capture my purchases. We were in a hurry and my mother gave her card over, subsequently forgetting to get it back. I believe this is a ruse she's used a few times to get customers' cards, choosing those that seem muddle-headed.

Secondly, if the system had been down and unable to capture my purchases, an honest cashier would have told my mum straightforwardly, and directed her to the customer service counter immediately. She did not inform us that the system had problems.

Thirdly, the customer service executive handed the card back to me without clarifying the balance. What if I had walked away, trusting her? I wouldn't be able to go back and ask for the card to be credited as the staff can say that I've spent it already.

I strongly believe that the staff at Giant (Junction 10) use the ruse to prey on elderly man and women who are not so alert, since there are many retirees shopping there. Since the usage of the PA card requires no signing, I think they spent the point balance. Moral of the story? Do be careful when shopping there, the staff is very dishonest!

  • Ll
    lloyd pate Sep 21, 2013

    last week went to a bowie giant for something seen pork tenderloins half price jumped on 3 of them.all were 6 buck area.put them in the or two later went to giant 2 blocks from me in glenridge shopping center and bought one for well over 7 bucks.think 7 buck on would be bigger.hell no.a lot of water came out of glenridge none out of bowie.paid more for less meat.pumping water in the pagage thats not fair.i want to know are you going to do something about it.can't wait to hear back from you.after all would be nice to be able to shop 2 blocks away

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GIANTUnfair practices

Good evening. My mother-in-law has been working for Giant for the past 13.5 years. A few weeks ago, her hours were cut considerably. Her manager, who is 22 years old, told her that if she worked some weekends she would get her hours back. What do they consider to be a weekend because my mother in law works every Sunday night?

I would like to know if the management at Giant in Bensalem, PA is trained to know what they need or do they just let them all make huge mistakes? My mother-in-law and her friend, Phyllis, are about the two hardest workers in the salad bar. They are treated very poorly and if something isn’t done we will contact a lawyer who is adept at getting the employees what is needed/wanted.

I would appreciate it if someone would contact that store and find out what the produce manager’s problem is with an employee who is there the entire time she is scheduled to be, gets her work done to the best of her abilities, is ALWAYS on time and has never taken more than her 15 minute break, is sick and tired of being dumped on by management.

GIANTbad service

i'm from nigeria. i went to this shopping center at PUSAT BANDAR DAMANSARA, DAMANSARA HEIGHT AT KUALA LUMPUR. This shopping center near MAHSA COLLEGE and HELP UNIVERSITIES. i was unhappy with the service of a guy. He was a malay guy. He seem like very hot temper and very rude to the customer. If i'm not mistaken was a guy with tattoo of his arm. I hope the supervisors can set this person off. As the foreigner i was so dissapointed with the service in MALAYSIA

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    foxygrandma Jun 03, 2016

    I know lots of people that work two jobs, both of which have flexible hours. What they do is make arrangements to work certain days one place and certain days the other place. Where there is a will there is a way. If you lose your apartment, there are more affordable places, like sleeping rooms, or studio apartments. There are also motels that are extremely cheap for long term residents. These motels aren't going to be the real well known ones.

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  • Lo
    Lost in Transition Jun 03, 2016

    Dear Giant. Thanks for making me homeless.
    Due to the recession, I lost my job and my house and moved to a new area last December. I was hired by Giant after explaining I had no other source of income and desired adequate hours or a steady schedule so I could seek secondary employment. I worked only 12 hours a week for 3 months before being transferred to another store where I was scheduled 32-40 hours a week for less then a month. They knew I sought adequate income but gave me a constantly fluctuating schedule so I couldn't get a second job. Sales in my department were abysmal so they cut our hours. Sales were abysmal due to serious problems I frequently brought to management's attention. Management refused to take appropriate action to fix the problem so we could improve our sales. Instead, they cut our hours. So all this time I've been working 5-6 days a week, 20-28 hours a week to make less than 200 dollars a week and no way to take on a second job. On the first of November, I'm being evicted from my apartment with nowhere to go because I couldn't afford to pay my rent.
    Thanks Giant.

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GIANTAttitude problem

I got shock of the service at GIANT shopping center at PUSAT BANDAR DAMANSARA, DAMANSARA HEIGHTS in kuala lumpur. i'm from outstation, one day i went to this small shopping center i saw a guy who take care of the fruits counter scolding one mahsa student in uniform. i asked the lady, the lady said she took the 2 apples but the board there written 4 apples for RM 5.oo then she brought to the tattoo guy but the tattoo guy scold the lady YOU SO STUPID, STUDY SO HIGH EDUCATION BUT DONT KNOW HOW TO READ. wow the staff was to much he was not explain to the lady but scolded her in front of so many people. i'm so pity to that pretty lady, she just keep quiet and be soft. if for me sure i already scold the tattoo guy. NOW WHAT CAN I SEE REALLY GAVE ME A BAD IMPRESSION ABOUT THE GIANT AT PUSAT BANDAR DAMANSARA, DAMANSARA HEIGHT. I HOPE THE PERSON WHO INCHARGE THE PLACE SET THIS PEOPLE OFF.

GIANTRude service

This is a small shopping center at Pusat Bandar Damansara, Damansara Height, at Kuala Lumpur. I'm felt very unhappy to one of the staff in this GIANT shopping center. He was a tattoo guy as what we can see from his feature, it was very scary. He was thin and not tall. He look like drug addict. He like to disturb the girls that going to buy things there. Furthermore, when customers ask for explanation about the thing at GIANT, he scolded the customers in front of everyone. what i hope GIANT supervisors will take action to this guys. VERY DISAPPOINTED TRULY RUDE VERY BAD SERVICE