gasoline redemption Complaints & Reviews

gasoline redemptionFree gas vouchers

Received offer from car dealership during service. Sent in $5.00, finally received redemption vouchers after many attempts to reach company. Have been mailing in gas receipts since November - letters keep coming back "Refused - unable to forward". E-mail to customer service is returned as a message of non-delivery. Even at $5.00, a BIG RIP-OFF, considering how many $5.00 this company must have received.

gasoline redemptionnot refunding

I received an offfer upon purchasing furniture at Ashely Furniture in Kalispell, Montana that I would recieve a $25gift card on monthly purchases of $100 of gas for one year. I was supposed to receive a gift card within 28 business days of each submission of receipts. I am unable to reach them, the phone number no the paperwork is invalid and have received no refunds although I have been submitting my receipts since November.

gasoline redemptionMoney not received for $100.00 worth of gas for month of November 08 and January 09

I have not received the $25.00 per month for sending in the November & January Voucher with my gas receipts to Free Bee Gas. It has been way over the 54 days told me it would take from the time I sent in the receipts and voucher.

I got an E-mail from them telling me they received the November one and that I didn't need to do anything else.

The redemption was for $300 total and said to direct all questions to: [protected]