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Gas Stationsexual harassment

I went into the store yesterday for my husband in the waterville Me store and Mike, the parts manager & Lance, the store manager started to say some extreme sexual and diragatory comments that I was not comfortable with . This is not the first time they have done this and I have told them to stop several times and they continue to do it. For example I was buying some lubricant to use on the part they were taking out of vehicle and Mike stayed I can show u how to use that lubricant and we can test it I stated no iam all set I dont think my husband would be to happy with that thank u. Iam at the point at this time that Iam thinking about a sexual harassment lawsuit and my husband and I spend over thousands of dollars a yr at your store and I no longer want to shop at this place due to these harassments and comments this situation needs to be taken care of if not then I will contact my lawyer and handle it in my hands .

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    Gas Stationgasoline

    May 18 2018 went to Petro Canada in Bathurst and Elgin mills (Richmond Hill).
    The cashier guy name Ijal or Ilaj was so unprofessional and rude shouting to me for just a question. I can't believe guy like him work in the environment that has to do with people. Please Petro Canada can you find some people with manner and professionalism. Very disappointed.

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      Gas StationRude & merchanic misdiagnosed the problem

      So one night my car wouldn't start & my road side assistance had just finished, so I was in a panic & called Shell. Tony the owner's son was there & was nice enough to come over & boost the car for me no charge.

      Because he was so nice, the following day I took the car in & the mechanic (Chris) looked the car over. I remember being kind of irritated that he stood there talking to some guy while I was kept waiting, but I was patient.

      Chris figured out it was a faulty Garmin adapter that had been turning the Garmin on while I wasn't in the car & it had drained the battery.

      I wasn't ready to pay for a full check of the car, but within a couple of weeks there was a turn signal indicator noise coming from the car when I wasn't using it. I got scared & took the car in to them. My house is right around the corner, but Tony said he couldn't drive me back. I found this strange as most garages will do something to accommodate you. It was only an hour so I said fine, I'll walk to the nearest store.

      Chris said there were 3 issues, the turn signal needed to be replaced, the transmission gasket/filter & the muffler.

      I said I needed a couple of days, as I wanted to check out pricing with other garages. Their prices were the best, so when I was ready to book, I called & confirmed with Tony that the prices on the estimate were solid & I wasn't going to be charged $100, $200 more than what was quoted. He said they never go over 10%. He also said he would call me back, but he never did, so I called him the next day.

      Chris answered the phone & I told him Tony hadn't called me back. I ended up deciding to speak to him as I felt it would be rude to ask for Tony. I, told him that I wanted to be driven back, so I was thinking I'd drop the car off at night time so they'd have it first thing in the morning & I wouldn't have to go out of my way to get it there.

      I needed them to drive me back, so I told him between 4-5 pm is fine. That's when Chris started to be immature. He keeps saying over & over again they aren't open after 5. I didn't understand if he just hadn't heard me or what was going on, b/c I kept repeating that I said between 4-5.

      Then he says, "DO YOU WANT TO BOOK OR NOT????" I said, "Excuse me?" He says, "you should just speak to Tony."

      Great, Tony was there all this time.

      I said to Tony, if this is the way I'm going to be treated then I should just go elsewhere & Tony said, "Yes I think that's a good idea."

      LOL, I was so shocked at how rude both of them were that I hung up.

      Actually I have to thank them for being mean spirited to me because I asked around for recommendations & found a wonderful mechanic who is not only honest, but VERY sharp. He figured out a problem that at least 8 other mechanics have never been able to feel. He didn't overcharge me, he EVEN initially looked at the car for free.

      AND he told me that it wasn't the turn signal, it was the hazard light switch that had needed to be replaced & he was RIGHT! He said that often car mechanics just throw parts at a problem without properly diagnosing the problem which is why some people get ripped off all the time.

      I've since heard from 2 other people who say that the Shell Gas Station is terrible, so I guess how they treat me & their inability to properly diagnose cars isn't just with me.

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        Gas StationFraud by M & I Bank

        My name is Haresh Mirchandani. This letter is in reference to report serious wrongdoings of M&I Bank. My family and I own a Shell gas station in Phoenix, AZ. In December 2007, M&I refinanced my store. They sold a swap loan to us and convinced us that it was one of the best loans available which my wife and I had trouble comprehending due to the pain and suffering caused by a car accident that occurred a week earlier. M&I Bank assured me that my payments would remain at a constant amount of approximately $15, 000 and $8000 would go towards my principal as per their amortization schedule (Exhibit A) at the time of signing the loan.

        As I continued to make payments, I noticed they were increasing substantially each month. After two years of emails and phone calls to M&I bank, they finally admitted my loan was inputted incorrectly. By then it was to late, the swap loan was being charged to my account and accumulating high amounts of overdrafts plus high amount of fees. To make matters worse, M&I had established a revolving line of credit at the time of signing the loan, which they used without our permission to pay off miscellaneous items generated through the overdrafts.

        Once M&I admitted to their wrongdoings (Exhibit B), they wanted to rewrite the entire loan dating back to December 2007. When they sent us the new loan, we consulted an attorney to study the terms of the new loan. By the time he finished studying both notes M&I had initiated a trustee sale based on a $65, 000 bridge loan, which they promised to wipe out. . We were told to sign a loan of $65000, 00
        a bridge loan since they realized that these numbers were incorrect and all the fees and correct amounts would be credited back into my loan. I have emails documenting what they said and they just needed this bridge loan for 3 months and would rectify it.

        Mr Ed Hines, Mr Jim Laine and Mr Eric Andres who turned from sweet talking business bankers to liars and sharks

        . The more we asked about correcting out loan and checking accounts, they refused to answer emails or phone calls instead July 2009 put our very bridge loan and a line of credit of $145, 000.00 as a means of starting foreclosure filing, the very bridge loan that was going to be credited in my account. They decided to only renew these notes for 3 months and every 3 months,

        Mr Eric Andres would treat us as criminals and put a gun over our heads if I may say so. His demeanor was intimidating, frightening and discriminatory and continuous threats of not pulling us out of foreclosure and purposely not renewing these two lines of credit.

        We approached M&I to inquire why they had done so. M&I agreed to meet us on one condition, that we forget all their wrongdoings and start fresh.

        Note #1 which was signed in December 2007, Mr. Eric Andres sold the swap part (which we did not understand to begin with) and charged us another penalty of $146, 650, again promising that he was going to give us great terms and use this amount to rewrite the loan as we would come out of foreclosure, if we completed paying our property fees in February 2010. Then along with that he added $54000.00 of new over drafts which he refused to tell us how they were incurred as the checking accounts were closed.

        We were forced to sign a forbearance agreement out of fear of losing our business. The agreement stated to make payments towards my loan and become current on my property taxes. I met all conditions of the forbearance agreement after two extensions and the trustee sale was canceled. However, we were not ready to sign the third agreement because it contained an absurd clause, which stated we either refinance or do a short sale of my business in the time frame of only three months. We did not agree to the short time period that was given to refinance my business and selling was not an option due to the recession and this business being the livelihood of my family and I.

        Against my wishes I listed my business with a commercial broker and I approached Wells Fargo to refinance my business. I was informed by M&I Bank that our two small notes would be written off, as long as our large notes could be refinanced due to the SBA 7A loan limitation, which maxs out $2, 000, 000. Wells Fargo started the loan process and informed me this loan was possible and made contact with Eric of M&I Bank to request a payoff letter.

        Two weeks ago, I received a letter in the mail stating my notes have been sold to a freshly incorporated company who wants to bulldoze my store. I am now in default of two notes I was making payments towards which have purposely not been renewed by M&I Bank. My store is now back in a trustee sale.

        There are more wrongdoings, which have not been included in this letter. I knew before hand that M&I’s Vice President Mr. Eric Andreas wanted to break the relationship with me and not renew these notes. I have possible evidence that a substantial amount of money has been collected by M&I and not been applied to towards my principal. All three notes combined have been sold for $1, 250, 000, which is half of what M&I claims we owed them.

        I need help in saving my store from being bulldozed without having to file for bankruptcy. I am a senior citizen, it is difficult for me to find a job and of no fault of my own & my family and I could be on the streets. I kindly ask for this matter to be investigated by all the appropriate state and federal government agencies and my trustee sale to be canceled until all investigations have been completed. Before being involved with M&I bank, I never had any trouble paying my bills on time and I always kept my credit score in the 700’s. In all my years of being an honest citizen of this country, I have never been faced with such a serious issue involving a bank.

        Haresh Mirchandani M & I Bank Contact
        2840 N 75th Ave Eric Andres
        Phoenix, AZ 85035 1 E Camel Back Road
        Cell: [protected]
        email: haresh.[protected] Phoenix, AZ 85012

        Exhibit A:
        Trade Date 12/14/07
        Effective Date 12/18/07
        Swap Maturities 12/03/12
        Total Notional 1, 960, 000
        Structure Amortizing (see below)

        SS Quality Fuels, LLC pay fixed, Actual/360
        SS Quality Fuels, LLC receives variable, 1 Month LIBOR, Actual/360
        LIBOR resets two business days prior to the first day in each period

        Modified Following Business Day (Reset to next business day, but not into the next month)

        Principal Principal
        Balance Principal Balance
        BOP EOP BOP Reduction EOP
        12/18/07 01/01/08 $1, 960, 000.00 $8, 166.66 $1, 951, 833.34
        1/1/08 02/01/08 $1, 951, 833.34 $8, 166.66 $1, 943, 666.68
        2/1/08 03/01/08 $1, 943, 666.68 $8, 166.66 $1, 935, 500.02
        3/1/08 04/01/08 $1, 935, 500.02 $8, 166.66 $1, 927, 333.36
        4/1/08 05/01/08 $1, 927, 333.36 $8, 166.66 $1, 919, 166.70
        5/1/08 06/01/08 $1, 919, 166.70 $8, 166.66 $1, 911, 000.04
        6/1/08 07/01/08 $1, 911, 000.04 $8, 166.66 $1, 902, 833.38
        7/1/08 08/01/08 $1, 902, 833.38 $8, 166.66 $1, 894, 666.72
        8/1/08 09/01/08 $1, 894, 666.72 $8, 166.66 $1, 886, 500.06
        9/1/08 10/01/08 $1, 886, 500.06 $8, 166.66 $1, 878, 333.40
        10/1/08 11/01/08 $1, 878, 333.40 $8, 166.66 $1, 870, 166.74
        11/1/08 12/01/08 $1, 870, 166.74 $8, 166.66 $1, 862, 000.08
        12/1/08 01/01/09 $1, 862, 000.08 $8, 166.66 $1, 853, 833.42
        1/1/09 02/01/09 $1, 853, 833.42 $8, 166.66 $1, 845, 666.76
        2/1/09 03/01/09 $1, 845, 666.76 $8, 166.66 $1, 837, 500.10
        3/1/09 04/01/09 $1, 837, 500.10 $8, 166.66 $1, 829, 333.44
        4/1/09 05/01/09 $1, 829, 333.44 $8, 166.66 $1, 821, 166.78
        5/1/09 06/01/09 $1, 821, 166.78 $8, 166.66 $1, 813, 000.12
        6/1/09 07/01/09 $1, 813, 000.12 $8, 166.66 $1, 804, 833.46
        7/1/09 08/01/09 $1, 804, 833.46 $8, 166.66 $1, 796, 666.80
        8/1/09 09/01/09 $1, 796, 666.80 $8, 166.66 $1, 788, 500.14
        9/1/09 10/01/09 $1, 788, 500.14 $8, 166.66 $1, 780, 333.48
        10/1/09 11/01/09 $1, 780, 333.48 $8, 166.66 $1, 772, 166.82
        11/1/09 12/01/09 $1, 772, 166.82 $8, 166.66 $1, 764, 000.16
        12/1/09 01/01/10 $1, 764, 000.16 $8, 166.66 $1, 755, 833.50
        1/1/10 02/01/10 $1, 755, 833.50 $8, 166.66 $1, 747, 666.84
        2/1/10 03/01/10 $1, 747, 666.84 $8, 166.66 $1, 739, 500.18
        3/1/10 04/01/10 $1, 739, 500.18 $8, 166.66 $1, 731, 333.52
        4/1/10 05/01/10 $1, 731, 333.52 $8, 166.66 $1, 723, 166.86
        5/1/10 06/01/10 $1, 723, 166.86 $8, 166.66 $1, 715, 000.20
        6/1/10 07/01/10 $1, 715, 000.20 $8, 166.66 $1, 706, 833.54
        7/1/10 08/01/10 $1, 706, 833.54 $8, 166.66 $1, 698, 666.88
        8/1/10 09/01/10 $1, 698, 666.88 $8, 166.66 $1, 690, 500.22
        9/1/10 10/01/10 $1, 690, 500.22 $8, 166.66 $1, 682, 333.56
        10/1/10 11/01/10 $1, 682, 333.56 $8, 166.66 $1, 674, 166.90
        11/1/10 12/01/10 $1, 674, 166.90 $8, 166.66 $1, 666, 000.24
        12/1/10 01/01/11 $1, 666, 000.24 $8, 166.66 $1, 657, 833.58
        1/1/11 02/01/11 $1, 657, 833.58 $8, 166.66 $1, 649, 666.92
        2/1/11 03/01/11 $1, 649, 666.92 $8, 166.66 $1, 641, 500.26
        3/1/11 04/01/11 $1, 641, 500.26 $8, 166.66 $1, 633, 333.60
        4/1/11 05/01/11 $1, 633, 333.60 $8, 166.66 $1, 625, 166.94
        5/1/11 06/01/11 $1, 625, 166.94 $8, 166.66 $1, 617, 000.28
        6/1/11 07/01/11 $1, 617, 000.28 $8, 166.66 $1, 608, 833.62
        7/1/11 08/01/11 $1, 608, 833.62 $8, 166.66 $1, 600, 666.96
        8/1/11 09/01/11 $1, 600, 666.96 $8, 166.66 $1, 592, 500.30
        9/1/11 10/01/11 $1, 592, 500.30 $8, 166.66 $1, 584, 333.64
        10/1/11 11/01/11 $1, 584, 333.64 $8, 166.66 $1, 576, 166.98
        11/1/11 12/01/11 $1, 576, 166.98 $8, 166.66 $1, 568, 000.32
        12/1/11 01/01/12 $1, 568, 000.32 $8, 166.66 $1, 559, 833.66
        1/1/12 02/01/12 $1, 559, 833.66 $8, 166.66 $1, 551, 667.00
        2/1/12 03/01/12 $1, 551, 667.00 $8, 166.66 $1, 543, 500.34
        3/1/12 04/01/12 $1, 543, 500.34 $8, 166.66 $1, 535, 333.68
        4/1/12 05/01/12 $1, 535, 333.68 $8, 166.66 $1, 527, 167.02
        5/1/12 06/01/12 $1, 527, 167.02 $8, 166.66 $1, 519, 000.36
        6/1/12 07/01/12 $1, 519, 000.36 $8, 166.66 $1, 510, 833.70
        7/1/12 08/01/12 $1, 510, 833.70 $8, 166.66 $1, 502, 667.04
        8/1/12 09/01/12 $1, 502, 667.04 $8, 166.66 $1, 494, 500.38
        9/1/12 10/01/12 $1, 494, 500.38 $8, 166.66 $1, 486, 333.72
        10/1/12 11/01/12 $1, 486, 333.72 $8, 166.66 $1, 478, 167.06
        11/1/12 12/03/12 $1, 478, 167.06 $8, 166.66 $1, 470, 000.40
        Exhibit B)

        from Jim.[protected]

        to Haresh Mirchandani <haresh.[protected]>

        cc Ray.[protected]

        date Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 5:04 PM

        subject SS Quality Fuels


        hide details 2/18/09

        Haresh & Indra,
        An update on all of the items we are working on for you. First, it appears the Promissory Note that was set up when the loan was originated in December 2007 was set up as principal and interest instead of principal plus interest that is needed for the swap. It appears this caused an overpayment of interest but also it caused an underpayment in principal reduction and I do not know what the difference will be until they are corrected and re-applied. We are in the process of having a new Promissory Note completed that goes back to December 2007 and then we will back out each of the payments you have made and re-apply them under the revised Note. We should have the revised Promissory Note ready next week and then our loan servicing area will work on the payments to be re-applied. This is the only was we can go back to the beginning and complete everything as it should been in the first place.

        The service charges flags are off the accounts and we have closed out all but 2132 and 9151. We are reviewing the service charges that were assessed and why they were assessed to determine what can be done to refund some of these charges. Payspot continues to try to debit your account ending 9151. I would suggest making the remainder of the January's loan payment understanding that it will be backed out and re-applied along with the other payments based on the revised Promissory Note. It appears the swap was set up correctly so the $12, 000 overdraft in 9151 is a legitimate debit and should be paid.

        Let me know if you have any questions on this and I will keep you posted when the revised Note is ready for your signature.

        Jim Laine
        M & I Bank
        Vice President / Business Banking
        160 N. McQueen Road
        Gilbert, AZ 85233
        [protected] Phone
        [protected] Cell
        [protected] Fax

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          • He
            Heywood Jablowme Oct 23, 2011

            Is punctuation too much to ask for?

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          • Ba
            bayegirl Oct 23, 2011

            Hello Dear
            My name is Mariam and i am looking for honest partner if you are interesting please just mail me back through my email address ([email protected] )so we can know each other and from there i will send my picture to you thanks and have a nice day!

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          • Tr
            trista brown Oct 22, 2011

            On Oct 2 2011 i fell at the 325 marathon gastion in joliet illinois after the attendedant and 4 witness came to my aid to help me my friend whom i was with went and got the employee who reported to the owner Sin? and gave the info and number to get in touch after going to the hospital i informed the owner his employee adn lisa who worked at the front desk after speaking to th Owner he told me to call back monday and he would give the info after calling and unsuccessful attempts the station attended tolk me to comtact him at 400 when came back a week later she then said i was harrassing her after she was the one who told me to come there then 3weeks later put it a false harassaing and threatening report to the police depart to say i was harrassing after they was the one who gave me the info i inreturn gave my info they seem to be avoiding there accountability i just wanted them to pay for the damages and medical bills, perhaps the owner had something to hide maybe the he wasnt legal all he had to do give to his attorney and let them handle instead he made up a false report to the joliet police theres no need to harasse any one that s what the legal system do in a civil case when im was getting gas from them it was fine but when an un forseable accident happen its a problem that why its called an ACCident!

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          • Ba
            barbara zinnamon Aug 25, 2009

            summons #107641 issued while obtaining gas from the gas station. i would like to file a claim against new jersey state police officers. i was with my co workers Dwight Davidson, Jr & Jerry Bethea WITH ME BEING THE DRIVER, BARBARA J. ZINNAMON.

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          • Valerie Sep 09, 2008

            I have a 12 gallon tank, I pumped 13.61 gallons of gas this morning, and only received 3/4's of a tank of gas...

            When I fill up my tank, I have 313 miles before the next fillup; this morning all I got was 215 miles...

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Gas StationRude Cashier

          I went to the bp gas station at 2907 Main street in jacksonville florida I sent my son in to pay for the gas and he returned and advised me he told the cashier the wrong pump number.
          I went back inside and was told he would switch it over to the correct pump while leaving someone else paid for gas and used the original pump my son told him. Now Im back at my pump and it still want work I go back in the store and the cashier tells me that the guy who came up behind me owed me money because he had pumped some of my gas I replied why would he give me money because he paid you his money just like I paid my money the cashier begun to scream that he don't owe me anything. Once the other cashier told him that he owe me and not the other customer he threw me my money and advised me not to come back to the store anymore which that is fine with me but I was amazed that this man became upset with me because I would not let him CHEAT me.

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            Gas Stationtire inflator

            Dear Customerservice,
            the reason I am writing this mail is special.
            I would like to ask for a contact person at Chevron responsible who I can contact. I am a Chevron customer and I like the service at the Chevron gas stations except one issue, but I do have the solution.
            I would like to provide my idea to somebody at Chevron to check on for Chevron fitness.
            My idea goes to this machine at the far corner at the gas station.
            This air automat is not easy to operate and poor in efficiency.
            Once the hose is connected to the valve of the tire, it does not indicate the precise tire pressure.
            Therefore people have to use another, extra unit.
            I am a Mechanical Engineer and 43 Years old.
            I was born in Austria, Europe and a proper tire inflator is working very well over there for a long time already.
            That makes me so sure that this service will come successfully to US too.
            We can safe precious energy now, if we provide the proper unit to people.
            Chevron customers would like to be able to check and inflate the tire pressure while pulling gas.

            The inflator unit should be placed direct beside the filling pump.
            So customers are able to check the tires while pulling gas to the vehicle easily.
            After usage, just put it back on to the dock unit to be re-filled.
            One inflator can be accessible and service up to six filling pumps and there customers.

            I would like to provide more additional information to Chevron, in order to get Chevron the first in US to have a customer friendly tire inflator unit at the gas station.

            The slogan could and should be -
            - Together with Chevron, now everybody can safe energy.
            - Chevron provides a maximum on safety and convenience to all customers while pulling gas.

            Sincerely yours
            Konrad Brand

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