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You are taking money out of my credit card for games which I do not receive or want.
please refund my credit card with all the amount that you have taken of:
The reference number is +[protected] CV and also [protected] US I do not want any of these payments charged to me.

I would like refunded and no more payments charged to my card.

I hope to hear from someone immediately.

Margaret Sinclair-Jones

  • Vi
    vic-jailer Jun 03, 2016

    HI, , ...everyone who play's games for free like me or worse&pay's money!!!

    The biggest scam I've seen is(( DEAL OR NO DEAL!!))...Sorry to all that love the game.
    But think about it for a minute.I've played a million time's and also watched them on
    T.V...I've seen them have a board with X13 Million's¬ win ever.Not once!
    Out of 26 number's they always call the little five number's that pay 1, 000$ & over!!!
    Think about it, , , Everytime!!..and on T.V. as well.I don't get cash on my Laptop, just Tokens
    not worth a penny.But they want me to buy more TOKENS!!..thats the catch.The odd's are
    people would win big money if you figure it out. It doesn't take a math teacher to understand
    something is fishy...

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